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3 Signs to Look For If Your Date Will Cheat On You

Do you know, when someone cheats, there is always some visible signs at the beginning? But, how can you identify those signs? How can you be sure that the person you’ve been dating isn’t cheating on you? Well, there are no simple answers. If you have been dating someone for five or six months or even longer, it’s pretty safe to tell that you know that person good enough. Judging by the personalities, you can have a sense that if… [+]

Five Rules to Use Social Media after a Breakup

So, it’s just been a week you have broken up with your partner, and you can’t resist the urge to have a glimpse of your ex partner's Facebook page. It’s okay that you can’t restrain yourself; after all break ups are hard and make us angry, upset and humiliated. So, just checking out his or her Facebook won’t be harmful, right? Well, it’s not that simple. According to a study, it’s been found that the more time one spends on… [+]

10 Signs to Know it’s Time for You to Break Up

No one likes to break up. These experiences are awful, full of pain, and bring tremendous physical, mental and emotional consequences of you, which can be hard to cope. That’s why dating is all about —to find out if two people have the qualities and characteristics that are compatible with each other. If not, there aren’t many options other than the couple to end the relationship. Sometimes, we can be right, and at times we are not, even after the… [+]
Two people come together for many reasons; it may be physical attraction, emotional connection, similar interests and so on. The closer and intimate you and your partner got together over the weeks and months, both of you came to know each other better, and there was a positive vibe everywhere. But, now you have found for some reason your significant other has started losing interest in you. The person whom you are in so much love with has been distancing… [+]
Let’s admit it: breaking up sucks! You have been in a relationship for a few months or even years—but now you feel the relationship has lost steam lately. Now, questions keep popping up in your mind like, “Do I want to be in this relationship?” or “Do I need to break up to be happy?” The fact is, breaking up isn’t easy and factors that go into making this decision aren’t always black and white. According to Dr. Paul Hokemeyer,… [+]
We all can agree on one thing: Breakups are painful. A study has found that people who recently had breakups when looking at pictures of their ex-partners have the same brain activity as those who are in physical pain. Ending a relationship with a partner is more like losing a close friend. They have known you better than anyone else; you have both shared and enjoyed wonderful feelings and emotions, and memorable experiences with them. Now, that you are ending… [+]

Clear Hints You Are Not Wanted Anymore

Sometimes we are so much attracted to a person that we find them the most amazing person on this planet Earth. Completely obsessed, we just start relying a little too much on that person. But we receive not the same in response or sometimes nothing at all. Sometimes when someone feels like that you are becoming too clingy, they will try to move away from you and find somebody else for themselves who are little less possessive. They would like… [+]

Relationship Arguments – Do’s And Don’ts To Remember

The argument in a relationship is a very common practice. A petty fight over misunderstanding and confusions is pretty natural. However, you may find certain couples who understand each other completely and rarely indulge in any sort of an argument. Getting involved in an argument does not mean that you are a bad partner or your partner is not worth living with, the point that really matters is that how well you end up this argument. In the first place,… [+]

How to Know For Sure That Your Partner Is Cheating

There is nothing more painful than finding out your partner has been cheating on you behind your back. According to a study, it’s been reported that 50 percent of men and 85 percent of women were proven right about the suspecting that their better halves have been unfaithful to them. Sometimes the signs that your partner has been cheating on you are clear in front of you. But, the allegations are dismissed because the signs are very subtle or your… [+]

Signs It Is Finally Time To Start Dating Again

Heartbroken, badly hurt! Are you ready to get back to the dating world? There comes a time when you realize that you have been out of the relationship for so long. Although when that nasty relationship was over, you would have decided not to get back into it till the end of time, after sometimes you have started reconsidering it again. I have seen people out there who get themselves caught up in their lives as singles and completely lost… [+]