Reality Romance: Can People Really Find Love On Reality Dating Shows?

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We're all obsessed with reality television, we have to admit. From the Kardashians to the Jersey Shore gang, we're completely hooked on the trials and tribulations of reality TV stars. One majorly addictive type of reality show is the reality dating show. Shows like The Bachelor and Love Connection lead us to believe that you can find love by being set-up on television. Could this possibly work? We're giving our opinion below!

While there have in fact been couples born from reality dating shows, they are few and far between. Reality dating shows have been around for more than a decade now and there have been hundreds of so-called matches made on them, but very few of these couples have actually lasted. The vast majority of couples from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette broke up in seemingly no time at all. The matches made on Love Connection barely last past the moment the cameras start rolling. And don't even get us started on Married At First Sight… While these shows are fun to watch and undeniably addictive, they're not a great way of establishing a lasting relationship. Why exactly?

When it comes to these reality dating shows, you have a team behind the scenes picking the people you'll be set up with and the selection of possible partners you can choose from. We know that these shows require you to fill out questionnaires and explain what you're looking for in a person, but even with that information, do you really think that a team of people behind the scenes on a TV show is going to find your perfect partner? What are the odds? We think the chances of finding your soulmate through reality television are super slim. These shows may be fun to watch and fun to participate in, but it's unlikely you'll find a match that really works for you. Let's put it this way: on reality dating shows, you're more likely to find lasting humiliation than lasting love.

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