Can Your Spouse Be Your Best Friend – Make Your Spouse Your Best Friend And Enjoy Your Married Life

Friend is the most special person of anyone’s life. They are someone with whom you can share your feelings and can say what you have in your mind, that’s why they have special place in your heart. When you are with them you feel relaxed and it seems that you do not have any tension. Have you ever thought that can your spouse be your best friend? Mostly people think that they cannot share everything with their spouse as it might affect their relationship. However, you need to know that if your partner is your best friend then your relationship will be the strongest.

In order to make your spouse your friend, you first need to develop understanding and trust. Without these two things, many differences can arise between the couple and the worst that can happen is breakup of the marriage. So, it is necessary that you should feel comfortable with your spouse and try to behave with each other like friends. Remember your wedding vows in which you said that, first you are friends and after then you are a couple.

Many times it is seen that friendship seems to be missing in relationship. It is due to the fact that they do not give enough time to each other. They become so busy with their regular schedule that at the end of the day they get tired and hence they sleep. So, if you want to overcome this situation then it will be necessary for you to bring the spark back in your life.

Tips for making your spouse your best friend

There are many tips that you can follow to make your spouse your best friend. This will not only help you in getting a new friend, but it will also help you in making your married life more enjoyable and happy. Following are some of the helpful tips that you can follow:

Go for dates: May be before the wedding you guys went for dates on a daily basis, but what happened after wedding that. Many people think that now they are husband and wife, so what will be new between them that they can share. This is totally wrong because during dating you get some quality time to spend with each other. There is no one to disturb you neither your family members nor your children. That time is totally yours, at the date you can have romantic talk and can even do something fishy also and nothing can beat then dance. Try to choose such a place which is far from your house so, that you can go for a long drive as well.

Show curiosity in their interests: Conversation can be the best way through which you can identify about your partners like and dislikes, but make sure that your talk should not represent what you are trying to figure out. If you want to know more then ask their friends. According to their interest you can plan something. Suppose, if your spouse likes to do gym then get his/her name registered in the center and give them the surprise. On the other side if your spouse herself is going to the gym, then support her in that and if possible try to join her. This will help in building self confidence and he/she will feel more motivated. This is one of the best tips that you can consider when thinking of Can your spouse be your best friend?

Share your secrets with them: Secrets are directly related to your best friend because they are the only ones with whom you can share it. So, in the same way trust your spouse and share your secrets with him/her. This will help you in bonding with each other and will make your relationship stronger. Tell them everything no matter what will they think. This will boarder their mentality and they will think that now you are something more than husband and wife. Sharing secrets will help you in reducing your stress and tension and it will also help you in growing your relationship and you will get more chances to achieve your goals together.

Have fun together: Fun is something that you can have with your friends only; it helps you in making your moments memorable that you will not forget your entire life.  If you treat your spouse as a couple then you will not be able to have fun. Try to do funny things with them which will make you and your spouse laugh. Do new things with each other, that friends do like playing, fishing or you can also go for some adventurous activities as well such as climbing, hiking and camping. Try to bring excitement back in your life and remember all those things that you do with your friends like pillow fighting, late night movies etc.

Respect their feelings: Respect is one of the biggest things that really matters in any relation whether you are friend or couple. If you will not respect your friend, then no friendship can stay for long time period. Do not do anything that your spouse doesn’t like or if you are doing then ask them to participate also. Accept him/her as they are just like you accept your friends. Never break their belief in you and always remain with them in their worst condition like a true friend and make them feel special. This is another point that you can follow when looking for a positive answer to Can your spouse be your best friend?

Give surprises: Everyone loves surprises and it can convert the bad mood into good mood. Always give your friend surprises which are full of sparkle and glitter. It should be such that it will make them remember you. No surprise is small or big, after all it represents your love and happiness. You can give anything like favorite candies, chocolates, sweets and can take them for vacations or on a small trip. Your surprise should be such that represents your new relation that is your friendship. It will also help you in making your spouse feel special.

Along with the above tips there are many other tips that you can consider when wondering can your spouse be your best friend such as treating them equally, comprising and adjusting for them etc.

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