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EXPOSED: These Are The Secrets Behind The Biggest Loser Show Weight Loss Program

Posted By: on January 05,2017
"The Biggest Loser" show was launched in 2004 and since then it kept attracting more and more fans and people interested in participating and changing their lives. This show used its public with amazing transformations and many would say that some of them were actually impossible. However, the producers continued convincing the people that the participants could lose weight thanks to healthy eating and intense workout routine. But what happens when you try to apply the same techniques at home… [+]

Incredible Transformation of Holly Willoughby Post-Baby Body Thanks To The Miracle Ketone Diet “Skinny Pills!”

Holly Willoughby is the proud mother of 3 kids, being at the same time a TV presenter and model. She is always in the public eye and everyone knows her as a natural beauty. However, after her third child was born, she entered in an intense weight loss program to help shed some of the weight that slowly added over the years. Although it was easy for her to get her curves back after the first 2 births, after the third it was rather difficult because… [+]

Is Ricki Lake’s Amazing Weight Loss Story Bittersweet Because of the Garcinia Diet Pills?

Ricki Lake passed through an incredible transformation when she participated in the dancing show, Dancing With The Stars. She claims that during the show she lost 20 pounds because of the stress and intense exercise. However, she continued losing weight and kept her physique slim since then. This raised many questions marks on what she is actually doing. At 45 years old, Ricki is finally happy with her body and those who know her life story understand that behind her weight gain… [+]

Wendy Williams Garcinia Diet Pills Helped The 50-Year Old Star Drop 50 Pounds. Here’s More About Here Incredible Weight Loss Story

Wendy Williams is the host of The Wendy Williams Show for many years, but it seems that 2016 is the year when she made a drastic change in her appearance. She lost 50 pounds and looks better than ever despite being already in her 50s. Wendy has always struggled with kilos and she has always tried to be an inspiration for her fans. However, even though she advised everyone to exercise and eat healthy, she found herself many times in the… [+]

Courtain Falls And Reveals The Truth About Carrie Underwood Garcinia Diet Pills

Those who have seen Carrie Underwood after less than a year since she gave birth to her baby daughter they couldn't believe their eyes how slim she looked. The American Idol season 4 winner admitted that over the past 10 years she had some issues with trying to lose weight and she has tried many combinations of diets and supplements. There have been times when she also tried some pills which were pretty harmful to health, but she continued taking… [+]

Mariah Carey Calls These Skinny Pills a Weight Loss Miracle. Find Out More About her Garcinia Diet Pills

Over the past few years, Mariah Carey has shocked everyone with her change of silhouette gaining 20-30 pounds. Even though she did not seem very affected by this change, rumors say that she has been trying every possible diet and pill to come back to her slim physique. Even though she has always had the "Curvalicious" type of body, during 2012-2014 period Mariah seems to have exaggerated with the curves. However, since 2015, she changed her attitude towards her weight.… [+]

Chrissy Metz Saved Her Job At “This Is Us” Series With Her Incredible Weight Loss Story, All Thanks to The Garcinia Diet Pills!

Chrissy Metz almost faced the shock of her life when the producers of "This Is Us" series threatened that she could face termination if she didn't lose weight. And they didn't stop here. They included in Chrissy's contract a special clause where they explicitly stated she had to lose weight if she wanted to continue being the star of the NBC's hit series. Chrissy's role during the show is about a woman who is doing everything she can to lose… [+]

Trisha Yearwood Lost 30 Pounds In Just 1 Month Thanks To Some Amazing Diet Pills

Trisha Yearwood has never been a slim person. She has had problems with her weight since she was very young and has been struggling since to lose weight with all kinds of diets. She got married 11 years ago, but not even this made her get into the shape she wanted. On the contrary, she continued packing on more pounds and reached frustration as she felt that she was not able to please him. Her frustration was so big that… [+]

Bella Hadid Garcinia Diet Pills Made Her Lose More Weight Than She Ever Expected!

Bella Hadid is another beauty of the new supermodels' generation. Her recent appearance on a modeling show created lots of rumors and people started to question if she hadn't exaggerated with losing weight. She has had an amazing body transformation and many say that it is not in a positive way. Bella worked very hard to be flawless at her debut presentation in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. She has dreamt about it since she was a little girl and now… [+]

Shocker! Jennifer Lawrence Took Garcinia Diet Weight Loss Pills to Lose 20 Pounds in 4 Weeks!

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the few superstars who speaks her mind, and she recently admitted she is totally against strict diets. She revealed she is a big pizza fan (who isn't) and claims that she isn't willing to do make any sacrifices in terms of food. J-Law also doesn't like the pressure media puts on celebrities about how they look and this is why she tries to stay as natural as possible. However, she appeared this year on the… [+]