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This Is How Chris Pine Supplements Made Him One Cool Captain In Star Strek

Posted By: on June 30,2018
(PIOP) - We all know that Chris Pine is in amazing shape. He's one of the hottest actors in Hollywood! His role in Star Trek showed off his amazing physique and we can't help but wonder: How is he in such great shape? Is it the perfect combination of diet and exercise or is there something more? It turns out Chris uses some all-natural supplements to help pack on lean muscle mass and burn fat rapidly! Dozens of A-list actors have been… [+]

Paul Rudd Supplements Transformed Him From A Comedian Into A Superhero

Posted By: on June 30,2018
(PIOP) - Fans were a little skeptical when they first heard that comedian Paul Rudd would be playing Ant Man and we don't blame them! No one had ever envisioned the famous funny guy as a superhero! Now, we have to admit that Paul has done an amazing job in the role and we couldn't imagine anyone else as Ant Man! To prepare for the film, Paul had to completely transform his body by becoming stronger and more athletic. After all,… [+]

Dennis Quaid Reveals the Supplements He Uses to Keep His 6 Pack into His Sixties!

Posted By: on January 01,2018
You can say anything about Dennis Quaid but not that he is old. At 63 years old Dennis is not letting the age slow him down. And if we think for a second at his sexy girlfriend, 30 years younger than him, he cannot slow down for a second. Paparazzi caught him and model Santa Auzina having a great time on the beach some months ago. However, apart from showing the couple's joy and happiness, they also caught glimpses of… [+]

When Did Adam Scott Get So Fit? Adam Scott Supplements Seem To Be His Secret Weapon

(PIOP) - Adam Scott has always been a brilliant exponent of golf fitness. The 2013 Masters champion works out five times a week, performing a grueling mix of Olympic lifts, stability ball twists and battle rope drills. Recently he showed up with a totally new physique, showing his muscles that seem to be the result of something more than just hitting the gym every day. His biceps impressed so much the fans that he even got his own twitter handle: @AdamScottBicep. Adam is… [+]

The Shameless Star Steve Howey Reveals the Muscle Supplements he Uses for Extreme Growth!

Steve Howey has been always up and down with his weight. But since he's an actor, it is somewhat normal to have fluctuations for his different roles. Whenever he receives a new role he has to either put on some weight or lose some fat. And when he needs to get in shape in a very short time, it takes much more work. Since he is playing in the Showtime series Shameless, people think that Steve has basically sex for a living… [+]

Kourtney Kardashian’s EX Takes His Body To A New Level Thanks To Scott Disick Supplements

When you say Scott Disick, everyone will immediately start talking about the Kardashians and all his fights with his wife, Kourtney. Therefore, there is no secret that Scott takes a lot of heat from the media. He is always on the spot and paparazzi are chasing him to get exclusive stories about him. Scott has become aware of the fact that even though his kids are now very small, they will soon start to understand who their parents are. Therefore,… [+]

Find Out How the Tim McGraw Muscle Supplements Got the Singer Ripped in 4 Weeks

Time seems to stay still for Tim McGraw. Most people don't believe the famous country singer is 49 years old. Tim gained his fame as a songwriter, singer, and actor, winning also some Grammy Awards for his songs. Some years ago, Tim became less happy about his body and he decided that it was time to look better. Tim became aware of how important the workout and a healthy diet are when you want to obtain a perfect body. So… [+]

The Dad Body Supplements are How Millions of Older Men are Getting Ripped in Weeks

(CNN News) - They're calling the dad bod supplements a “War Against the Dad Bod.” Millions of fathers and even their fathers are teaming up in an effort to get back and shape and build muscle to not only prolong their lives, but to improve confidence, energy, and testosterone levels. Because the decline of testosterone happens slowly, most men don't even realize what it feels like to be a 20 year old again. "I feel giddy. I have the hitch in my… [+]

Dad Bad Supplements are the Dad Bod Killer! Find Out How Older Men are Getting Ripped in Weeks!

(CNN News) - They're calling it the “War Against the Dad Bod.” Millions of Dads and Granddads are coming together to build muscle like never before - decreasing their fat to muscle ratios and improving health. Many of them are taking it a step further and getting ripped bodies in weeks. In a Special Report released this week, doctors call the viral internet movement “the most widespread trend in health science for men.” This movement was sparked by a 10 year long study published… [+]

David Harbour Changed His Body Completely For Hellboy with These Unique Supplements

Whenever an actor takes in a new role, they know they have to prepare mentally, but they also have to undergo a complete body transformation as well. That's exactly what David Harbour did when he received the offer to play the role of Hellboy. The mental transformation was easy given the actors lengthy experience, but after putting on weight for his role in Stranger Things, Harbour needed to lose weight and add muscle for his role as the demon monster in… [+]