Calling It Quits: The Top 5 Reasons Couples Break Up

couples breaking up

Why do seemingly great couples break up? Have you ever looked at a couple and thought, “Why would they ever break up?” There are endless reasons a couple might call it quits, but there are a few things that will lead nearly any relationship to its end. Check out the top five reasons couples break up below:

1. Infidelity

Nothing will send a relationship into the trash quicker than infidelity. There are very, very few couples that can bounce back after one or both partners cheats, so most of couples decide to just break things off. For the most part, this is the wisest decision. After infidelity occurs, there is no trust in the relationship. Without trust, there's no relationship left to save.

2. Boredom

Boredom is one of the most common reasons couples break up because it is human nature to grow out of things. Almost every couple eventually encounters the dreaded boredom that comes with being in a long term relationship. In the beginning, everything about your partner was new and exciting. Once you've been with them for a while, you know them so well that you have no interest in them and ultimately decide to go your separate ways.

3. Finances

Finances are a huge problem for many couples and often lead to break ups. This mostly pertains to couples who are married or live together and have to split their bills. If your partner cannot manage their money and you are stuck carrying the weight of all your financial burdens, it's likely that you'll want to get away from them.

4. Different Life Goals

A very common reason for breaking up is that each partner has different life goals. Small goals, like wanting to learn a new hobby, are actually beneficial and healthy for relationships. It's good to have different hobbies. However, when you have larger life goals that differ, such as wanting to have kids versus not having kids, you will not be able to reconcile these differences.

5. Bad Habits

Few things are more toxic for a relationship than bad habits or vices. If you or your partner gambles, smokes compulsively, or drinks excessively, things are going to head South very quickly. It's almost impossible to maintain a healthy relationship with someone who has bad habits like these and for that reason, these relationships burn out very quickly.

reasons couples break up

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