Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: The 7 Stages Of A Breakup

breakup stages

They weren't lying when they said, “breaking up is hard to do.” (We're not exactly sure who “they” are, but they're right!) Breakups are stressful, painful and sometimes downright traumatizing. In fact, breakups are such an ordeal, they occur in multiple stages! Let us fill you in on the seven stages of a breakup:

1. Shock

Immediately after a breakup, you're likely to be in shock. You'll wonder how it happened or why you didn't see it coming. You may feel totally blindsided and not able to comprehend that your relationship is over.

2. Denial

Denial is one of the most difficult stages of a breakup to get past. You'll spend a lot of time denying the fact that you're relationship is really over. You'll convince yourself that you and your ex are just going through a hard time and you'll get back together soon. You'll tell yourself anything, even if it's totally delusional.

3. Isolation

Once the denial has passed and you realize that your relationship is truly done, you'll want to isolate yourself from the world. You might lock yourself in your room and listen to music. You may isolate yourself to your apartment and binge-watch television. You'll avoid your friends and spend all of your time to yourself.

4. Anger

At this point in the breakup, anger is going to set in. You'll start to lash out at the mere mention of your ex. You may even reach out to them and fight with them, telling them how wrong they were to end the relationship. You're feeling a lot of anger and resentment at your ex for putting you in this position.

5. Bargaining

This stage of a breakup is when you start imaging a reunion with your ex. You may start thinking of trying to get them back. You'll start figuring out ways to win them back, like changing your appearance or taking up new hobbies.

6. Depression

This is one of the hardest stages of a breakup. Your stuck in the transition between bargaining and acceptance. Part of you still wants your ex and the other part of you has accepted that it is over. This combination makes you feel incredibly confused and depressed. You'll probably think that you cannot move on with your life because your heart is at a standstill.

7. Acceptance

This is the final stage of a breakup. You have fully accepted that the relationship is over. While you may not be entirely ready to move on, you have at least accepted that you're not going to be with your ex. You can acknowledge why the relationship ended, where both you and your partner went wrong, and how you plan to move forward.

stages of a breakup

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