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4 Steps To Become More Self-Confident For Successful Relationship

You need to be confident and love yourself if you want to have successful dates and be in good relationships. We all have insecurities or flaws, and we always we could take care of them, but to be in a healthy and long-lasting relationship, you must feel good about yourself, man! But, plenty of men and women out there hoping to be in a relationship, unfortunately, have poor self-esteem and don’t feel okay about them.

Well, keeping that in mind here are four steps that can improve your self-confidence and, hopefully, help you find good relationships.

1. Stop All Negative Self-Talk
People with low self-esteem often are judgmental of their own personalities and talk about themselves in a negative way. It can range from their unattractive physique to about their bad luck in finding the man or woman to date. Never speak poorly of yourself. If you are really looking forward to improving your self-confidence, the most important thing to do first is to stop saying negative things about yourself and start saying positive things. Tell yourself, “I may not be handsome, but I can make people laugh at my jokes.”

2. Exercise And Do Some Activity That Is Good For Your Body Once Per Week
We aren’t telling you to hit the gym, and pump iron seven days a week, or get involved in another physical activity like yoga, Pilates, etc. But, if you’re that kind of person then go for it. But, for the rest of us, at least force yourself to some physical activity or exercise that’s good for your body. Keep doing it at least once a week. Try playing a sport or workout at least once a week, as it helps to balance your mind and mood, and will make you more confident.

3. Avoid Spending Time With People Who Feel Negative About Themselves
We, humans, are social beings and are influenced by people around us. If you have a friend or family member, who often feels negative about their lives and everything surrounding them, they can bring you down to their level. So, if you want to feel more self-confident about yourself, hang out with men and women, who feel positive about themselves, hopeful about the future, and makes you feel positive and happy.

4. Get Organized
Being more organized in your life is a highly regarded quality in a person. For example, when your kitchen, bedroom, closet, car, etc., are organized, you feel like you’ve some control over your life, and it gives you the self-confidence that makes you feel the other things in your life are manageable too. When you think about it in that manner, why would you keep on waiting to feel good about yourself, and in your ability to organize things in your life?

The Bottom Line
When you’re thinking of dating someone, keep in mind self-esteem and self-confidence is one of the most sought after quality, men and women try to discover in their potential partners. When it comes to self-confidence, you don’t need a lot of money on life coaches and therapists or spend ten or twenty dollars on self-help books and magazines. It’s incredibly simple, and all you’ve to do is to feel better and think positively about ourselves.

Laughter – A Good Recipe For Successful Relationships?

We all know the saying that the best way to a man’s heart in through his stomach. But, what if I say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his ear? Fine, maybe we exaggerated it a little bit, but a lighthearted laugh or giggles certainly will make your romantic relationship go an extra mile. While on a date, a laugh at the right moment will make your boyfriends or girlfriends think that not only you’re listening but also that what they’re saying is funny. This will also show your intelligence that you have the ability to understand the difference between a joke and in your sense of humor.

Not only is laughter a great communication tool and helps us to have a good experience, but also a crucial element for social interaction. You’re more likely to laugh when you’re with other people than when you’re alone. Laughing with other men and women helps you to feel relief and comfort after an uncomfortable or saddening experience. As you laugh with people surrounding you, you create social bonds, friendships; tell great jokes, and overall positive experiences. Likewise, when you laugh when you’re on a date, you’ll notice that most of your positive feelings and thoughts will grow into greater intimacy and closeness with your boyfriend or girlfriend. All of these will result in a rewarding experience, and the two will likely want to have the same experiences again, and that might lead to a second, third, fourth date, and so on.

The Differences Between Men And Women
When it comes to the sense of humor in romantic relationships, there are some differences in the way men and women think. Though, both sexes agree that humor is important, women like men who are funny while men prefer women who believe that they’re comical in nature. In other words, women are attracted to guys who can make them laugh, while on the other hand, men feel good when the ladies find their jokes funny. There are also differences in the way women use laughter during the initial stages of the relationships. Women are increasingly likely to control the flow of initial communications.

Women use signals such as facial expressions, body language, and laughter, to either encourage or discourage communication. For instance, after telling your girlfriend a joke or a funny story, if she likes it, she’ll laugh and lean in towards you, which are signals that she’s interested in it, and encouraging you to keep the humor coming. However, as the relationship matures, this disparity between the sexes might not hold true.

It’s been reported that there aren't any differences in humor appreciation between husbands and wives. Moreover, a partner’s sense of humor is important in measuring the relationship and marital satisfaction for both husbands and wives. In short, if you want to have a healthy and long-term relationship, it’s imperative for couples to take initiatives to keep each other laughing.

Remember, dating and relationships are supposed to be fun and exciting. So, you’re serious about finding the love of your life or have a successful marriage, then keep the laughter going!

What Most Women Think About A Guy’s Body

Things are already hard for guys. Abiding by dating rules is tough when it comes to making initial contact and wooing women. But, believe it or not, ladies are very forgiving when it comes to a guy’s physical aspects! Some myths are very important to women, and some needs to be dispelled. Read on to find more what’s really important to women when it comes to your physical appearance:

Myth #1: Women Like Six-Packs And Bulging Biceps
The truth is a woman appreciates someone who has a body like Matthew McConaughey and Brad Pitt, but when it comes to choosing a man they really want to date, having a little extra around the waistline isn’t a deal breaker. It seems like our society is much more forgiving when it comes to spare tires, but for “muffin tops,” that’s a different story. For most women what’s more important to them is that their boyfriends should be loving, and complimentary. Ladies also like men who are kind and look forward to spending time with them. Most women don’t like to date who are most egoistic than they are, nor do they would like to date someone who spends most of their time in the gym. Taking care and staying fit is good, but it’s also important that you maintain balance in your life and enjoy life too.

Myth #2: Pedicures, Waxing And Tweezing Are For Ladies Only!
Most gals aren’t looking for a metrosexual. But, a man who takes good care of himself and takes pride in his physical appearance is very desirable to women. So, to all guys out there, don’t be ashamed to go to a nail salon and get a pedicure. You girlfriend will really like it! Besides, if you’re someone who has a unibrow or hair coming out your nostrils, it’s a good idea to take care of it by investing in a hair trimmer or a nail clipper. Your girlfriend will appreciate it.

Myth #3: Long Hair Looks Alluring And Sexy On Men
Apart from a few exceptions out there, having long hair doesn’t look that sexy and alluring to men. Most women prefer that their partners have short hair. In fact, for 85 percent of the male population short looks great on them. So, if you’re an average Joe, and have a mullet or a ponytail, maybe it’s time that you visit a barber, and get it trimmed. Keep in mind, the thinner you hair, the shorter it should be.

In our societies, when it comes to physical appearance and bodies, men can breathe a sigh of relief. But, that’s not the case with women. Women are continuously pressured by the media and scrutinized by it for not having the perfect shape or abiding by the unattainable standards of beauty. Meanwhile, women only want their dates who feel comfortable about himself and his appearance, is aware of personal hygiene and takes good care of his health and overall well-being. But, as always there will be exceptions. Every woman has her personal preferences. If you’re thinking of dating someone, and if you fall outside his or her set of ideals, which isn’t you, it’s safe to say that particular person isn’t the right match for you.

Don’t Forget To Ask Your Potential Partner These 3 Questions

You’ve found your potential partner. You’ve decided to go on a first date with your match, and hoping that the date will turn into a fully fledged relationship. But, how you would know whether the person you’re dating is interested in having a relationship.

When choosing the right partner for you, here are three things that you ask yourself about yourself about him or her.

1. How Does He/She Make Me Feel?
Falling in love is one of the most beautiful things to happen to a person. The feeling you get from someone liking you is very exciting and intoxicating. You feel lucky, confident and happy to be with him/her. It’s difficult to decode a person's emotions and feelings accurately, but the real motives get exposed after you’ve dated the person for some time. If you see that he or she’s making excuses not to meet or spend time with you, then we can say that he or she isn’t interested or attracted to you. If you discover that he or she isn’t interested in you anymore, and feel miserable or frustrated being with him or her – it’s safe to tell that this person isn’t making you feel good or happy about yourself. The best solution here is to end the relationship, instead of trying to win their approval.

2. How Does He/She Treat Other People?
It’s common for people to be at their best when dating someone new in the first few dates. They talk nice; they behave friendly, they listen to you attentively, compliment you and make you feel important and wanted all the time. But, a person’s real personality is revealed by the way he or she treats other people around them. Notice carefully how your new date treats other people like the taxi driver, the waiter, your friends, your family members, etc. Check, whether he or she is pleasant or stubborn or has proper etiquettes. Check out if the person you’re dating is genuinely a kind, respectful person or whether they're pretending to be good, so you will like or be attracted to them.

3. Can You Trust Him/Her?
It’s a hard question to answer. You can accurately tell whether a person is trustworthy or not just by looking into his or her habits, treat others or how they live their daily lives. Your best bet here is to go by your instincts. What does your gut tell about him or her? Do you think he or she will be a great match for you? It’s amazing how much how instincts can influence our decisions. Keep in mind not to doubt your intuition. If your instincts say that you can trust him o her, go for it.

If you’re looking for a relationship, these are the three things that you need to ask yourself about your future partner. It’s fine if you see some of the points arguable but remember in our societies, we have reached a point where we judge a person, his or her physical looks, career, money, and so on. We ignore reliable and dependable qualities like compassion, trust, kindness, and respect. But, in reality, it’s these qualities that are building blocks of a successful and lasting relationship.

4 Tips That Will Make The Ladies Chase You!

Most average guys assume that they will need to pursue and woo great ladies to date them. But, it shouldn’t be the case always. If you can master how to trigger feelings of love, interest, and attraction in women, you’ll see great women will see you as a potential match and start chasing you.

So, how can you do that? Here are four ways:

1. Quit Courting, Start Attracting.
When it comes to approaching women, most men follow these two models. One, “the courtship model,” and, two, “the attraction model.” Whenever you court a woman, it’s natural for her to run away from you. So, instead of focusing on what you can do to woo her, invest your energy on igniting her attraction. Courting is primarily about what you do and can offer such as dinners, gifts, flowers, etc. Meanwhile, attraction is all about how you can communicate, how you can connect with someone, who you are, what’s your personality, and your masculine identity. Attraction is the challenge, while courting is facing the challenge. So, focus your energy on attracting, and realize for yourself how it can make your successful in dating women you’re interested in.

2. Apply “Reverse Rapport.”
The term “reverse rapport” refers to the concept that you say and do the opposite what most men would do to make a woman like him. But, you should do it in playful, flirty and sarcastic manner. It’s an approach that assumes that the woman already knows, him, trusts him and even likes him. So, how can this be done? Well, one way is saying a funny comment which is the opposite of what a lady prefers to hear. This way, you can create an intense, polarity-charged connection with her, that will entice her pursue you.

3. Don’t Wait To Seek Her Approval.
When it comes to dating and relationship, men are taught that if they like someone, and would like to date her, he needs to seek approval for her. Women will lead, and men will follow. The truth is she has no desire to lead. It’s the guys who are convincing her to lead by bombarding with questions, cues, and body language that all directs in seeking approval. Rather, hold your ground, even after she’s been running all over the place. Show her you’re the kind of guy who likes to steer his ship. Having said that she’s will start feeling an incredible attraction towards you.

4. Show Her That You Are Neither Needy Nor Desperate. Convince Her That You Are Indeed Different.
Let’s be honest about one thing. There are hundreds and thousands of single, desperate and needy men out there looking for a relationship. If you really want to stay ahead of the competition, it’s important that you for you to prove and communicate that through your qualities and behavior, and convince the woman you’re interested that you aren’t one of them. Show her you’re, indeed, unique and extraordinary. And the best way to demonstrate that to a woman is to make her believe that you have a life, and you don’t need a girlfriend or be in relationship to be happy.

These four tips will show a woman you’re an interesting and confident man who don’t need a woman approval to feel good about his life or himself.

Stand Out From The Rest To Date A Great Woman

Let’s be honest, plenty of guys are having problems in dating and building relationships with amazing women. When the conversation starts with the meeting, dating, and nurturing relationships with great women, most men say and do the same just like any other guy looking for a relationship. We get lost in the crowd. So, why is that? The thing is most guys will have little problem in finding great women that they like to get to know more about her. The big problem is there are tons of other guys who are competing with you to grab her attention.

So the million-dollar question is, what can you do to make you stand out from the crowd, and become the first guy to grab the attention of a great woman you like, and take things to the next level? Here are three ways to make it happen:

1. Don’t Send The Wrong Signals
One of the key reasons most guys fail to date the woman they’re interested is because they ruined their chances of having a date with her in the first place. Most men become nervous and think too much about their upcoming first date. Their minds play all sorts of games, and this compels them to say and do things that they should have never done. They start sending out all the wrong signals just like any other guy. One is that some guys have very low self-esteem, and they broadcast it to their dates with awkward speeches, weird cues, and nervous body language. All these are attraction-killing behaviors. Then some guys will be the “Obnoxious Jerks.” It’s difficult to figure out whether these guys are overcompensating for their lack of confidence, or low self-esteem, or just acting arrogantly. These attitudes immediately signal a man’s insecurities to a great woman. It’s a deal-breaker. So when you become aware of these messages, STOP sending them instantly.

2. Showcase The “Mr. Right” Attitude
Confidence is key is attracting a great woman, and being in a successful relationship. Highly confident men possess a sense of self-control, and they can combine it with the right amount of humor and cockiness. They seldom go overboard. While having a conversation with a woman, confident men never hold back from teasing a woman, but they keep it respectful. Broadcast your confidence by talking about light topics, but make sure to style it with uniqueness and sarcasm. Brag about the things you’re good at as well all the beautiful places you visited, but mix it with funny stories how you’ve also failed while achieving and doing it. It will make the ladies think that you’re indeed different from the rest.

3. Build Rapport
No matter how confident and in-control man you are, if you fail to communicate this to women, it won’t take you anywhere. What’s more upsetting is that most guys don’t know to connect to a woman emotionally they’ve just met or looks forward to date. The best way to do it is to find something in common with a woman such as interests, hobbies or life goals. It will help to establish a connection with her. Remember; don’t be rude, intrusive, or insecure with her if you want to accomplish this.

If you want to date a great woman, you need to do things differently. Stop sending all the wrong signal, broadcast your confidence and all of your good qualities, and build rapport, to stand out from the masses.

7 Ways To Scare A Woman Away

Good women and good things don’t come very often. So, don’t mess up a good thing in making these mistakes mentioned below. Otherwise, according to the ladies, you will scare them off for good!

1. Showing Off
An egoistic guy is turn off for women. The more you boast or brag about much money you make, or how many ladies find you intriguing, the fewer women will be attracted you. It shows to women that you feel insecure inside, so you’re overcompensating for it. So, when it comes to getting dating women, don’t try too hard.

2. Poor Manners
Manners maketh a man. That’s not a cliché, it’s true. Besides, the typical belching, swearing or talking/texting while on the date, women also don’t like guys who don’t treat others respectfully. If you’re rude to waiters, cab drivers, maids, store clerk, you should rethink your approach. Your date will think if you don’t treat others well, how will you treat her?

3. Don’t Be A Cheapskate
Don’t use coupons on the first date. Don’t park your car fifteen blocks away, so you don’t have to pay for a $5 valet charges. We aren’t telling you should look for discounts or deals, or overspend on your dates; it’s perfectly fine if you can save some cash. But, if all of your activities are about being stingy, then it ruins the fun. It makes you look money-obsessed, and trust me women don’t like a guy obsessed with money.

4. Talking Sex Too Soon
We know the sex is a crucial part of a healthy relationship. Also building a long-term relationship depends on the sexual compatibility of both partners. But, if you mention anything voraciously sexual in the first few dates, texts, emails, phone calls, you will appear as someone who is fixated on sex, and this creeps a lot of ladies. It’s common for women to date guys who are only after sex. So, the first thing they do is filter those guys. Most women believe sex can only happen when two people get to know each other well, not before that.

5. Calling and Texting Her Too Much
Most men seem to believe that the right way to pursue a woman they’re interested at is by calling, texting, and emailing constantly. Well, a woman might feel flattered by all this attention, but the truth is this isn’t how things work. Instead, you’ll be seen as someone who is needy, inept, desperate, impatient and insecure. All of them are deal-breakers while dating.

6. Mr. Serious
Meeting someone new and knowing them can be nerve-wracking. But, if you relax and take the whole dating activity in a lighthearted manner, the better the whole situation will be. It’s just a date, after all! Most women are looking for a guy who has a sense of humor, and fun to spend time with. So, if you’re stiff, uptight, negative and serious, it will turn her off.

7. Complimenting Too Much
Everyone likes a compliment now and then. Ladies love them to do. It’s fine if you compliment your date, but limit it to just one or two per date. If you keep them coming, the whole thing becomes disingenuous and also a little suspicious. She might start to doubt your intentions, and can even take you as a potential stalker.

If you’re looking for a girl to date, remind yourself of these mistakes. Otherwise, we can safely say you’ll find a hard time being in a relationship.

7 Types Of Dates To Avoid While Looking For Love

We are surrounded by people looking for love. But, if you’re looking for a healthy and long-lasting relationship, try avoiding these dates no matter what!

1. The Hot and Cold Daters
At one moment they’re all over you, the next minute they’re annoyed at you. And you’ve no hints why it happens. The next day you keep wondering what you’ve done that made him/her irritated towards you. And the cycle continues. It’s obvious that the person you’re with now actually wants to spend time with you, but he/she has no clue what they are looking for in a relationship. If you want to be in a healthy and long-lasting relationship, find someone who is stable and consistent.

2. The Playful Daters
These types of dates are the most frustrating. These men and women absolutely won't commit to any dates in the future, let alone be a stable, long-term boyfriend or girlfriend. If you’ve met someone, and he/she tells you that ‘they will call you or meet you later,' it’s best for you don’t pursue them. Either they aren’t interested in you or are simply having a hard time making decisions because of their insecurities.

3. The Hanging Out Daters
These types of dates are always surrounded by their friends, and by all of them! You may find him/her alluring, super-sociable, funny and full of life at first, but over time as the relationship progress it becomes tough to be intimate with them, as his/her buddies are always around. It’s okay to say that this person is taking advantage of his/her friends to keep him from getting emotionally connected with you. Nothing serious will come out from this relationship, you better leave!

4. The Serial Daters
If you’re really serious about being in a relationship, don’t date a guy or gal, who is just looking for fun and not ready for commitment. Sometimes we get lonely and tell ourselves that dating a person not right for me is better than being alone. That’s not true. It’s worth waiting for someone right for us than wasting our love and energy on the wrong person. In fact, he/she will distract you from the right one in case one shows up.

5. The Pessimistic Daters
Some people are just cynical and pessimistic about the future. They have a negative outlook on their jobs, family, friends and the world we live in. At times you might find these complaining, negative folks intriguing, but eventually, they will drain all of your positive energy. If you want a happy, fun, peaceful, drama-free relationship, stay away from these sorts of daters

6. The It’s All About Me Daters
These types of dates have only one thing to talk about – themselves. You may not realize this initially, but sooner or later, you’ll find him/her always talking about him on dates, and will force you to do things that they like. You’ll see yourself in movies he/she chose or dining in restaurants that they reserved. These dates will ultimately commit, but are you looking forward to being with such self-absorbed boyfriend or girlfriend?

7. The Always Party Daters
When you’re young, it can be fun and exhilarating dating someone who is the king or queen of the party! But, eventually the novelty will whine off, and if you’re looking for a serious relationship, you don’t want to date someone who is a ‘party animal.' If you happen to be dating someone who is 40, but parties like a 20-year-old, it’s time you abandon him/her, as this person needs to grow up a lot.

8 Tips That Will Make A Girl Interested In You

Women are entirely unique when it comes to love, dating and relationships. When a woman likes a man, she will give him everything she has including her heart and soul, to have a loving and committed relationship with him. The path to a woman’s heart might be as easy as listening, laughing and a sweet, intimate gesture.

Below are eight ways that will make every girl feel impressed:

1. He laughs at himself. There is a reason why having a sense of humor is so important when it comes to choosing partners. Life is just too short to be sad and be serious. A man who can laugh at himself and others when things don’t go as expected is quite amazing.

2. He’s a listener. Paying attention when one speaks is an excellent quality. Women are impressed and attracted to men who truly listens and remembers about things they like and care about.

3. The little things are important to him. In life, it’s the little and free things that matter the most. It’s beautiful of a man strolling around the neighborhood and collects the flowers that you like, and puts them in a lovely vase for you when you return home. Or he makes a nice cup of tea for you when you come home from work all stressed out. It’s not about the pricey and rare gifts; it’s the thought that matters most.

4. He let go of things quickly. In relationships, you’ll have fights and arguments. But, a guy who let go of things, takes the high road, in a hope to move forward and restore love in the relationship is a keeper. Moving past the anger and pain isn’t easy, and women really appreciate a man who can.

5. He takes care of himself. Not only the ladies, a man who cares about all aspects of his physical, mental and emotional health and well-being, and understands the importance of keeping it healthy is genuinely impressive.

6. He understands. He understands there are things women do that men will never easily understand. For example, he doesn’t really get you why you need to go to the hair salon every month, or why you need a manicure or pedicure every week. Heck, he doesn’t even understand why you have the urge to tell your best friend about every detail of your new dress, or day, or makeover, or whatever. He doesn’t get, never questions it and accepts it. A guy letting you be who you are is a gift to cherish your whole life.

7. He's willing and open to new things. A man who isn’t stuck in the usual and likes to try new things and experiences is really impressive. He likes to try new foods, cuisines, restaurants, clothes, styles or even movies. Dating a man like this will never make you bored in your relationship.

8. He takes initiative. It’s not every day you see a guy going all out in planning a romantic dinner date, or spending a romantic and intimate night with his lady. Women are really touched when men take the time and effort to think up a great adventure for the two of them. Even more impressive if that planning takes several days or weeks.

What Is Conor McGregor’s Net Worth?

Everyone knows Conor McGregor for his aggressive style of fighting. After being awarded the nickname “The Notorious”, this versatile fighter has managed to bring two important titles under his belt: the lightweight and feather fighter championships. Conor has built his fortune gradually, and now he can be proud with a fortune made out of fighting.

How Much Is Conor McGregor Worth?

In a recent top, Conor McGregor's value has been established at about $22 million. This amount is split between two major categories: $18 million come from the salary and winnings, while the rest represents the sponsorship value. When Forbes created the “Top 100 list of best earners in the world”, Conor had his place in it. Actually, he was the only UFC fighter to be included in this top.

Just as a simple comparison, Nate Diaz who was lucky to beat McGregor once, has a net worth 10 times lower, of just $3 million. This amount comes mainly from endorsements and earnings. Therefore, there cannot be any comparison between the two even though Diaz managed to win over Conor once.

Which Is Conor McGregor Richest Fight?

Even though Diaz won one game against McGregor, the latter didn't accept the defeat so easy. Therefore, he challenged Nate for a rematch. This was the richest fight that Conor has had so far. He earned $3 million after this fight. Everyone has expected McGregor to take revenge after Diaz had beaten him 5 months earlier and so the fight became extremely interesting in terms of money.

Conor did not disappoint his fans and he defeated Diaz. He obtained a points victory, that filled also his accounts with some important millions.

In December 2015, he obtained another record. He became the first UFC fighter to hit the $500,000 purse mark. This happened during the match wth Jose Aldo. He beat Aldo in just 13 seconds with a fabulous knockout.

How Much Does McGregor Win From Sponsorship Deals?

Each year brings around $2 million into Conor's accounts. Reebok, Monster Energy, Volvo or Bud Light are some of the companies that signed important sponsorship deals with the Irish fighter.

McGregor is very exigent when he accepts to collaborate with a company. He wants to associate his image with brands that have a clean reputation and that would never put in danger his name. This is why he started also the collaboration with the one of the best nutrition brands, BSN. The reason he accepted to collaborate with them was because he takes nutrition very seriously. Therefore, he chose to associate himself with a top brand in terms of nutrition and supplements and become a model for those who want to follow his steps.

How Does McGregor Spend His Money?

When your name is worth million of dollars, you think of investing them wisely. Therefore, McGregor decided that one safe investment would be buying homes. He recently spent $2 million on a new mansion in Ireland. He won enough during his fight with Aldo to buy himself a present like this.

Moreover, one of his major passions is owning the fastest and most luxurious cars. He is known for being a “petrolhead” and rumors say that he already owns eight cards. For example, he owns a White BMW i9 or a Cadillac Escalade. Great tastes, we would say!

In conclusion, Conor's path to success is just at the beginning and he still has a lot to demonstrate. He will continue fighting many other fighters in the future that will increase his net worth bringing him more millions and fame.