Building Strong And Long-Lasting Relationship Is Possible, But How?

Having a strong and reliable relationship is possible and it isn’t as hard as you may believe. In a matter of fact, it is very simple. The main reason why there are so many breakups is the fact people stop paying attention to their partners. This also means that if you want a strong relationship, you must work on it, all the time.

Another fact you must know is what a strong relationship is! Experts and those in long relationships will tell you to use 3:1 rule. It means that if you have 3 times more happiness than falls on your relationship, it is strong and it is healthy. Now, you will learn how to make relationship stronger and maintain it like that. Important: All of these methods must be used as often as possible!

  • Don’t lie

Maybe this sounds like a well-known fact and it is, but if you lie or your partner, it will be the main cause for a breakup. The main reason why this happens is that eventually, a partner will realize you lie. This will ruin the trust and eventually, cause the inevitable.

Lies are like steps, there is always one more. When you reach the top, there is just one road, going backward! Now you know how important honesty is and how mandatory, it is for a strong relationship. Another reason for being honest is far simpler. Can you lie to a person you love?

  • Partner must be supportive, at all costs

The main reason, why we are in a relationship is to have someone who will always be there for you.  As you may believe, being supportive is simply mandatory. There are several types of support you can offer, but two of them are the most important. You must provide emotional support. Women find this absolutely mandatory and it is definitely something you should use. Make sure you are supportive, even when your loved one is making a mistake.

Another type of support is to offer help, a physical type of help. If a partner works all day and she works extra hours, make sure you complete chores, go to the shopping and etc. This is far more important than you may believe. It creates a bond between you and shows to the others how to make relationship stronger.

  • Use WE

According to a research, conducted at theUniversity of California, when couples use WE, rather than I, it is an excellent way to improve the feelings in the relationship and to make your partner happier. It is also the most important way, if you want to have a strong relationship.

These tactics also make the atmosphere and a relationship safer place to be. Now you know how important it is and how valuable this method is. The best part is the fact you will actually notice that difference, which will be one reason more to use it all the time.

  • Make, use and maintain the rituals

Every single relationship will need a few things. Love, sex, and rituals are probably the most important ones. Rituals are great because they make the relationship stronger and they are something that you will miss, if it doesn’t happen every day. Obviously, you don’t have to make some huge and expensive rituals, you need some simple and ordinary. For example, morning coffee favorite TV show once a day are the perfect rituals.

We must add the fact that if you two have the same hobby, such as motorcycles, for instance, you will have a perfect ritual that will have a huge effect on your love. Each hobby should be used and transferring it into a ritual is more than possible.

  • Maintain the novelty

When you are in a relationship, you will talk a lot and your partner will as well. All of this suggests that eventually, you two will lack topics to talk about. As you may believe, this is another relationship killer. The more time you two spend together, the more topics you will cover and less fresh things will come between you.

A solution can be divided into two categories. The first one is the group of activities you two will do together. Make something interesting, such as traveling, riding bicycles, going somewhere or something that involves a lot of activity. Another category are activities you can do with your friends. Playing some sports, camping with your friends are the best ways to get some interesting stories and to spice your relationship.

A third fact must be used if you want to know how to make relationship stronger. Simply said, it is the fun that will be a part of your relationship. In any case, more fun you have, happier you will be! Always, literally, every day try to be original, funny and to make your partner smile. If you can do something fun together, you should!

  • Physical affection must be used as well

When you are in a short relationship, physical activity is a huge part of a relationship, but in long-term relationships, it is a drawback. Keep in mind that you cannot be annoying. It means that if you kiss your partner all the time, every day or hug her/him all the time you will become annoying, which will have a negative effect on the relationship. The secret is to show a small amount of physical affection.

Every day, you should have at least 2 kisses and 4 hugs. Some interesting activities are welcomed as well. In general, you should show to your loved one that you care and you still have feelings and needs.

Something for the end

In order to learn how to make relationship stronger memorize all of these tips. We cannot say that just one is the most important and just one should be used (this the main reason why there are numbers in front of them), so use all of them, as long as you want to make your relationship stronger, so forever.

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