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3 Ways To Make A Good First Impression On A Date

Most men probably won’t admit it, but most men find first dates nerve-wracking and feel nervous about it. And there’s a good reason for it. We all know very about making a good first impression when facing a job interview. The first date can be compared to a job interview because you won’t get a second date if you don’t make a good impression on the first date. The stakes are higher because the woman you will meet for the first time can become someone you might spend the rest of your life with, right?

So, it’s time you do all you can to make a great impression when meeting your match for the first time. Here are three proven ways you can do that:

1. Talk To A Woman Like It’s A Date
Guys who think too much and act overly polite at the first date are highly like to enjoy the date than guys who don’t get it seriously. Relax people; you’re going on a date, not a job interview. Don’t make it boring for you and your date. After finishing the greetings part, tell funny stories, compliment your date about how they are looking, what they are wearing, etc. Feel free to have the normal conversation about your careers, interests, hobbies, personal views and opinions, and so on. If she’s wearing or did something funny, tease her gently about it, but don’t be disrespectful. Treat her as if she’s a friend instead of a potential employer. Try to impress her, instead of trying to woo her to like you, and see the amazing results instantly.

2. Stop Asking Those Dreadful “Attraction Killing” Questions To Her
The thought process of a woman is different from men. If a woman you’ve just met starts to think of you in a certain way, it’s highly likely she will continue thinking of you like that way all the time. So, it’s important that you avoid those stereotypical first date questions at all costs such as, “do you like me?” or “Are we both a good match?”, And so forth. Questions like these are infamous for being “attraction-killers.” Besides, asking these questions to your date make you appear desperate, clingy, and needy, all of which are deal-breakers when it comes to dating and relationships. Instead, ask questions that make your date think that you’re interesting, exciting, aware, and inquisitive.

3. Focus On The Right Body Language
When you meet a woman for the first time, pay utmost attention to your body language. It’s vital as it’s like speaking to a woman without uttering a single word. Always make eye contact when you’re talking to her. But, remember to blink. You don’t want to intimidate her on the first date. Sit in an upright position. If she leans a little backward from, don’t lean in forward. Rather, follow her, and draw yourself back too. Speak in low, slow voice tone, and don’t talk fast. While conversing with your date, look around the room and other people sometimes to diffuse the tension.

There you go, some great tips for you to make that all important first impression when meeting your date for the first time. If you follow these tips and use them on your first date, you can be assured that you will get a second date!

The Main Reason Why You Weren’t In A Healthy Relationship Until Now

So, you’re in a relationship, and you still seem to be wondering about the status of your relationship. If you think that you aren’t in a healthy relationship, we would like to ask you the following questions “Are you happy with yourself? Are you displeased, dissatisfied, or uncomfortable with your partner?” If yes, then it’s time to put your dating life on hold for a while, and take crucial steps to ensure that your next romantic relationship is the happiest, healthiest, and most satisfying one you’ve ever had.

You might be asking what might be the reason. The reason is simple; if you don’t have productive or positive feelings about yourself and the relationship as a whole, dating becomes dull, fruitless, futile, and somewhat dangerous to your health and well-being. This isn’t some relationship theory or speculation; it’s a scientific truth. At some point in your relationship, if you’ve had an epiphany where you realized that your perception of yourself is not positive, it’s for the best that you avoid dating altogether and focus entirely on yourself.

So, the question is how long you will be to wait before you start dating again? How can you focus on yourself? Fortunately, if you make focusing on yourself a priority, you don’t have to wait for a long time at all to get serious about dating again.

Begin by pausing for a moment, and ask yourself: “Am I happy? How can I be happier?” Some of your possible responses might be, “I’ll be happy if I lose 30 pounds”, or, “I’ll be happy if I get that new job,” or, “I’ll be happy if I get that promotion.” This may sound like it will make you happy, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. The main thing is happiness doesn’t come from anything that’s outside of you, including a relationship. Your happiness and joy come from within. All of those external, materialistic elements can be gone or taken away at the snap of a finger. And when that happens, we hope it doesn’t; what you’re left with? It’s only YOU. Just you!

Therefore, think for a moment, and ask yourself, whether you enough to make yourself happy? If no, then we can safely tell you that nothing else will work for you. Listen carefully, at certain times, you might feel overwhelmed by the weight of your struggles and pain, and this is totally normal. This is what most people don’t realize. When you don’t make “peace” with it, you tend to seek refuge from those struggles and pain through external things. But, in the end, you’ll realize that it’s only an illusion. You actually never escaped or managed to resolve them. This can be particularly toxic if you’re trying to fill that void in your life with a relationship. This is one of the reasons why we can’t help ourselves from dating people who are in the similar situation like us.

While looking for a partner, your mind will unconsciously always seek out a partner who will mirror and affirms to negative and fruitless feelings. And consciously, we feel “comfortable” around that person, but not in true sense. We think they’ll make us happy, but in the real world, this kind of relationships will only make the hole in your life to get bigger and bigger. But, the good news is; once you work to be happy with yourself, you’ll only attract men and women who will make you happier in the future.

Don’t Know How To Talk To Your Crush? Here Are Some Great Tips!

Did you have a crush on someone? Are you in love with someone but don't know or find the courage on how to talk to your crush? How can you that you like so much fall in love with you? It’s perfectly okay of the thought of initiating a conversation with your crush making you a little bit anxious. However, if you take things slow and focus on how to do it in the way; you’ll realize that it is not as challenging as you initially thought.

Below are some tips to help you get your crush notice you and like you back.

1. Ask For Support
An easy for your crush to notice you is to ask your crush for help when you see her nearby. Just pretend like you are looking for something like a person or a book. Try to look impatient and dramatic. It will make her think that you’re panicking as you’re already late for something. Then, all of a sudden, look at the eyes of your crush and ask her, “Did you see any book lying around here?” And when your crush responds to your question, keep looking around the place for a few more seconds, and then smile nod and walk away like you’re busy or flustered. Bear in mind not to have a conversation at this moment. Otherwise, you crush will think that you’re faking the whole thing.

2. Drop Something Accidentally
If you want to talk with your crush and notice you, drop something accidentally a little value such as a pen or your keys while walking in front of that person. Your crush will see it, and they’ll take it as an excuse to have a real conversation with you. And, if your crush doesn’t notice what you just did, then move on. You’ve nothing to lose.

3. Use Social Media
If your crush is on Facebook, comment on something that they also commented on. But you can only do this when the two of you have a mutual friend. At this, you don’t need to chat with them directly, just try to make them notice you. If they like you, they might check out your Facebook page and will try to collect more information about you. The trick here is to make your crush fall for you and make them curious about you. Later if both have been exchanging those flirty glances on the streets for some time, commenting on the same posts on Facebook, consider sending her a friend’s request. Chatting on Facebook can help you to gain the confidence for a face-to-face conversation with your crush.

4. Smile While Walking Past Your Love Interest
Smile fleetingly when walking past your crush. You can say, “Hi” or “Hello”, while walking past them. However, make sure that there isn’t anyone around them. Remember, not to stop and have a conversation with your crush at that time, only say hello and walk away. This will slowly build up the chemistry, and they would be waiting to talk to you the next time when you both of you bump into one another. And when you do bump into each other, keep the conversation brief at this first time. However, don’t be jealous or rude when you see your crush talking with someone else. Avoid doing this at all cost as you’re dating or in a relationship with her.

4 Unsexy Things Guys Do That Feels Really Sexy To Girls

It’s not always sexy, but it’s hot, nonetheless. Guys, sometimes, do the strangest, unsexy things, that somehow appear very sexy to the ladies. Call it unconditional love, love at first sight, or even pheromones, but it is true. Girls, if you are reading this, you probably know what we are talking about.

Here are four non-sexy things men do that turns on a woman and makes her incredibly attracted to them.

1. Forgetting To Put On Deodorant
Sure, you’re stinking. You’ve forgotten to put on deodorant. But don’t worry, you’re still sexy. Science tells us our bodies are naturally attracted to our partner’s body scent. You might be looking ripe, but the smell of your sweat will definitely make her feel a little angry. But, we have seen women snuggling up to their boyfriends after a long, rigorous, and sweaty gym session. Meanwhile, skip showers whenever you can, but not at the expense of your personal hygiene. Why? Apparently, ladies feel attracted to a man when his hair is greasy and taking fewer showers enhances a man’s natural scent. Weird, but it’s true.

2. When Lifting Heavy Stuff For Her
Women aren’t weak or less strong than men. But, sometimes women need a man to lift things for them or get them something from the top shelf at the supermarket or in the kitchen that they just can’t manage to get to. Keep in mind that this doesn’t in any way make girls less amazing. But, ladies feel very attracted to a man who helps them do some furniture lifting or helping them move or pack things. There isn’t anything macho or manly about it. It’s more about the fact that man cares and feels courteous enough to do it in the first place.

3. When You Listen To Her
A real man will love to listen to his girlfriend about her day. He will want to know how are feeling today, about your office dramas, he wants to know how your girlfriend is coping with her breakup, etc. Nothing feels sexier than a man who is willing to give up his precious time to listen to his partner. By the way, we are talking about really listening to her, not pretending. And she will be even more attracted to you when realizes that you want to listen to her, not because you have to. So, if you want to make your girlfriend feel happier and love you more, start listening to her. By the way, a woman finds it sexy, when her boyfriend talks about something that he feels very passionate about her, which she knows nothing about herself. So, talk about stocks, bonds, basketball strategies with her, it will not make her drop her panties, but will make you sexier!

4. When You Takes Her To The Doctor When She’s Sick
Being sick isn’t sexy – guess you already know that. When you find your girlfriend is sick, insist her on taking her to doctor. Trust me; girls become turned on when their boyfriends or husbands take them to the doctor, takes care of them, and makes them feel secure.
So, when you’re in a relationship and see that your partner is unwell, be there for her, and tell her how wonderful, beautiful and perfect she is, no matter how gross she is. It’s sexy and will turn her on. Take our word, if you do this your woman will be with you through thick and thin, even after everything starts crumbling around you. Now, that’s love.

7 Flirting Techniques You Should NEVER Use!

Flirting is the first step to land a date. But unless you how to flirt gracefully, most people will assume that bad flirting moves are a byproduct of a crappy dating scene. Or, it can be that people simply don’t know how to social anymore. If you’re currently single, and despite being on too many dates failed to land a girlfriend, then it’s time for you to hone up your flirting skills and discard the ones that are bad.

Here are six bad flirting techniques that you should never use:

1. You always whine that you're alone
This will never work, period. If you do this, your date will assume that you’re basically begging them to date you. What’s worse, they’ll tell you that you’re desperate, not to mention pathetic. Begging will take away your dignity and respect, and even someone pities you by accepting to go on a date with you, nothing will ever come of it. The outcome will be similar if you try to convince someone to date you.

2. You tell how others want to date you
Okay, this is very familiar with narcissists and people with low self-esteem. These are the kind of people you should never date let alone sleep with because they often come with strings attached and consequences.

3. You date or befriend someone only having sex with them
Some guys will befriend girls not to date them, but for the sole reason to sleep with them. This is hurtful, and I mean it really hurtful. If you continue with this, not only will you lose a lot of good friends, you’ll also have a reputation for being a creep. Not good at all. This also applies to guys who attend various professional meetings and events such as sports writers meetings etc., in hopes of getting laid.

4. You bully a girl to date you
If you think it's acceptable to bully someone to be your girlfriend or go on a date with you, then you should stop dating altogether or rethink what it takes to be in a romantic relationship. A person who is bullied into a relationship will never love their bully.

5. You think spending money on a girl will make her date you
Yes, you bought a girl a drink or gave her something nice. This doesn’t mean she is obligated to give you something in return. If you think that's how dating works, then we can safely tell that maybe you don’t understand what dating is. Dating should be all about building a connection with a woman, not buying her stuff or giving presents in exchange for sex or a relationship or both.

6. You attempt to buy a date
This is all too common with guys who are really desperate for a date or relationship. The only attractive thing about these men is that some of them make more money than us. But buying dates doesn’t work. Best case scenarios, you’ll have a gold digger girlfriend who will leave if you stop paying them. People who date you for money will only love you for your money; they’ll never love YOU.

Lusting For Someone Too Much? Read This To Find Out!

Let’s be honest; it’s the sexual attraction in romantic relationships that brings two people together. But, sometimes, the lust you’ve for someone might be too much which can be unhealthy and can wreck your relationship in the long run, if you’re not careful. Lusting after someone uncontrollably is usually an indication that the relationship will end miserably or the love will fizzle out soon.

Here are some signs below, go through them and ask yourself if you’ve been in a situation in the past, or if you are dealing with any of these feelings now.

1. Let’s admit it, when you’re dating someone most of your thoughts and feelings, you have about her or him are physical or sexual in nature. There is nothing wrong and what are you feeling or fantasizing about the new flame in your life is perfectly natural and healthy. And most of these thoughts are about sex. But, sometimes for men and women, who developed unhealthy lust, know exactly there can be some negative complications when the lust is too much. It’s a warning sign that the relationship won’t last.

2. If you need to have sex with him or her after every single date, it’s a clear indication that your lust is somewhat out of control. When you’re dating someone, there are moments when it’s sensible to spend intimate time together at his or home. Sometimes, there is simply no time or space for it. Sure, you both went to the movies and had a great dinner date, but then one of you have to do something else which makes it almost impossible for you to be physically intimate with each other.

But, for men and women, who developed unhealthy lust, a date without sex isn’t good enough. They need sex immediately, and when that’s not possible, they get extremely disappointed and frustrated. This isn’t healthy in a romantic relationship, and it’s highly likely that the relationship won’t survive in the coming days and there is an excessive emphasis on the physical aspect of the relationship.

3. Being emotionally or intellectually connected with your partner is more important than a physical connection. It’s perfectly okay if the man or the woman you’re dating provokes sexual desire in you, and there is a real emotional connection to it. In other words, it means that you also like sitting and talking with them, you feel comfortable spending time with them, and you like the things they have to say and talk about. But, many times in dating, you can come across someone who will ignite a sexual spark in you and the connection that you feel is more sexual than emotional. If that happens, be prepared for a breakup.

4. There is a chance that your boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t as sexually attracted to you like the way you feel to them. It’s a well-known assumption that two people in a loving relationship will never be equally sexually attracted to each other, but there will always be exceptions. If you’re extremely sexually attracted to your partner, but realized or convinced that they don’t feel the same like you that is a sign that you feel unhealthy lust.

How A Guy Knows If A Girl Really Likes Them On A First Date

When a guy goes on a first date with a woman, these are the two questions that are being asked the most. First question, “how does he know whether he has a chance with her?” Second question, “if he thinks like he does have a chance with her, what should be his next step?” It’s only one fact that arises all of this uncertainty. When a man gets even the slightest hint that a woman he’s dating might be interested in him, he often starts doing things that aren’t expected at all. His mind starts to play all sorts of games with him, he misinterprets cues, and he jumps to conclusions immediately.

Most relationship experts suggest in these circumstances men should do everything to stop guessing and doubting themselves when they find a woman might be interested. Instead, they should start looking for the big signs that might indicate that they truly have a shot to be in a relationship with her.

After having a conversation with your date for an hour or so, ask yourself, “Is she genuinely receptive, friendly toward me?” For most guys, this may sound deceptively obvious. But guess what? When it comes to issues regarding dating and relationships rituals, it’s thoughts like these the kills the chances of most guys to be successful in landing a girlfriend. You see, most men still assume that women show certain physical behaviors such as smiling while talking with you, twirling their hair, or tilting their heads to the side, when they feel attracted to a guy. But, this isn’t always true.

The truth is these kinds of body language or behaviors can be mean or directed to something else that can range from meaningless to utterly ridiculous. These behaviors have nothing to do your chances of taking things to the next and hopefully more meaningful level. These behaviors can be labeled as merely “flirting”, and any woman can do it who is nice and only wants to be polite with you. Therefore, stop looking for these physical behaviors to deciding your chances of having a more meaningful, long-lasting relationship with a woman. Instead, focus on the larger picture. Don’t make any judgments and conclusions about “how things are going” after having the conversation with a woman.

Now, pause and look for these signs to determine whether she’s behaving genuinely friendly and receptive towards you:

Does she takes the initiative or takes the lead in the conversation? Does she interrupt you when you’re speaking to her? If she does it most of the time, it’s an indication that she’s either bored with you or too self-absorbed with herself. And, when you talk to her does she maintain eye contact with you? If she’s always looking at the phone or looking around the room or the restaurant, it means that she has lost her interest in the date, so it’s time that you wrap this up politely and say goodnight. And now for the final part, does she try to be insightful during the conversation? If you find her asking sincere, appropriate and insightful questions and giving meaningful feedback about the things that you’ve said, then you’ve found a keeper!

When you’re dating someone you like and have doubts whether the girl you’re dating likes you or not, remember there is someone no woman can fake. It doesn’t matter if she smiles and twirls her hair if she can’t interact with your in a genuine and meaning ways that we mentioned earlier we can safely tell that you don’t have a chance with her.

4 Steps To Become More Self-Confident For Successful Relationship

You need to be confident and love yourself if you want to have successful dates and be in good relationships. We all have insecurities or flaws, and we always we could take care of them, but to be in a healthy and long-lasting relationship, you must feel good about yourself, man! But, plenty of men and women out there hoping to be in a relationship, unfortunately, have poor self-esteem and don’t feel okay about them.

Well, keeping that in mind here are four steps that can improve your self-confidence and, hopefully, help you find good relationships.

1. Stop All Negative Self-Talk
People with low self-esteem often are judgmental of their own personalities and talk about themselves in a negative way. It can range from their unattractive physique to about their bad luck in finding the man or woman to date. Never speak poorly of yourself. If you are really looking forward to improving your self-confidence, the most important thing to do first is to stop saying negative things about yourself and start saying positive things. Tell yourself, “I may not be handsome, but I can make people laugh at my jokes.”

2. Exercise And Do Some Activity That Is Good For Your Body Once Per Week
We aren’t telling you to hit the gym, and pump iron seven days a week, or get involved in another physical activity like yoga, Pilates, etc. But, if you’re that kind of person then go for it. But, for the rest of us, at least force yourself to some physical activity or exercise that’s good for your body. Keep doing it at least once a week. Try playing a sport or workout at least once a week, as it helps to balance your mind and mood, and will make you more confident.

3. Avoid Spending Time With People Who Feel Negative About Themselves
We, humans, are social beings and are influenced by people around us. If you have a friend or family member, who often feels negative about their lives and everything surrounding them, they can bring you down to their level. So, if you want to feel more self-confident about yourself, hang out with men and women, who feel positive about themselves, hopeful about the future, and makes you feel positive and happy.

4. Get Organized
Being more organized in your life is a highly regarded quality in a person. For example, when your kitchen, bedroom, closet, car, etc., are organized, you feel like you’ve some control over your life, and it gives you the self-confidence that makes you feel the other things in your life are manageable too. When you think about it in that manner, why would you keep on waiting to feel good about yourself, and in your ability to organize things in your life?

The Bottom Line
When you’re thinking of dating someone, keep in mind self-esteem and self-confidence is one of the most sought after quality, men and women try to discover in their potential partners. When it comes to self-confidence, you don’t need a lot of money on life coaches and therapists or spend ten or twenty dollars on self-help books and magazines. It’s incredibly simple, and all you’ve to do is to feel better and think positively about ourselves.

Laughter – A Good Recipe For Successful Relationships?

We all know the saying that the best way to a man’s heart in through his stomach. But, what if I say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his ear? Fine, maybe we exaggerated it a little bit, but a lighthearted laugh or giggles certainly will make your romantic relationship go an extra mile. While on a date, a laugh at the right moment will make your boyfriends or girlfriends think that not only you’re listening but also that what they’re saying is funny. This will also show your intelligence that you have the ability to understand the difference between a joke and in your sense of humor.

Not only is laughter a great communication tool and helps us to have a good experience, but also a crucial element for social interaction. You’re more likely to laugh when you’re with other people than when you’re alone. Laughing with other men and women helps you to feel relief and comfort after an uncomfortable or saddening experience. As you laugh with people surrounding you, you create social bonds, friendships; tell great jokes, and overall positive experiences. Likewise, when you laugh when you’re on a date, you’ll notice that most of your positive feelings and thoughts will grow into greater intimacy and closeness with your boyfriend or girlfriend. All of these will result in a rewarding experience, and the two will likely want to have the same experiences again, and that might lead to a second, third, fourth date, and so on.

The Differences Between Men And Women
When it comes to the sense of humor in romantic relationships, there are some differences in the way men and women think. Though, both sexes agree that humor is important, women like men who are funny while men prefer women who believe that they’re comical in nature. In other words, women are attracted to guys who can make them laugh, while on the other hand, men feel good when the ladies find their jokes funny. There are also differences in the way women use laughter during the initial stages of the relationships. Women are increasingly likely to control the flow of initial communications.

Women use signals such as facial expressions, body language, and laughter, to either encourage or discourage communication. For instance, after telling your girlfriend a joke or a funny story, if she likes it, she’ll laugh and lean in towards you, which are signals that she’s interested in it, and encouraging you to keep the humor coming. However, as the relationship matures, this disparity between the sexes might not hold true.

It’s been reported that there aren't any differences in humor appreciation between husbands and wives. Moreover, a partner’s sense of humor is important in measuring the relationship and marital satisfaction for both husbands and wives. In short, if you want to have a healthy and long-term relationship, it’s imperative for couples to take initiatives to keep each other laughing.

Remember, dating and relationships are supposed to be fun and exciting. So, you’re serious about finding the love of your life or have a successful marriage, then keep the laughter going!

What Most Women Think About A Guy’s Body

Things are already hard for guys. Abiding by dating rules is tough when it comes to making initial contact and wooing women. But, believe it or not, ladies are very forgiving when it comes to a guy’s physical aspects! Some myths are very important to women, and some needs to be dispelled. Read on to find more what’s really important to women when it comes to your physical appearance:

Myth #1: Women Like Six-Packs And Bulging Biceps
The truth is a woman appreciates someone who has a body like Matthew McConaughey and Brad Pitt, but when it comes to choosing a man they really want to date, having a little extra around the waistline isn’t a deal breaker. It seems like our society is much more forgiving when it comes to spare tires, but for “muffin tops,” that’s a different story. For most women what’s more important to them is that their boyfriends should be loving, and complimentary. Ladies also like men who are kind and look forward to spending time with them. Most women don’t like to date who are most egoistic than they are, nor do they would like to date someone who spends most of their time in the gym. Taking care and staying fit is good, but it’s also important that you maintain balance in your life and enjoy life too.

Myth #2: Pedicures, Waxing And Tweezing Are For Ladies Only!
Most gals aren’t looking for a metrosexual. But, a man who takes good care of himself and takes pride in his physical appearance is very desirable to women. So, to all guys out there, don’t be ashamed to go to a nail salon and get a pedicure. You girlfriend will really like it! Besides, if you’re someone who has a unibrow or hair coming out your nostrils, it’s a good idea to take care of it by investing in a hair trimmer or a nail clipper. Your girlfriend will appreciate it.

Myth #3: Long Hair Looks Alluring And Sexy On Men
Apart from a few exceptions out there, having long hair doesn’t look that sexy and alluring to men. Most women prefer that their partners have short hair. In fact, for 85 percent of the male population short looks great on them. So, if you’re an average Joe, and have a mullet or a ponytail, maybe it’s time that you visit a barber, and get it trimmed. Keep in mind, the thinner you hair, the shorter it should be.

In our societies, when it comes to physical appearance and bodies, men can breathe a sigh of relief. But, that’s not the case with women. Women are continuously pressured by the media and scrutinized by it for not having the perfect shape or abiding by the unattainable standards of beauty. Meanwhile, women only want their dates who feel comfortable about himself and his appearance, is aware of personal hygiene and takes good care of his health and overall well-being. But, as always there will be exceptions. Every woman has her personal preferences. If you’re thinking of dating someone, and if you fall outside his or her set of ideals, which isn’t you, it’s safe to say that particular person isn’t the right match for you.