Can Someone Be Manipulated To Fall In Love With You?

When it comes to affection, a beautiful personality, and good looks are sure to lure the potential mates into falling for you. But sometimes the job is not completed here, and we need to be a bit smart to achieve the love of our life.

It is a common belief that falling in love is a natural phenomenon. However, it is said that sometimes you need to trigger the manipulating tactics to make the person you love to fall for you. Some are even capable of adopting such ways just to make it happen.

Well, the question arises that can a person actually be manipulated to fall in love with you? Let us go to the root of the matter to check whether it is actually achievable.

What exactly is manipulation?

Manipulation is the type of influence which aims to change the insight or the behavior of the person with deceptive and smart tactics.

Looking at it, one cannot find anything favorable about it unless it is for your own sake. Concerning relationship, there are many forms and many ways to manipulate your partner which can be from mild amusement to the awkward and embarrassing situations.

It is said that manipulation is very common in relationships especially from the women side. But men are almost as guilty. Whether it is an emotional need or a physical one, a person might look out for the sneaky ways to receive what they want from the partner.

Let us get the idea that how people manipulate each other while being in a relationship:

  • A person can create a situation to make their partner guilty and make them do what they want by pointing out to the thing they had once done for their partner.
  • By using the tactics of mild tantrums or the silent treatment.
  • Using a reverse psychology by telling them that all is fine but actually it is not.
  • Nothing can be more efficient than making a direct request, but it is going to be such that the person cannot negate it.
  • The can be a possibility of hearing about their request or desire from their friends or someone from the family.

Considering the tactics as mentioned earlier, the question is that do any of these can really make someone fall in love? Well, in my opinion, NO!! These are the basic tactics that are applied to get what you want out of the relationship, but it can never help you in making a person fall for you.

How do you manipulate someone to fall in love with you?

  • Be confident and wither off all your insecurities. Confident people are more likely to attract warm and intimate relationships.
  • It has been observed that usually people who are alike regarding personalities, interest, backgrounds, etc. would prefer dating and ends up in marrying. So it is always suggested to find the one who becomes a compatible mate.
  • Physical appearance matters. It does not mean that you start looking like a model, but at least you can improve what is already there and be their type.
  • The closer you are, the harder they fall for you. Try to ask them out as much as possible. Share a quality time together. Make memories and get along each other on the long journey of love and life.

Well, manipulation does not seem to be so bad when you are just trying to improve your chances rather than playing with somebody’s emotions. Just remember to be natural and real. Do not play fake and the love will happen at its own time.

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