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The Main Reasons People Fall Out of Love

Love is a beautiful thing and a powerful emotional feeling until it fades away. There are lots of relationship killers, and they can be anything from laziness to unwarranted criticism. Meanwhile, trust, attention, commitment, communication, and creativity make your love stronger and the relationship long-lasting. Just making sure how he or she means how much to you, and telling and showing him or her that is enough to make a lasting impression. Here are some main reasons why people lose… [+]

Signs You Are Settling In An Unhappy Relationship

Everyone expect their love life to be perfect, like the ones they have seen in the movies and dramas. You want it to be full of fun and romance. But in reality, this may not happen to you and your dismay it turns out to be totally opposite to what you have desired for. What if leaving the first one and moving on to the next one and again the next one and still doesn’t find a perfect one for… [+]

Signs the Guy You are Dating Is a Player

Who wants to be cheated or played? Nobody! Simply Nobody! It is the worst feeling ever. We all dream for a warm, healthy and a perfect relationship. However, unfortunately, a few of us gets the privilege of being betrayed and fooled. Just because you have been very cautious or have been very sensible while tackling with the relationships does not mean that you cannot be tricked. Players are very clever, and they can deceive you within no time. Before you… [+]

5 Reasons Men Stay in Loveless Relationships

There may come a situation in your life that you in a sad and loveless relationship and struggling to everything possible to end it and move on. But you decided to stick even it’s affecting your personal, social and professional life. You are always asked uncomfortable questions by your close friends and family members, and they have found it easy to answer it—why does he still is in this relationship as we can easily see they both aren’t happy. That’s… [+]

6 Reasons Why All Couples Should Have A Prenup Before Marriage

A prenup is an agreement that is signed before marriage that specifies the process in case the marriage results in a divorce. It's a wise decision to sign a prenup is the ensure the financial stability and future of the well-off member in the marriage. If a marriage ends, and the none of the individuals had a prenup, then the consequences of financial settlement proceedings of a divorce can be disastrous for the financial well-being of the other spouse. So,… [+]

Time Alone Doesn’t Heal The Pain Of Divorce

Marriage is something every person looks forward to in life and gives in their best to make that relationship turn out into a beautiful one. Similarly, it is not easy to deal with the situation when marriage ends. That time of divorce feels as if your whole world has turned upside down. That person goes through the most depressing stage of his/her life but then again, life has to move on. There are some ways which can help you heal… [+]

Coping With Breakup Emotions: Not Easy But Not Impossible!

All relationships have their highs and lows, some have their final end and that is when a break up happens. Breakup is a mutual decision from both parties that they are ready to end the relationship forever. This may be on a happy note or in some cases sad as well. Many people are not able to deal with the emotional tension and stress this time brings and therefore end up getting hurt either emotionally or physically. There are several… [+]

Getting Divorced? Can You Afford It?

“I want to get divorced, but can I afford it?”—it’s a question that’s becoming more apparent than ever before as we are passing through tough economic times. Some think of divorce as the way for self-empowerment and independence, but no one can’t ignore the hard consequences that come with it. When you get divorced, your overall income doesn’t increase, but your expenses surely do. So, your finances are in bad shape—your spending has risen, your savings are down, you can’t… [+]

Divorce, Hidden Assets and Fraudulence —What Should You Know?

It’s pretty common for couples going through divorce proceedings to hide their assets and present information that isn’t always authentic. In most divorce filings, both spouses are willing to disclose all their assets, finances, incomes, credit card debts and other obligations honestly and openly. This is critical as it’s the only way where both parties can know about their assets and financial situations, what is there to share. It’s the only way a proper settlement can be made without affecting… [+]

Scary Signs Of Codependency In Your Relationship

Do you ever have a feeling that your partner is demanding a little too much from you and you are left with no choice except for fulfilling the needs of your partner by all means? Then you are dealing with a codependency in your relationship. Codependency relationships are not exclusively seen in only romantic relationships; it can also be present in friends, family, coworkers, roommates, etc. Codependent relationship comprises two people, where one only gives and gives and gives, while… [+]