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Feeling Neglected By Your Partner? Here Are The 5 Things You Should Not Do

Are you feeling neglected by your girlfriend? Are you feeling worried because your partner isn't giving you enough time and attention? If you think that you are being ignored or neglected by your girlfriend, you might have some idea why this is happening. Maybe your spouse is coping with a serious ailment, stress or is having some issues with her family or with her co-workers at her office, or it might be something entirely different and difficult for you to… [+]

7 Reasons Why Guys Dump Their Girlfriends

Let’s face it; breakups are extremely painful and difficult to cope. But, sometimes, breakups become inevitable. While every breakup happens differently, most men end their relationships with their girlfriends for the same reasons. Though, there might be some exceptions, here is a list of some of the common reasons why guys dump their girlfriends: Women who won't listen When a man says something, he wants his partner to hear to him. Sometimes, women don’t like to pay attention when their… [+]

How To Survive A Breakup When You Still Love Her

Your girlfriend broke up with you. You got dumped. We know it’s painful, but you have to move on and survive. It’s not the end of the world. You can make your life turn around. Maybe you saw the warning signs. You had bad fights with your girlfriend. But, you didn’t have the slightest clue that your relationship will end this bad. But, it happened any ways, and here you are. You feel horrible, awful, frustrated and sad. So, before… [+]

How You Can Stop Being Too Stressed After Your Breakup

Posted By: on August 30,2017
We, humans, are destined to be in relationships. It’s like a passage in our lives. Sometimes, we have to end our relationships due to many reasons such as abuse, incompatible partners, or simply the relationship didn’t work out. It doesn’t matter if you thought the breakup was imminent or not, you still have the same questions and feelings from your previous relationship. And yes did we say dealing with a breakup, especially if you have been in the relationship for… [+]

Are You Killing Your Relationship Slowly? You Are If You Do These 4 Things

Posted By: on August 29,2017
If you are in a relationship, you probably know how to keep it happy and healthy. But, sometimes our bad habits, (yes we all have them), can slowly poison our relationship, and will eventually kill it. Relationships don’t end because of one argument or over one bad thing. It is the combination of many wrongs, yet little things that make it unbearable. And when that situation arrives most couples have no other option than to end the relationship. You see… [+]

5 Different Stages of Grief Can Catch You After Breakup

Posted By: on August 22,2017
Experiencing a loss is tremendously painful especially when it’s about your loved one. When a relationship breaks up, it comes up with five stages of grief - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Dealing with these stages and going through the hardship associated with them defines your maturity level and the willpower to get over it. 1. Denial The first stage of grief starts with denying the breakup you just had. Your inner soul might find it difficult to believe… [+]

Can You Break Up With Someone In A Decent Way?

Posted By: on August 18,2017
Regardless if you’re the dumper or being dumped, breaking up is hard. You might be in a relationship with someone for a few dates, weeks or even years, but the way you break up with them is your last chance of making a lasting impression on your exes. Here is our guideline for a decent man to break up . 1. Focus On The Breakup There is nothing worse than being connected to your ex even after the breakup. Just… [+]

6 Wrong Reasons to Break Up

Posted By: on August 18,2017
If you’re having troubles being in long-term relationships, apart from wrong partners, maybe you’re ending relationships for all the wrong reasons. After all, not all wrong reasons lead to break up, and not every problem is insurmountable. Some of us understand that the relationship has run its course, but we still giving our best to salvage it before we call it quits. Here are six terrible reasons to break up with your partner: 1. You had a big argument with… [+]

4 Disturbing Signs You Are In A Relationship That Is Wrong And Toxic

Posted By: on August 14,2017
Staying in a relationship that is wrong, abusive and toxic is unhealthy in every way. If you are looking for a relationship or already in one, you probably have come across couples in relationships that make them miserable and depressed. You feel disappointed, and you don’t understand it. To you and for everyone else, relationships are supposed to make each other’s life better, not worse. Below are four disturbing signs that indicate you are in the wrong relationship. And if… [+]

Is Your Girlfriend Ready To Commit To A Long-Term Relationship? Here Are 4 Signs That Tell She Isn’t

Posted By: on July 31,2017
Many couples, who have been in a long-term committed relationship for a while, at some point realize that relationships are easy. Maintaining relationships is hard work. To have a happy, healthy relationship, both partners must invest their energy and effort in it.  And the lack of it will make the relationship to fail eventually. All of us want to avoid a relationship failure, which raises this question: If you are an in a new relationship, is there a way or… [+]