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8 Ways Women Wish Their Boyfriends Would Say “I Love You”

Being in love is a wonderful thing. No doubt the woman in your life loves you and wants all the good things in her love life. Sure, there are times when you probably get angry or frustrated with your girlfriend, who is always asking you to say those three special words, “I love you.” This might seem trivial to you, but it means more than anything to her in the entire world. Don’t get annoyed telling your girlfriend, “I love… [+]

6 Ways You Can Be The Best Boyfriend Ever

Looking for a relationship? Want a perfect girlfriend? Don’t know how to be a stellar boyfriend? The reality is that no two relationships are the same. Every relationship is different. But, if you want to be the perfect boyfriend, you need to have certain qualities in you. There's plenty of advice and articles on how to be a better boyfriend or how to be better in a relationship, but we won’t delve into that. Instead, we asked some guys to… [+]

3 Things to Do Instead of Waiting Around for Love

Have you been waiting for the ideal relationship? Sitting idle won’t do anything. You need to stop waiting for love and take action! The fact that most of us were brought up with an idyllic vision of love from books, stories, and movies with the phrase “Happily Ever After” has given us a false idea of love. Our idyllic vision of romance leads us on a roller coaster ride, complete with twists and turns, in an attempt to discover true… [+]

3 Steps That Will Help You Find Your Soulmate

Have you been sitting home hopeless about ever finding a partner? Are you depressed that you are left alone while all of your friends are in relationships? Are you sad because you see that no one is happy with their relationships and no one believes in the concept of a soulmate? Feelings such as hopelessness, anxiety and sadness create negative energy inside of you and destroy the enthusiasm required to attract a happy, exciting relationship. Keep in mind that your… [+]

Make Your Girlfriend Feel Like The Most Beautiful Woman By These 3 Ways

They say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I don’t know how much truth is there in it, but we all want to feel beautiful, particularly women. We don’t know if there’s any woman on earth that doesn’t want to be beautiful. But the harsh reality is that very few women actually think they feel beautiful. There are many reasons for it. Most of which are perpetuated by the media and we have high expectations from women, especially… [+]

10 Little-Known, Yet Guaranteed Tips To Impress A Girl

Most men are familiar with this scenario; two guys at the bar were discussing the attractiveness of a woman who was sitting with her girlfriend some 20 feet away. Later, only one the guys have the guts and the confidence to approach the girl by asking her to join him for a drink. And, finally, at the end of the conversation, he walked out with her phone number, while the other feels left out and disappointed. Sound familiar, right?  Only… [+]

How To Know Whether You Have A Chance To Date Her?

Posted By: on July 10,2017
When a guy goes out or meets a great woman, two things often comes to people’s mind. One, how does he know whether this woman will date him, and two, if he knows that she will, what should he do next? There’s a lot of uncertainty here, and it all happens because of one simple fact. If a guy manages to get even the slightest hint that he has a chance to date the woman he just met, he will… [+]

How Can You Make Relationships Between Extroverts And Introverts Work?

Posted By: on July 06,2017
Did you ever found yourself arguing or complaining about something you and your partner disagree about? Do you and your girlfriend have different opinions about what defines a good time and complain about it all the time? If yes, then you’re not alone. In most relationships, often, we see that one person is more extroverted than the other. He or she is more excited about going to bars, parties, meeting new people, making new friends, inviting people to dinner, and… [+]

The Psychology Behind How To Get A Girl To Like You

Posted By: on June 27,2017
Apart from traditional stereotypes, women, after all, aren’t that complicated. Things become surprisingly simple if you know the psychology behind it. The psychology of attracting women has long been said to be something difficult, if not impossible to decode. Ladies, sooner or later, change their minds frequently. This is easily noticeable as they say one thing one minute and then something different after a while. Most men treat women like enigmas. We feel perplexed by their actions. Nonetheless, the psychology… [+]

You Can’t Fall in Love At First Sight, But Liking, At First Sight, Is Possible

Posted By: on June 19,2017
Since time memorable, we have heard about love at first sight. Some of us hope that this happens to us. We expect that our immediate attraction to the person we fell in love with first sight turns into lifelong commitments such as a marriage. Unfortunately, experiencing love isn’t a short-term process, it’s for the long-term. That’s why it can’t be felt immediately. But, when it comes to Like, that’s whole new story. Liking, at first sight, is real. So, the… [+]