Build An Epic Relationship By Following These 3 Tips

When you think of healthy, perfect relationship, what often comes to your mind? Total harmony? Lots of smiles and laughs? No misunderstandings? No fights? No hurtful feelings? Can you build a relationship or a marriage that stay healthy and grows stronger every passing day, month and year? Are you in a situation to remain in a relationship despite the fact that it keeps on deteriorating? It’s true that our lives aren’t certain, and we have no idea what will happen to us in the future. There will be highs and lows, bumps, tight corners, long miles, etc. in our lives and relationships. But, we don’t give up and quit because we had some bumps in our lives. We take steps to improve our relationship, and if the relationship is beyond repair, we will abandon it and invest in a new one.

Let’s face it: a healthy relationship requires nurturing. There are many great ways to invest in your relationship and increase its longevity, but most of us don’t know where to start? Below are three ways to have a healthy relationship and make it stronger in the years to come:

1. Plan a date night each week
Yes, we know that your schedule is nuts. You are stressed and tired from work. You have chores, bills to pay, do the laundry, go shopping, etc. It never ends. The process never stops. Just because you can take a break from all the madness in your life, doesn’t mean that you can set aside some good quality and intimate moments for you and your partner. So, schedule a date night, each week. Don’t make any excuses. Give it a try anyhow. The date night doesn’t have to elaborate or expensive. You only need to dedicate some time for the both of you. If a date night doesn’t seem appealing to you, go to the play or a concert. Whatever you do, just don’t forget to make it special.

2. Find small ways to encourage your partner
Find ways to motivate your significant other multiple times throughout the month or week. For example, if your girlfriend has a job and hates Mondays, make sure you fill that day by sending her happy, funny emojis or texts all day long. You can also share a funny video or meme on her Facebook page to make her smile. Say “I love you” to her every time she wakes up in the morning and before going to be, in case you both are married or living together. Leave a lovely or funny greeting card on the backseat or any seat of her car. Fill her purse with her favorite candy or make a playlist of some of her favorite songs and share it with her. Always keep looking for all the small things to encourage and show love to your girlfriend or woman, and remind her that you are her biggest fan.

3. Plan a “big deal” in your relationship
Choose a resource to enhance your relationship. It can be a workshop, podcasts, a webinar, a series on YouTube, etc. Also, plan for a “big deal” that will happen in your relationship or marriage. For instance, pick February (Valentine’s Day is on February 14) to read a marriage book and discuss it. Fix a weekly date night to talk about what you’ve learned. Maybe you will learn some new tips on how to have amazing sex or how to make your marriage better.

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