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Posted By: on June 27,2016
Who among us doesn't know a guy that's got everything going for him except game? To better help them understand the inner workings of the female brain, we've created the 7 steps below that will help in your path to success. Let's start with a possible scenario. You met an amazing girl. She’s beautiful, funny, intelligent, and doesn't seem to be out-of-her-mind crazy. Obviously you want her to be into you, too. Nothing's worse than getting shoved into the friend… [+]

3 Simple Tips to Gain Muscle Mass

Posted By: on June 24,2016
Every year, especially when summer comes, men start trying all sorts of crazy things to become bigger ang gain mass as fast as possible. They start taking all kinds of supplements and get into different strength-training programs. However, for many the results continue to delay in appearing. So what does it really take to put on muscle mass? Here are three quick tips. 1. Stop doing so much cardio Nearly all athletes enjoy playing sports more than lifting weights, so… [+]


Posted By: on June 24,2016
Are you ready to get the most out of your training workouts? Well, even though you are very disciplined and stick to your routine, the practices below will definitely add value to your efforts. First of all, a solid pre-workout routine begins long before you step into gym shorts or break a sweat. And like everything else, sloppy prep translates to sloppy execution. That can lead to uninspired training sessions or injury, both of which inhibit strength and muscle gains, or… [+]


Posted By: on June 24,2016
You don't need to read all the books from a library or to stick yourself to TV news in order to convince a girl that you are smart and you have a vaste cultural knowledge. The path is way more easier. Just have a look at the steps below and you will definitely be a winner. 1. Show off your knowledge of celebrity families She’ll assume topics like Kate Middleton’s baby bump and Suri Cruise’s divorced parents are only allowed… [+]

Gain An Inch On Your Chest In One Day

Posted By: on June 23,2016
Summer came and all you think about now is how to rapidly increase your shirt size. If possible, even in one day. Well, the solution is right here, with this 7-hour chest workout which maximizes every muscle-growth mechanism to the max and promises extraordinary pec gains! While writing this article, NASA's Scott Kelly had just arrived back to Earth after spending a year in space. Upon his return, doctor's discovered he'd undergone changes in bone mass, vision, hearing, and skin sensitivity,… [+]

The 5 Foods to Avoid If You Want a Six Pack

Posted By: on June 23,2016
Starting to lose your shape and your six packs are becoming actually kind of a "one pack"? Well, if you didn't know 54% of Americans are facing now abdominal obesity. Therefore, in order to get out of this category and start considering avoiding from your consumption the following five foods: 1. Refined grains You don't know  what a refined grain is? It's an ingredient found in foods like white rice, white bread, and regular white pasta. The unrefined stuff (whole… [+]


Posted By: on June 23,2016
Sometimes we wonder what do women appreciate during an online discussion with a man? What are the things that really make them feel attracted to a man when they are having virtual discussions? Being more than curious to understand what do women think about online dating, what they like or not, we asked a group of women what are their thoughts about it. We heard it all, like, “a guy told me he was looking for a girlfriend by next year… [+]

5 Go-To Date Night Looks for Men

Posted By: on June 22,2016
All right guys, you are facing one of the most difficult situations, how to dress for a night date? Who says that only women are always wondering what to put on and spend hours in front of the mirror? Men have also to make a good impression in the front of the woman they like. But what to do when the date is coming in the middle of the week after work? Or what to choose for a relaxing night… [+]

5 Ways To Talk To Her Like The Fun, Confident Guy You Really Are

Posted By: on June 22,2016
Straight-forward replies may get a woman to pay initial attention in you, but it is not enough. This is just an initial part of the art of conversation with women. So what is the next step to keep the conversation going and get the woman you like to get crazy with you? First and foremost, you have to identify one very important thing: Why do you want to date that woman you are interested in? If you are only thinking… [+]


Posted By: on June 21,2016
You want to maximize your mass-building potential but somehow you didn't find the success recipe yet? In case you are trying to add mass, hitting the weights hard is a must. Quality time spent in gym starts with a lot of changes that will stimualte your muscles to grow bigger as a response to the challenges you are facing. It'’s tempting to think that'’s all it takes to add muscle to your body. After all, you can actually feel your… [+]