What Can You Do When Boyfriend Disappoints You?

When you’re dating a new guy, at some point of the relationship, he will do something that makes you feel uncomfortable, weird, or just simply angry. But, you’ll keep all your feelings locked up, and pretend that everything is fine. You’re acting this way because you need to go with the flow, or otherwise, he’ll assume that you’re high expectations, and he’ll distance away from you. But, not letting him know your true feelings will actually prevent you from emotionally connecting with him at a deeper level.

Conflict is an opportunity to get closer to your boyfriend and build a relationship. Whenever you express your feelings, he gets to know more about you. It shows that you trust him, and it gives him the opportunity to make the relationship better. These examples show you how.

When You Are Angry That He’s Late
He promised that he'd meet you at a particular time. You get all dressed up and waiting. When he finally arrives in a rush and approached to kiss you, but all you wanted is to hit him. He can sense it, and suddenly the whole evening feels tensed, and he feels awkward and uncomfortable. If this is his first time doing it, and he feels sincerely sorry about it, let it go. But, if this has turned into a routine, you need to have a discussion about it. But, be careful about how you say to him. If you tell him that it’s wrong, or rude or inconsiderate to make people wait. Statements like these won’t inspire him to please you; rather it will make him distant from you. That’s because all he keeps hearing is your complaints, that he’s wrong, and he’ll think that you’re preaching to him.

When You Are Fed Up Of Hearing About His Ex
Sometimes a guy while on a date with you will unintentionally mention his ex to you. It's okay, and you don’t need to make a great deal out of it. But, when her name keeps popping up all the time in the conversation, you’ve every right to feel sad. It’s an indication that he’s still not over his ex completely, or still living in the past. It can also mean that he keeps telling you about his former partner because he’s not sure how you feel about him, and he’s doing it to notice your reaction. So, let him know you don’t feel okay when he mentions his ex. Tell him that you don’t feel good and uncomfortable when he talks about other women, as you don’t want to lose the amazing time you’re having while spending time with you. Remember, dating is a chance to see whether or not you’re compatible with him or her. Therefore make good use of this opportunity to discover if he’s still in love with his ex, and also let him you don’t want to be second best girlfriend.

When you’re dating someone new, and when you share your thoughts and emotions directly and honestly like this, it some form it doesn’t make him feel wrong. In fact, it will prevent you from building up the anger and resentment in you and exploding into a full-fledged argument, which can jeopardize your romantic relationship.

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