You Can’t Fall in Love At First Sight, But Liking, At First Sight, Is Possible

Since time memorable, we have heard about love at first sight. Some of us hope that this happens to us. We expect that our immediate attraction to the person we fell in love with first sight turns into lifelong commitments such as a marriage. Unfortunately, experiencing love isn’t a short-term process, it’s for the long-term. That’s why it can’t be felt immediately. But, when it comes to Like, that’s whole new story. Liking, at first sight, is real. So, the question remains what is the difference between love and Liking is?

Signs Of Liking

    1. 1. You're entirely focused on a person's looks and body


    1. 2. You’re only interested in having sex


    1. 3. You aren’t interested in having conversations


    1. 4. You don’t like to take your relationship on a real level and discuss real feelings


    1. 5. You don’t like to cuddle or stay for breakfast the next morning after sex

Signs Of Love
1. Other than sex, you want to spend quality time together
2. Sometimes you lose track of time while talking with each other
3. He/she motivates and inspires you to be a better person
4. You’re looking forward to meeting his or her family and friends
5. You like to listen to each other’s feelings and honest about it
6. You both make each other happy

It’s worth mentioning that emotions and attachment are included in Liking. Liking is propelled by our neurochemicals in our brains. It’s for these neurochemicals that make us crave what we want, idealize and have obsessive thoughts about each other. Unfortunately, this isn’t your heart talking; it's the brain chemicals that have programmed you to attract, mate, and procreate. It is one of the amazing feelings you can have, but it’s also responsible for most unhappy, unplanned marriages, divorces, and affairs. But, you need your heart if you want to experience true love.

You see Liking makes us focus on the fantasy and less on what our future holds with that person. There is a high possibility if you’re Liking him or her, and if an unfortunate trait of our lovers comes up, we won't pair up with them. When you’re in a real relationship with real love, you won’t see this. So, when do you know it is true love? Developing true love takes time. Most relationship therapists and counselors suggest couples not to get married until two years of dating because you need two years for your Liking to subside.

So, what happens after two years? After dating someone for two years, your love will look like this:

1. You’re still sexually attracted to your partner and still enjoy having sex with him or her.
2. You’ve completely accepted the fact you can’t change your partner.
3. You’ve fully accepted him for who he or she is as a person.
4. You can tolerate their bad traits or behaviors because they aren’t addicted, abusive, manipulative or unhealthy.
5. You’re still interested in sharing your life with your partner.
6. You can work through and resolve arguments and disagreements.
7. You feel respected and encouraged.
8. You feel empowered, comfortable and still; enjoy spending time with each other.

While looking for love, remember that love is a feeling that takes some time to develop. It’s accepting, respectful and is long lasting, accepting and respectful. Meanwhile, Liking brings instantaneous attraction, desire, cravings and incredible feeling. Therefore, you can experience Liking at first sight, and not love.

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