Can You Have Chemistry With Someone Else When You’re In A Relationship?

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All that anyone can talk about right now is the absolutely electric performance by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper at the 91st Academy Awards. The two sang the hit song “Shallow” from their film A Star Is Born. (The song won an Oscar later in the ceremony!) While everyone has praised the two for how incredible the performance was, everyone is mainly focused on the palpable sexual tension between the two onstage. In fact, fans have been noticing the major chemistry between Gaga and Bradley all throughout awards season and the promotional tour for their movie. The two look at each other with so much love in their eyes, it could make even the most cynical non-romantic clutch their hand to their heart.

With such obvious chemistry between the two of them, why aren't they together? Well…Bradley has a girlfriend. A very serious girlfriend, actually. Bradley has been dating gorgeous supermodel Irina Shayk for several years and two even have a daughter together. While they do seem very much in love, fans feel that he has much more chemistry with Lady Gaga. So this brings up the question: Can you have more chemistry with a friend than you do with your actual partner? And, does this mean you should be with that other person instead?

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First off, yes, you can absolutely have insane chemistry with someone who is not your partner. Chemistry is not something that is in your control. Rather, it is the way two personalities and spirits interact with one another. There will be some people that you just naturally mesh with, and others that you definitely do not. Obviously, you cannot force yourself to have good chemistry with someone. You also cannot turn it off if you do have good chemistry with someone. It is no secret that good chemistry is essential for a good relationship. Happy, healthy couples have great physical and emotional chemistry that, much like Gaga and Bradley, is apparent to everyone around them. So what happens when you, again much like Gaga and Bradley, have great chemistry but one of you is already with someone else?

If you find that you have amazing chemistry with someone that you just do not have with your partner, it could be time to take a closer look at your relationship. Is there something wrong in the relationship that could be hindering your chemistry or is it that the two of you just don't fit? Do you feel that you will be happier with the person you have great chemistry with? How serious is your relationship and do you have any desire to leave it? Staying in a relationship with no chemistry is unlikely to end well, especially when there is a third person involved with whom you do have great chemistry. If you ask us, this is just infidelity waiting to happen.

So all in all, it's possible to be in a relationship with one person and find that you have more chemistry with another. How you deal with this predicament depends on whether or not you want to stay in your current relationship. Whatever your decision is, we wish you the best of luck!

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