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How To Get Your Power After Your Girlfriend Cheats On You

Posted By: on July 23,2017
Let’s face it, like breakups; infidelity is incredibly painful. The pain from infidelity manifests like a weed. If you don't address it and allow it to grow, it will consume you. It will continue to spread its roots deep within your mind and heart, engulf you and make you incapable of falling in love again. It will make you think all men or women are like that and will treat you this way. You will have thoughts telling you that… [+]

You’ll Be Sorry Losing The Woman Who Waited For You To Get Yourself Together, Why?

Posted By: on July 18,2017
Let’s face it; love is beautiful. It’s complicated too. Sometimes, we have problems in our relationships, and some of these originated from our personal issues. If you want to have a happy and healthy relationship each partner to acknowledge that he or she has personal problems that need to be taken care of and be willing to work. If your girlfriend tells you about some annoying traits you have or has problems with your lifestyle, or you’re just having some… [+]

9 Brutally Heartbreaking Reasons of Why People Breakup

Posted By: on July 17,2017
Let’s be honest, love hurts. We all have experiences about times when we feel like we're going to burst if we don’t let something out. It might be something about your ex, or it might be something you dislike or find annoying about your relationship. You’ve been open and honest while expressing your thoughts and feelings. You also learned the hard way that when you say something to someone at the wrong time, there will be consequences, it doesn't matter… [+]

9 Kinds Of People Most Likely To Cheat On Their Partners

Posted By: on July 09,2017
Let’s make one thing clear; no one on earth actually wants to date a cheater. But, often, there are times we fail to see the signs that our beloved boyfriend or girlfriend was lying to us and having an affair secretly with someone else that will ruin your life and your relationship.  Stop worrying whether she’s hiding a second cell phone in the closet, her being less affectionate or having less sex with you. Instead, what you should be asking… [+]

6 Small Things Guys Do When Getting Ready To Break Up

Posted By: on June 01,2017
It’s impossible to know beforehand if someone is about to break up with you, unless, the person tells you. With that made clear, how many of you were be able to predict some of your past breakups? It’s true we can’t 100 percent be sure when our boyfriends are ready to dump us, but there are some signs you can tell that a man might be about to end the relationship with you. Here are few signs that will let… [+]

6 Heartbreaking Reasons Why Men Broke Up With Their Long-term Girlfriends

Posted By: on June 01,2017
Apart from all the clichés that most relationships end because of infidelity or constant fighting, the reality is that all varieties of romantic relationships fall apart for some reasons. Things get infinitely harder while trying to end a long-term relationship whose romance burned out slowly. It’s very rare to hear long romances to collapse, but nonetheless, it’s baffling and shocking to many. Here are a few reasons men explain why they had to end relationships they have been for the… [+]

Top Questions You Should Ask Yourself After A Breakup

Posted By: on May 17,2017
The breakup is one of the saddest parts of someone’s life that can change an entire world of happiness to frustration and bleakness. However, clearing up the confusions that are killing you is probably the best way to bring you some inner peace. Ask questions to yourself and think about them to find out the appropriate answers. Here are 6 questions that you should ask yourself when things are jamming up in your head and causing extreme mental disruptions- 1.… [+]

4 Scientific Facts About Breakups

Posted By: on May 16,2017
Don't you think that science is everywhere? Yes, science does exist in all the occurrences around and within us. The relationship between men and women is a divine thing on earth but when two people decide to walk on different roads, breakup inevitably comes in their way. Going through the consequences of a breakup is like living in the hell. Though time heals everything, the healing process doesn't end in a day. Here are four scientific facts about a breakup… [+]

6 Things To Consider Before the Breakup

Posted By: on May 12,2017
It’s sad that you’re facing some problems in your relationship. You’ve tried your best to make things turn around, but failed miserably, again and again. Now, you're kind of sure that this relationship isn’t going anywhere. You’ve decided to break up, but before you make a final decision, we suggest you ask yourself the following questions: 1. Am I just angry or resentful? One major reason why most men and women decide to break up is that they’re exhausted or… [+]

Is My Partner Lying To Me In The Relationship?

Posted By: on May 11,2017
You and your partner know very well that if you both want to enjoy a healthy relationship, you both need to maintain trust in the relationship. If your boyfriend or girlfriend seems suspicious of each other, then it’s high that your relationship is facing some issues regarding faithfulness and fidelity. Or it can be that either has questions about your partner’s financial situation or job or simply it might be that he or she has something to hide in his… [+]