Can A Person Lose Their Identity in Relationships?

What really defines a person? People do a lot of things; have passions, hobbies, lifestyles, and so forth that defines them. The lifestyle they maintain determine what kind friends we have, what kind of food or clothes we like, how do we entertain ourselves and how we spend.

When we start a relationship with someone, here are three ways that can help redefine our identities.

First, we can combine them. For example, if he likes art, then you can take your partner to the art gallery with, and she happily tags along. If she’s loves gardening, you can help her choose what flowers she likes to put in the backyard. You can take each other’s passions and traits and mix them all together.

Second, enjoy them separately. You like art and can go to the art gallery alone, and she doesn’t have to go. And you can let her enjoy gardening all by herself.

Third, one person gives up his or her passions. She quits gardening, so she too can become a full-time art lover.

Some people can have a hard time being themselves when they’re in a relationship. It can be that they lost their passion for the things they loved in their life. They may feel that dating or being in a relationship consequently gives them something to do in their life. The outcome is that they fully commit to the relationship, quit their passions, and take in their news partner’s traits and passions. When the relationship ends for some reason and this partner moves on, the other person feels entirely lost and empty, because they have lost both their lover and their whole life.

Most people don’t have any problem with this topic. They are truly passionate about their friends and interests and dating someone new or a new relationship doesn’t keep them away from what they love. Some find it again after they lost it when their relationships don’t work. If you’ve faced this issue, here are few simple bits of advice that can help you manage this propensity.

Build Your Own Interests

Some people don’t have any interest or passions to talk about, other than working, sleeping and watching TV. If you think your life falls into that category, then you should consider getting out from this hole, and cultivate some new interest or hobbies. There are endless of things to do and meet new people. The great news is you can do this even before you start dating someone.

Talk To Your New Partner about Your Passions

When you’re dating, don’t forget to tell your new partner about the things you love and interest you. Try to make them understand why you’re passionate about the things you do or like. If you love ballet, talk to your partner about it, and help them understand the dance.

Insist of Doing the Things You Love

Don’t quit doing things you love about your life, just because it doesn’t go with your new love life. Insist on sparing some time for your passions. And if you see that your new partner is holding you up, don’t just give in and talk through it.

Set the Limits

Once you’ve have tried to share your passions and traits with your partner, keep in mind that some things will remain exclusive to you. Set boundaries regarding which activities that you do together and which you do alone.

The takeaway here is dating, and relationship shouldn’t interfere with the things we are passionate and love to do. Because, when the relationship ends, it’s the things you like that will help you move on and help find a new partner.

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