Can You Break Up With Someone In A Decent Way?

Regardless if you’re the dumper or being dumped, breaking up is hard. You might be in a relationship with someone for a few dates, weeks or even years, but the way you break up with them is your last chance of making a lasting impression on your exes. Here is our guideline for a decent man to break up


1. Focus On The Breakup
There is nothing worse than being connected to your ex even after the breakup. Just like relationships, you should be committed to your break up. Therefore, don’t check on, call or text your ex after the ending the relationship. Stay away from meeting your ex. Some men and women decide to be friends after the break up immediately, but that’s something both parties to need to agree. And there’s no point of being friends if they can’t keep the relationship strictly platonic. When you've realized, it’s in the best interests, that you both break up, and move on, be adamant to honor that commitment. Not all breakups are permanent. Sometimes both parties resolve their differences and decide to be coupled again. But, if you choose to date each other without addressing the problems that you faced, which ended your previous relationship in the first place, you will be back to square one after a few weeks or months.

2. Choose A Suitable Location And Time
Unless, your personal safety is on the line, breaking up with someone in a public place, at a party or a restaurant is just cowardly. The person you’re splitting up with should demonstrate strong emotions after hearing the demise of the relationship. Be decent and respectful with your soon-to-be-ex, and tell it over a long stroll or at the privacy of his or her house. Also, remember the timing. You don’t break the news when your partner is at work, on their birthdays, or on vacation with family or friends, and so on. You probably have been thinking about breaking up with your spouse for some time now, so there is no way to believe that you came up with this life-changing decision right now. So, plan your date and time to break up accordingly and stick with the schedule.

3. Break up In Person
Breaking up with someone over a phone, text message, email, Facebook or any other a social networking site is an improper way to break up. Breaking up by phone is fine when you’re in long-distance relationships, but other than that it’s just plain disrespectful. Break up with someone face-to-face. We know this will be hard for most men and women, but the other person should be able to find closure. And this can only happen if he or she sees and hears your feelings about the relationship, which can’t be done online. You don’t have to reflect on the person’s looks or personality or recall the habits that annoy of the other person while breaking up. The dumpee has the right to know the reasons why you’re breaking up with him or her. But don’t humiliate them in the process. Be kind and considerate. Show respect to the person you shared your love life and being emotionally and physically intimate with, even if you dated for a few days or years.

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