How You Can Learn To Love And Trust Again?

You thought you'd found the one. You’re happy and relieved that at last, this relationship is heading somewhere. And then the unthinkable happens. The relationship fell apart. You both parted ways. All you are left is a broken heart. We all have been there. When our hearts have been broken, it feels like our whole world has been destroyed. We begin to think that we will never find love again. Some of us even don’t try to date someone new.

But, if we want to keep our hearts and spirits open and alive, we have to trust people, and we have to love so that we can get back our trust on people. Think how your life will wind up without love and companionship. This reason itself should be the main reason for you to love again because doing so is better than not loving at all. We understand you don’t want to love because you’re scared someone will break your heart again. But, think for a second, would living a life without any fear or insecurity be satisfying to you? Would you find it meaningful and fulfilling? If you stop loving again, the acute pain from your past breakup will grow on you, eventually leaving you with never-ending emotional pain, disconnection, and isolation.

You might tell yourself that your last boyfriend or girlfriend was your soul mate, your destiny. But, sometimes, your destiny has something better stored for you. Maybe the end your relationship is a precedent that someone better than your ex is out there for you. It may be difficult for your to imagine it right now, but you will never know the truths if you stop loving again, and aren’t interested in finding that new person, who might be your perfect match. Besides, the demise of your last relationship has made you stronger and more resilient. You’re much wiser than before, and you’ve learned and grown as a direct result of the painful moments you’ve experienced in your life. All these have transformed you into a much better person.

So clearly, there are lots of good reasons to be willing to love and trust again. But, it isn’t easy. For most men and women, who experienced a breakup, the tricky part is to make themselves do their part of loving again. Here are some important perspectives on moving ahead and for loving again.

1. Give yourself some time to heal. Before you get into a serious relationship, take some time off from dating, and deal what you recently went through. Moving ahead after an awful breakup in an honest and authentic way requires hard work and determination. Enjoy spending time and meet new people, do something exciting and fun to cheer you up.

2. Earn back your trust. In the meantime, if you find someone interesting, don’t rush to profess your love to him or her. Be patient, take your time, and let things progress gradually and naturally. Watch how the new person responds to your romantic approaches. There’s no reason you’ve to take you new relationship from zero to sixty.

3. Tell your story. Once your new love interest starts to open to you, ensure that both of two communicate about your fears, vulnerabilities, and concerns. It can create connectedness between two people, which can lead to more trust.

Love is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It’s also a source of intense pain one can experience. So, when you’re looking for someone or a relationship, be hopeful, resilient and adaptable.

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