How Can You Sense When Your Girlfriend Wants A Kiss

The first kiss can force anyone into a tailspin of uncertainty, fear of rejection and over-thinking. But, things levels out when you understand the secrets of kisses and your next smooch will be a lot easier to handle than the first one. Timing is the key to enjoy and cherish a great kiss. So, when is the perfect time for a first kiss? Follow these proven tips:

Tip #1
You can anticipate your girlfriend’s readiness to move forward by noticing how she responds to your casual touches, such as touching her hand in the popcorn bag, sweeping her shoulders when she wears her coat, etc. If she pulls away or feels uneasy, then slow down a little, and take some time. If she smiles, giggles or blushes, then it’s time you up your game. Put your hand over her hand while you have dinner, or hold her hand while walking her to her car, or the park. This is a relaxed approach toward getting smooched.

Tip #2
A simple way to find out how your girlfriend feels about you is to evaluate her response when you hug her. When saying hello or goodbye, keep your embrace brief, and assess her nonverbal feedback. If she presses her body against yours and keeps on hugging, take the opportunity to kiss her for the first time. If she looks a turned off, then just give that awful double pat on her back, and set her free. Maybe you should consider putting a little more effort to loosen her up and head towards romance.

Tip #3
Women expect their boyfriends to ask them before they kiss them. If you aren’t sure, and to be on the safe side, we suggest you ask her before kissing them. It might make a gentleman or a wimp; we can’t be sure about it. Remember, we’re talking about a simple display of affection here. You want to kiss her, and the exciting and sexist to way to land a kiss on her lips is to be spontaneous. If you want her to get excited, then kiss her instantly without asking her. Besides, if she isn’t into kisses or simply not in the mood, she will allow you to kiss her on the cheek. Keep her wide welcoming, and don’t act lecherous and you will see she appreciates your move.

Tip #4
The first kiss is very special for women. They love it even more when it’s positive, memorable and if it happened spontaneously. So, find a time to kiss your lady when she expects it the least. Plant your first kiss when your date might not be expecting it and guarding against it – a lip lock. Don’t try to kiss her at the end of the date as those moments are full of pressure and tension. Instead, pay close attention to her cues and try kissing her earlier in the date or don’t kiss her at all.

A kiss is an intimate and passionate part of a romantic relationship. The key is to figure out the best time to kiss her is to pay attentions to nonverbal cues and body language. If you’re dating someone new, there isn’t any written rule that you’ve to end your date with a kiss. Sometimes it’s better to wait and work up for that passionate smooch.

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