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What Causes People to Cheat? Is It Character Flaw Or Something Else?

There are no exact reasons why people cheat on their partners. But most therapists site common issues like the need for attention, the need for excitement when a person is bored or feeling lonely or simply the impulsive personality of the cheater. Our society views infidelity as an entirely immoral behavior, which can’t be redeemed. For example, if you told a story about a person who cheated on his or her partner, without any second thought or listening to any… [+]

Can a Marriage Be Saved After An Infidelity?

How does someone feel if their partner cheated on them? They feel betrayed, mistrusted, lost, empty and very hurt. It’s common for marriages to end because of cheating, but that’s not the topic of discussion here. We are looking if both partners are willing; an extramarital affair is something that can be worked through. And if given a chance, the marriage won’t only be saved; it can thrive. Here’s how to work on your marriage in case your partner cheated… [+]

3 Bad Dating Deal Breakers And How To Overcome Them

Never let go a good lady because of bad breath, bad style, and bad kissing. At the beginning of the relationship, there’s so much anxiety and anticipation, that it’s annoying to have to deal with these problems. There will be spontaneous kissing, and if you’re a bad kisser or had bad breath, then you’ve to confront these problems. However, the thing is these issues are fixable, but dealing with these requires a little technique. Here are a few tricks that… [+]

How to Know When Your Relationship Needs Therapy

If your relationships end up badly, or you get involved in relationships with the person not right for you, perhaps, it’s time you seek some guidance. Your family and friends will tell you what you wanted to hear, but sooner or later, you should be ready to listen to what you really need to hear and do. So, how can you know that moment has arrived? Here are some tips: 1. Most of your relationships eventually end up terribly You’re… [+]

Don’t Sabotage Your Chance For Love With This Disparaging Habit

When it comes to protecting ourselves from dating the wrong person, we mostly focus on a person’s flaws. But, did you even think that our thoughts of ourselves can be more powerful that we can realize to determine the quality of the person we are with. We are talking about not thinking highly about out self-worth. For example, we often hear rants from even the most confident daters like, “I am not right or successful enough, or “I am not… [+]

9 Signs That He’s Definitely NOT Interested In You

How do you know that the guy you love is into you? Love is an amazing and beautiful feeling, but it can also be distracting. Sometimes our hearts are so much fixed to make it happen with someone, we almost get blindsided to visible signs that our love interest isn’t quite feeling the same way. You probably have seen your friends and family members go through strained relationships with someone where it's crystal clear that the person that they loved… [+]

3 Tendencies That Will Ruin Your Relationship

Though no couple is free from the risks associated with new love, some acts will doom the relationship even before it got the chance to prosper. If you’re looking and dating the right partner, abiding with some ground rules will make the scouring action a lot easier. Here are three relationship dynamics that are bounded to end the relationship from the start – regardless what everybody else says or do. 1. Are You Looking To Date Casually Or Want To… [+]

Don’t Rush Too Soon To Make The Relationship Official

So you've been in a relationship for some time and now you think that the situation is ideal for you to take one step further by making it all official. But you ask yourself if you’re rushing too soon? Sometimes people rush into things while they're excited but then regret it afterwards. Maybe they are agreeing to it because of some family pressure or because of the time factor with everyone getting older, but whatever the case may be it is… [+]

How Speaking About Your Ex Reveals A Lot About You

Bashing your ex on your first date with someone new is never a good idea. You’re not going to impress your new love interest with lurid stories of your ex-girlfriend or your ex-husband’s uncontrollable rage during the first hour of your date. But, eventually you’ll have to talk about your previous relationship and what didn’t it last, and sometimes it’s irresistible not always to take the high road. Problems arise when you start talking about your ex in the early… [+]

Are You Desperate To Find A Date? Don’t Worry, No One Knows

Singles have always walked on thin ice. You have to show people that you’re happy being single, but can’t be too jolly—otherwise will be worried that you aren’t trying enough to find someone to love. On the flipside, if you tell people that you’re unhappy with your life and trying really, really hard to find a date, then people will assume that you’re too desperate. In that case, you’ll never be able to attract someone good for you. You’re too… [+]