Can Any Relationship Exist Without Problems?

Ah! A romantic relationship without any problems. Wouldn’t that be great? Well, that’s a dream. Whoever has been in a relationship in the past or is already in one, know very well that all relationships, even the best ones come with their own set of problems. Relationships are different for everyone, so the issues you’ll face in your relationship or marriage are also different. So, if you've been married or in a relationship for a while, you probably know the answer is no. There isn’t any relationship that doesn’t have problems.

One thing noticeable in all relationships is that there are perpetual problems. A perpetual problem is one that keeps on coming up in your relationship because you can figure out a way to solve it, or finding it difficult to reach a compromise that benefits you and your partner. However, these perpetual problems have some importance. Here are the three benefits of perpetual problems in a relationship:

1. You learn to compromise and solve problems
There is a misconception in our society that you get married everything will just work out. This is totally false. Getting to know your significant other and nurture your culture for the relationship takes time. What do you have for breakfast? What is your favorite dish for dinner? What is your favorite TV series? Do you prefer indoors or outdoors? Are you a compulsive spender? Are you thrifty? Your answers don’t have to match with your partner. What’s vital is that you know these things about him or her and learn how you can compromise. Surprisingly, problems can help you two to be together in the relationship.

Let’s be honest, when you try working out a problem and reach a compromise, it feels good. All relationships experience highs and lows. Learn how to face them and ride through it. Throw out a thing that’s not working. It will make your relationship stronger in the days to come.

2. You learn to understand one another
This is a nice time to have a conversation about your background. Talk about your childhood, your parents, your parents’ relationship, your regrets, which chapter in your life was the most painful, and what made you experience happiness. If you want to resolve any problem in your relationship or marriage, you must understand your partner. It doesn’t matter if the issues are small, you must have some understanding. Sure, this will require some time and you to have many conversations with your partner, but if you keep doing it, you’ll see a big pay off in the long term.

3. You’ll be more aware of the positive sides of your partner
If you’ve been in a relationship or married for a while, you probably know what you like and don’t like about your spouse. It’s easy for you to forget that brought the two of you in the first place. Take a moment; think about the time when you first met. What did you see in him or her that stood out? What made you think that this is the perfect person for me? What made you think that he or she is the one you would want to spend the rest of your life with? It is true that the circumstances change because of work, a house, and kids, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring back the romance. You can bring back some of that magic and feel happy to see your significant other every day or night.

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