Bryce Harper Workout Routine Is Finally Revealed

Bryce Harper is one of the most driven athletes we have ever seen. He managed to adjust and enhance his performances at every of his career levels and this is something that not many sportsmen can do. This is actually one of the reasons why he is considered one of the best players on the field because he always reinvented himself. For instance, to prepare for his sophomore year he adopted a very strict workout routine during the winter based on lifting. Actually, weight lifting is his most favorite workout exercise as it helps him lose weight more quickly.

But in order to lose weight he relied also on Bryce Harper Supplements that help him also keep his fat percentage at a very low level. On top of that, together with workout and his natural supplements, Bryce relies on a very healthy diet that gives him the energy and vitamins that he needs while playing.

“Lifting and stuff really helps me clear my mind. I love it. This is not a type of workout that anyone can do, but I like challenges. So I set every time high goals that I want to achieve and the feeling when you finally obtain them is unbelievable.”



Day 1: 

  • Hurdle Jumps – 4 sets, 6 jumps
  • Dot Drills – 3 sets

Day 2:

  • 1/2 mile Light Jog
  • Upright Barbell Rows
  • Bent over Barbell Rows

Day 3: 

  • walking lunges – 20 to 50 yards
  • high knee runs – 30 to 50 yards
  • jumping jacks

Day 4: 

  • Hurdle Jumps – 4 sets, 6 jumps
  • Dot Drills – 3 sets
  • power cleans
  • barbell jump squats

Day 5: 

  • hill sprints – 4 sets
  • dumbbell chest flyes
  • dumbbell tricep extensions
  • leg curls

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