Can a Marriage Be Saved After An Infidelity?

How does someone feel if their partner cheated on them? They feel betrayed, mistrusted, lost, empty and very hurt. It’s common for marriages to end because of cheating, but that’s not the topic of discussion here. We are looking if both partners are willing; an extramarital affair is something that can be worked through. And if given a chance, the marriage won’t only be saved; it can thrive.

Here’s how to work on your marriage in case your partner cheated on you:

1. Believe that forgiveness is possible

It’s not all dark in the tunnel; there’s light at the end. There are examples of many couples who have successfully revived their marriages after a cheating scandal. Once you begin to understand why the infidelity happened, know each other’s feelings, it’s possible to forgive. Not only can a spouse forgive the other, but they can also redeem themselves. Being able to forgive is a virtue, which can help us move on.

2. Take Accountability For Your Part

An infidelity can be viewed as an opportunity for both partners to examine what lacked in their marriage that compelled a partner to cheat. Are both respectful to each other? Did they appreciate and emotionally and physically available to each other? A successful relationship depends on how each partner is committed and responsible for their roles in the relationship.

3. Be Kind, Open and Communicate

Kind, open and respectful communication is the key to a long-lasting relationship and crucial to restoring and maintaining intimacy. Most infidelities happen because both partners have stopped having emotional and meaningful communication with each other. In the case of an affair, share your feelings and listen carefully to your partner’s experiences. Bring back the spark in your relationship, by recalling the moments and feelings that brought both of your together as a couple. Begin by talking about the things you liked about each other and what you love and respect about him or her now.

4. Be sincere to reach out for your marriage

Cheating on one’s partner is perhaps one of the worst things to happen in person’s life. Naturally, the partner who was cheated on is resentful, angry and disappointed to their respective partners. It’s really challenging to step back, but it helps if you take the high road and think what can you do for him or her, or respond to any of their wishes. Being sincere and reaching out to save your marriage will alleviate any negative feelings you had about your partner.

5. Go on Dates

Whether, you have a one-hour leisurely stroll on the beach, or reserve a dinner at a nice restaurant, or enjoy a concert together out of town, make sure you plan to go on dates at least once a week. It will be helpful to connect with your partner and reignite the romance in your relationship. The point is to get you out of the house, instead of sulking about why did this happen to you.

The takeaway here is if you follow the above techniques to save your relationship, it will restore trust and return love in your marriage.

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