Can Infatuation Turn Into A Romantic Relationship?

We all have crushed with someone we like; it doesn’t matter if we are in school or at work? But, is this crush thing real? Or is it that you just have a crush? Is this true love or merely infatuation? Can our infatuation to someone turn into a loving relationship? To answer this, we first need to understand the main differences between romance and infatuation.

What Is Infatuation?
Think of infatuation like an innocent fantasy. A fantasy that most of us think or imagine to be love. It’s when we think we're in love, but in fact, it’s the idea of being in love. Infatuation begins at a young age by a crush on someone and keeps on continuing into adulthood. Typically infatuation occurs when we aren’t in touch with universal realities of life like we see what we want to see, speak what we want to speak or hear what we want to hear. We pay more attention to what he or she says and does with his or her words, actions, and behaviors speak otherwise. When it comes to infatuation, we pay more focus to a man's superficial physical attributes, and less emphasis on his inner, human, and deeper characteristics. All women, or at least almost, have been or will be infatuated while looking for someone for a relationship, and they will confuse with true love, which to speak honestly isn’t there.

Infatuation isn’t fulfilling for your soul as it’s always fleeting. If you base your loving relationship on something as flimsy as infatuation, you'll compromise who you are. You never feel that you’re a priority in his life, and you’ll ignore what's important to you.

Don't Allow Your Instincts To Cloud Your Vision Of Love
How do you know whether you’re infatuated or in love? Here are few questions, and if you say, “yes” to the following questions, then we can safely say that you're prone to infatuation.

    1. 1. Do you mainly focus on external qualities rather than his inner, deep qualities? Here external qualities mean his looks, his career, how much money he makes the car or bike her drives, the place he goes for vacations, the house he lives in, etc.


    1. 2. Do you get consumed by thoughts of him?


    1. 3. Did you make him your priority is given the fact that you’ve centered your whole life on him?


    1. 4. Do you believe what your instincts tell even if it’s telling you otherwise?


    1. 5. Do you have any superficial connections with him?


    1. 6. Do you not see any serious red flags or flaws in him?


    1. 7. Do you sit by your phone all day, waiting for his calls?


    1. 8. Are you spending a lot on his meals and other activities?


    1. 9. Did you let yourself be his afterthought or his option?


    10. Are you always thinking where he will be simply to run into him to spend time with him?

Open Up Your Heart To True Love
When you’re dating or in a relationship, it’s totally understandable if you become disappointed, discouraged, and frustrated when relationships based on infatuation end up miserably. But, keep in mind that there are always good lessons that can be learned after getting involved in these types of relationships. The important lesson to learn here is to let heart do all the choosing of whom to love, instead of your eyes.

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