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logosHere comes With a strength particularly attributed to villains of comic books or Gods, all 6’3” and 266-pounds of Brock Lesnar gives Gotham’s Bane a run for his money. Whatever name you’d like to attribute to this beast is pretty fitting; Glory to The Conqueror, The Beast Incarnate, and the Anomaly are all appropriate.

The guy battled his way to the top of the NCAA Division I wrestling while he was in school at the University of Minneapolis. He was pretty quickly scouted by WWE officials, and made his debut in March of 2002. Since then, he’s basically destroyed everything (read: everyone) in his path.

Let’s face it. Even though allegations of PEDs hit the press last July, Lesnar’s badass persona has basically canceled out the negatives of using PEDs. While using them might slaughter someone’s reputation, the beast-man is feral in the first place. And even though the MMA community is against these drugs, it’s unlikely the WWE is going to see as much distaste. Go ahead, irritate Lesnar with drug-related intolerance and he’ll be sure to come back into the ring and slay his next opponent.

But how does the beast get his superhuman form? Lots of time in the gym, and loads of reps to build up that muscle. He hits the gym twice a day, four times a week. By specifying specific days for specifically targeted muscle groups, Lesnar bulks up. He also does grappling training four times a week, striking and ground training twice a week, and some serious interval cardio. Fittingly, Lesnar follows a “caveman” diet that’s super high on protein, but our researchers discovered it was something else giving Brock an edge.

The strength and endurance that Brock Lesnar has achieved today comes a from an insane new technology – a muscle stack. With the help of 2 special supplements, Brock was able to dominate the UFC and become the highest paid fighter due to his superior size and strength.

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 ‘Testosterone Boosting Factors’ Increase Muscle 800% vs. Placebo — Does This New Steroid Alternative Give It's Users an ‘Distinct Advantage’ When Stacked Together?

These new dietary supplements that we're talking about contains a special pair of fatty acid ‘growth factors' that are crucial to building muscle. This special compound is the main reason the supplement has become the most popular steroid alternative in professional sports circles. Even the harshest critics will admit that the ingredients — cis-9, trans-11 conjugated linioleic acid and phosphatidylserine (Ps) are potent in the innovative all-natural supplement — but they also say the muscle stack is giving its users a “distinct advantage” over the competition because of its immediate muscle growth effects and these naysayers believe the 2 supplements should be banned in professional sports.

On the other hand proponents will tell you that their research has shown these natural muscle supplements are not only safe, but also effective for men that don't have time to workout at the gym or follow a strict diet regiment.

The one thing that everyone agrees on is that this new muscle building method, although controversial, has phenomenal results. According to a recent study conducted as ESPN's Sports Science facilities, beginners with no prior weight training experience that used the muscle stack for 7 weeks saw an 800% increase in muscle mass (3x increase in bicep circumference), which was over 10x greater than those who received the placebo. Those results alone speak volumes to these Muscle Boosters.

Incredible Transformations

But what was even more fascinating was the lack of side effects. There were literally zero side effects because all of the ingredients are all natural. Users even experienced improved health statistics, including decreased LDL cholesterol, unwanted triglycerides, and lower levels of blood sugar. There's not much more you can ask for as an athlete, but average Joe's were nervous about putting on too much weight.

While users experience massive growth's in muscle issue, the supplement manages to speed up your metabolism while targeting fatty tissue in your abdominal zone. Users saw a 1.5-inch reduction of belly fat on average during testing — without adjusting their diet or increasing cardio.

Final Review: Should the Muscle Stack Be Banned or Fair Game?

Athletes that tested these innovative supplements over the course of 6 weeks added 20 pounds of lean muscle, while decrease their body fat percentage by 7% compared to those who took the placebo. Users increased their bench press by almost 40 pounds during the time frame. Other supplements companies have begun to hear the rumors and have attempted to reciprocate the compounds to their own products, however the propriety components of  and offer unparalleled results that are almost impossible to mimic. It's tough to find a locker room in professional sports that doesn't have  and in it.

Yes there will always be those critics that say these results are too similar to HGH and other anabolic steroids, and they should be banned in professional sports, but since the ingredients are all natural they're untraceable by organizations. From an ethical standpoint, since these compounds are separate from natural food sources they're same as taking creatine or other NO2 products.

To explain in greater details, steroids, just like these natural compounds, are so effective because they minimize the catabolic effects of cortisol, which allows for greater amino intake, increased nitrogen retention, and advanced protein synthesis. This creates the exact lean muscle athletes will kill for. and are here to stay. The muscle stack is as legitimate of a alternative to unhealthy steroids that we are going to see.

‘Shocking’ Size and Strength Gains

Whether or not taking  AND should be considering “cheating” is the last thing on the minds of the thousand of athletes that have been using the muscle stack over the last few months.






rmx-featuresOf course, everyone here at PIOP wants to try the Brock Lesnar Supplements now, myself included. This is the first time we've discovered a combination of products with such profound results. Building muscle while losing weight is almost every weight trainers goal and  and deliver and I will continue to take them and recommend them to friends and family.

jeremy-evans-great-before-after“My trainer and I couldn't be more excited about the results from the the Brock Lesnar Supplements. I put on 20 pounds of lean muscle in 30 days without any altercation to my diet or workout regiment.”

Results speak for themselves. Professional athletes and Hollywood Celebrities have kept this muscle stack secret, but now that the truth has been revealed and we have the results from our own experiments and research we have partnered with  and for a limited time to be able to offer these products for free for those people that are serious about losing weight and building muscle. This free trial is available while supplies last and all you pay is under 5 bucks for shipping and handling for an amazing product.


Find out for yourself what everyone else is going crazy about! You have nothing to lose, except a few pounds!






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