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50lbs in 61 Days: New No-Exercise ‘Skinny Pill’ Melts Belly Fat. Why Every Judge On Shark Tank Backed This New Keto Diet Product!

Posted By: on January 13,2019
(FOX News) Is there a top-secret episode of Shark Tank that may never be aired? Reports have surfaced that claim a controversial episode of Shark Tank was recently filmed and it may never be seen by viewers. Apparently, the episode featured two sisters named Anna and Samantha Martin who created an innovative new weight loss supplement. Sources say that the Martin sisters gave a presentation unlike any that had ever occurred on the series before. It was so impressive that they managed to… [+]

Did a Yale University Entreprenuer Use this Diet Breakthrough to Become a Fitness Model?

Posted By: on January 09,2019
How did an average Yale University student make an unbelievable weight loss discovery and use it to become a fitness model? The story behind Conner Rensch's newfound career success began when she was working on a project for her Master's degree at Yale. She was up late doing research when she saw some information on an exclusive new weight loss supplement that promised to help anyone lose weight. Conner had been struggling with her weight for a long time, so… [+]

Meet The Stanford Masters Student Who Lost 25 Pounds With Her Universities Money!

Posted By: on January 08,2019
Sarah Thomas was just your average student at Stanford University when she made a miraculous discovery last year! While doing research for a project on nutritional supplements, she found an article on some very exclusive weight loss supplements that had only been used by celebrities. The article explained that the supplements had just been released to the public and the cost was really low. Sarah herself had always struggled with her weight, so she figured she would order a bottle… [+]

Did CBS Producers ask Kirsten Vangsness to Lose 35 Pounds?

Posted By: on January 08,2019
You probably know Kirsten Vangsness for her role as the quirky Penelope Garcia on the hit CBS series Criminal Minds, but the adorable actress could be making headlines for something that has nothing to do with the popular show. Rumor has it, there may be a controversy surrounding Kirsten and CBS! Is There A Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss Pill? Reports have said that CBS may have asked Kirsten to lose 35 pounds before she could renew her contract for another season… [+]

Did Kelly Brook Reveal her fat-destroying secret which dissolves 3.5 kg of fat every week without diet or exercise?

(CNN) Kelly Brook has made a huge name for herself as a model and television star, but the recent headlines about her have nothing to do with her career endeavors... Reports say that Kelly may have revealed an exclusive diet pill that can help people lose as much 3.5kg per week! What Is the Kelly Brook Weight Loss Pill? Fans had noticed that Kelly looked slimmer than usual and apparently an interviewer on a local TV show pressed the issue with… [+]

NSW Mum Discovers Fastest Way To Lose Weight – 14.2kg In 1 Month!

Just last year, Amanada Timmins was your average mother who spent most her time caring for her children. However, the 37-year-old from Sydney would soon make a discovery that would change her life and even the lives of people struggling around the world! What Is the Amanada Timmins Weight Loss Pill? Like millions of others worldwide, Amanada has been struggling with her weight for years - especially since having children! She had tried tons of diets and crazy exercise routines,… [+]
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Did the Voice Producers Tell Kelly to Lose 50 Pounds?

Since bringing superstar Kelly Clarkson on as a judge, the reality singing show The Voice has skyrocketed in popularity! So why have there been rumors that the show was going to fire Kelly? Supposedly NBC told Kelly to get in better shape or she'd be dropped from the show! Is There A Kelly Clarkson Keto Supplement? Sources say that Kelly may have quickly lost 50 pounds and renewed her contract with The Voice! While this hasn't been confirmed, you can easily… [+]
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Emily Cervasio Mother of Two Lost 152lbs in Under 3 Months Following This 1 Simple Step

Posted By: on October 05,2018
Mother of two, Emily Carvasio, struggled with her weight her entire life. She had tried everything from trendy diets to crazy exercises, but nothing ever worked for her! She realized that she really needed to get in shape before her weight took a toll on her health. Fortunately, she discovered a miracle weight loss solution before it was too late... What Are the Emily Carvasio Weight Loss Supplements? Emily began using an all-natural weight loss supplement called [locate_one] and it… [+]
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My 600 Lb Star Reveals How She Lost 237 Lbs In One Month With Keto Routine

Paula Jones was featured on an episode of the popular reality series My 600-Lb Life and shocked viewers with her rapid weight loss! While many of the people featured on the show have lost weight through a combination of diet, exercise and gastric bypass surgery, sources say Paula took a different route. Rumor has it Paula may have used an all-natural weight loss pill to drop over 237 pounds in just one month! Is There A Paula Jones Weight Loss Pill?… [+]
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Bridie Ritche Drops 120 Lbs For Her Big Day!

Posted By: on October 05,2018
Bridie Ritche had struggled with her weight all her life. She had tried crazy diets and strict workout routines, but nothing ever seemed to work. When her longtime boyfriend unexpectedly asked her to marry him, she knew that she had to finally get in shape for her dream wedding. But what would get the job done? What Are the Bridie Ritche Weight Loss Pills? With her big day quickly approaching, Bridie was desperate to lose weight. With almost no time… [+]