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The Main Reason Why You Weren’t In A Healthy Relationship Until Now

Posted By: on June 27,2017
So, you’re in a relationship, and you still seem to be wondering about the status of your relationship. If you think that you aren’t in a healthy relationship, we would like to ask you the following questions "Are you happy with yourself? Are you displeased, dissatisfied, or uncomfortable with your partner?” If yes, then it’s time to put your dating life on hold for a while, and take crucial steps to ensure that your next romantic relationship is the happiest,… [+]

Don’t Know How To Talk To Your Crush? Here Are Some Great Tips!

Posted By: on June 26,2017
Did you have a crush on someone? Are you in love with someone but don't know or find the courage on how to talk to your crush? How can you that you like so much fall in love with you? It’s perfectly okay of the thought of initiating a conversation with your crush making you a little bit anxious. However, if you take things slow and focus on how to do it in the way; you’ll realize that it is… [+]

4 Unsexy Things Guys Do That Feels Really Sexy To Girls

Posted By: on June 23,2017
It’s not always sexy, but it’s hot, nonetheless. Guys, sometimes, do the strangest, unsexy things, that somehow appear very sexy to the ladies. Call it unconditional love, love at first sight, or even pheromones, but it is true. Girls, if you are reading this, you probably know what we are talking about. Here are four non-sexy things men do that turns on a woman and makes her incredibly attracted to them. 1. Forgetting To Put On Deodorant Sure, you’re stinking.… [+]

7 Flirting Techniques You Should NEVER Use!

Posted By: on June 09,2017
Flirting is the first step to land a date. But unless you how to flirt gracefully, most people will assume that bad flirting moves are a byproduct of a crappy dating scene. Or, it can be that people simply don’t know how to social anymore. If you’re currently single, and despite being on too many dates failed to land a girlfriend, then it’s time for you to hone up your flirting skills and discard the ones that are bad. Here… [+]

Lusting For Someone Too Much? Read This To Find Out!

Posted By: on May 30,2017
Let’s be honest; it’s the sexual attraction in romantic relationships that brings two people together. But, sometimes, the lust you’ve for someone might be too much which can be unhealthy and can wreck your relationship in the long run, if you’re not careful. Lusting after someone uncontrollably is usually an indication that the relationship will end miserably or the love will fizzle out soon. Here are some signs below, go through them and ask yourself if you’ve been in a… [+]

How A Guy Knows If A Girl Really Likes Them On A First Date

Posted By: on May 23,2017
When a guy goes on a first date with a woman, these are the two questions that are being asked the most. First question, “how does he know whether he has a chance with her?” Second question, “if he thinks like he does have a chance with her, what should be his next step?” It’s only one fact that arises all of this uncertainty. When a man gets even the slightest hint that a woman he’s dating might be interested… [+]

4 Steps To Become More Self-Confident For Successful Relationship

Posted By: on May 17,2017
You need to be confident and love yourself if you want to have successful dates and be in good relationships. We all have insecurities or flaws, and we always we could take care of them, but to be in a healthy and long-lasting relationship, you must feel good about yourself, man! But, plenty of men and women out there hoping to be in a relationship, unfortunately, have poor self-esteem and don’t feel okay about them. Well, keeping that in mind… [+]

Laughter – A Good Recipe For Successful Relationships?

Posted By: on May 11,2017
We all know the saying that the best way to a man’s heart in through his stomach. But, what if I say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his ear? Fine, maybe we exaggerated it a little bit, but a lighthearted laugh or giggles certainly will make your romantic relationship go an extra mile. While on a date, a laugh at the right moment will make your boyfriends or girlfriends think that not only you’re listening… [+]

What Most Women Think About A Guy’s Body

Posted By: on May 10,2017
Things are already hard for guys. Abiding by dating rules is tough when it comes to making initial contact and wooing women. But, believe it or not, ladies are very forgiving when it comes to a guy’s physical aspects! Some myths are very important to women, and some needs to be dispelled. Read on to find more what’s really important to women when it comes to your physical appearance: Myth #1: Women Like Six-Packs And Bulging Biceps The truth is… [+]

Don’t Forget To Ask Your Potential Partner These 3 Questions

Posted By: on May 01,2017
You’ve found your potential partner. You’ve decided to go on a first date with your match, and hoping that the date will turn into a fully fledged relationship. But, how you would know whether the person you’re dating is interested in having a relationship. When choosing the right partner for you, here are three things that you ask yourself about yourself about him or her. 1. How Does He/She Make Me Feel? Falling in love is one of the most… [+]