Can You Be Feminine And Still be Submissive In A Healthy Relationship?

Most men and women who are currently dating someone new or in a new relationship are going through their version of a “do-over.” Regardless if this is their second or third chance of having a loving and long-term relationship or marriage, it is critical how their next relationship will develop over time. If you’re in a “do-over” relationship or marriage, ask yourself are you working or reacting on things that you want to see and don’t want to see in your current relationship? Are you getting what you want and who you want to be in this relationship?

According to the book, “My Foot Is Too Big for the Glass Slipper,” written by Gabrielle Reece, she says that if a woman wants to gentle and feminine, she has to submissive. The statement generated a lot of controversy among the feminists and created uproar in the news and media outlets. When asked to explain her position on the matter, Reece said that she wanted to explain the submissive role in a relationship. She also clarified that things would be better if one person takes on the feminine role, while the other one takes on the male role.

Gabrielle Reece, who has been married to professional surfer Laird Hamilton for 16 years, tells that when people abide by defined and straightforward gender roles, they started to complement each other more than other. Reece and Hamilton got married in 1997, and with just four years of their marriage they went through a rough time in the relationship and were on the brink of getting divorced.

After filing for divorce, Reece, who is a former volleyball player, she and her husband reconciled a few months later. It was at that crucial moment that she decided to return to her feminine or submissive side. You may ask did Reece do that because that’s the only way that could save her marriage. Or is a natural response of her subconscious mind that led her to embrace that side of her? The truth is we will never know. The point is if the message Reece is trying to prove is to go back to your feminine side because it’s powerful, then she’s on the right track.

It’s critical to understand that the things most women are taught to make them powerful and successful in the professional world are the same things that will make them powerless and eventually fail in the dating and the relationship department. Most feminists often label femininity as soft. Reece, however, doesn’t deny it, but she believes that accepting one’s femininity is an indication of strength as opposed to a weakness.

Many things go into making a relationship last and thrive in the future. Trust, honesty, and commitment are equally necessary for both men and women if they want to have a loving and long-term relationship or marriage. Having said that, this one is for the ladies; your femininity is incredibly powerful. It simply has to manifest from a place deep within one’s energy. So, ladies, embrace and cherish your femininity as it is important in the beautiful art of love and relationships.

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