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How Social Media Is Killing Your Relationship

In this time of modern era, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. has taken over the entire world. Individuals coming from every walk of life with different age groups and various fields are completely obsessed with this social media phobia. Social media is great for so many things like it connects people and friends, uploading photos, sharing memories and much more. Whereas, it can be a real pain in a butt like jealousy, gossip, etc. Let us discuss… [+]

10 Ways to Shield Your Marriage from a Divorce

With almost half of all marriages ending up in a divorce, most people are approaching dating with a mix of excitement and anxiety. The chances are that you have been a victim of divorce or experienced your parents, friends and family members going through this unfortunate event. Divorces are of tremendous pain—and you don't want to it happen to you. Hopefully, there are some wise and practical steps you can take to shield yourself from the demise of your marriage… [+]

Writing Your Break-Up Story Is Helpful to Move On

No doubt, breakups are awful. They are painful; they make us feel humiliated, angry and you get overwhelmed with a sense of loss. The emotional and physical consequences are sometimes so unbearable that it takes people a lot of time to cope and move on. But, breakups are inevitable—if two individuals in a relationship have traits, life goals, and opinions don’t match or complement each other, then there is no future in the relationship. That’s what dating is all about;… [+]

Signs You are Trapped in a Troubled Relationship

Sometimes when a person stays alone for a longer period, he/she will want to have someone in their lives to share their laughter, happiness, sorrows pain, etc. At this point of life usually people offer becoming potential partners just because they find you lonely. So what sometimes happens rather making your happiest memories of your life your desires happily ever after life will become happily never after. Why do people feel trapped in their own relationships? Well, there are many… [+]

Signs Your Friends Might Be Destroying Your Relationship

Friends are undoubtedly the most precious of all. They can be the best ones around you. But they can be worst too without getting you noticed about it. Do you frequently shift in your relationship from one person to another? Do you feel like something wrong happens to you all the time when it comes to the relationships? Well, it might be your friend that is messing around with you. Friends are trustworthy but sometimes even your best friend can… [+]

Four Things You Need to Consider Before Breaking Up With Your Partner

Many people who are considering to end their relationship are simply too afraid to do it because they are unsure about what the future holds for them. They also feel guilty about leaving their partners and the upset about the emotional scars that comes with breakups. But what if you can end your relationship without any fear or feeling guilty? Here are four things to consider before you terminate your relationship without feeling remorseful and afraid: 1. You are not… [+]

What Is the Most Important Thing to Do After the Breakup?

It appears that couples, who are coming out of bad relationships, all have one thing in common. They all blamed themselves for the demise of their relationship and not doing enough to fix it. Most admitted that they were in the relationship longer that they should had, and always believe there was “one” thing they weren’t doing it right. They also told that if they could have figured it out that “one” thing, maybe they would still be in the… [+]

Seven Reasons Why Good Relationships Come To an End

Most people think that only bad relationships come to an end, but do you know that even good and healthy relationships can also die. Breakups aren’t easy, and if it was a great relationship, that's even worse, and both people in that relationship will find it very hard to cope and move on. But, the reasons why good relationships can end are surprisingly quite evident, and not hard to decode. Here are seven most common reasons why good relationships end:… [+]

7 Things Not To Do While Going Through a Breakup

All breakups sting, whether you and partner have decided to separate consciously after dating for a few months or ended a five-year-old relationship. Or just you were dumped mercilessly out of the blue. After any breakup comes to the healing process, and there are both healthy and wrong ways to cope with the grief. These bad ideas will postpone your healing and make it harder for you to move on, take hold of your life and find a new partner.… [+]

3 Signs to Look For If Your Date Will Cheat On You

Do you know, when someone cheats, there is always some visible signs at the beginning? But, how can you identify those signs? How can you be sure that the person you’ve been dating isn’t cheating on you? Well, there are no simple answers. If you have been dating someone for five or six months or even longer, it’s pretty safe to tell that you know that person good enough. Judging by the personalities, you can have a sense that if… [+]