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Flirting Tips

Flirting 101: 8 Foolproof Ways to Flirt With A Woman

Flirting isn't always easy. A lot of people find it difficult to flirt with someone. What are the right or wrong things to say? What are the non-verbal ways to flirt with someone? We're here to help you out with eight foolproof ways to flirt with a woman: 1. Put In Effort The most important aspect of flirting is to actually put in the effort. It's not always going to come easy, so you have to do some work. If… [+]
What Women Want

What Women Want: 5 Foolproof Ways To Impress A Woman

What do women want? How can you impress a woman? These are questions that have plagued men for years. Try as they might, they can't seem to figure it out. It turns out that what women want is very simple. There are a few easy things you can do to impress a woman and have her falling at your feet. Check out five ways to impress a woman: 1. Have A Sense of Humor Women love a man with a… [+]

3 Rules To Follow For a Casual Relationship

Have you decided to enter into a casual relationship? If yes, then you are not alone. A recent study has shown that more and more people prefer to be in casual, “no strings attached” relationships rather than forming committed relationships. It doesn’t matter what your reasons are – maybe you want to enjoy your single life a little bit more, or you're just out of a relationship and don’t want anything serious. The truth is, casual sex relationships can spice… [+]

The Best Way To Make A “Friends With Benefits” Relationship Work

"Friends with benefits" relationships can be exceptionally worthwhile if it’s done the right way. Defining a “friends with benefits” relationship is relatively simple. You and your friend are sexually attracted to each other and have a mutual understanding that you will get together and have sex...but with an explicit agreement that this lifestyle will not develop into a romantic relationship. Both of you will enjoy hot, steamy sex, while the two of you are free to explore other relationships. The… [+]

Want To Spice Up Your Sex Life? Here Is The Single Best Sex Position For Lazy People!

Posted By: on July 29,2017
Sex should be enjoyable. It doesn’t have to be a workout. When people talk about crazy and wild sex positions, most folks usually all lean to the spooning sex position. The spooning sex position is kind of lazy and most people it’s not that easy to perform. And, yes, this is the sex position that’s often featured in porn. It’s unfortunate that most couples don’t like this position because if you do it right, the spooning sex position is one… [+]

How Women Seduces Men With These 4 Magical Words

Posted By: on July 19,2017
Ever wondered how a woman seduces a man? What do they say? If you’re a guy, I guess you’ll be wonder your girlfriend will say, "I want sex" or "Let's have sex." And yes, sometimes these words are expected and certainly have an effect. However, here we will be talking about something else. Here we will discuss a few different three-word phrases that most guys might not have thought of before, but do have the potential to turn you on… [+]

What Guys Want Their Girlfriend To Do To Spice Up Their Sex Life!

Posted By: on July 14,2017
Whether you've been in a relationship for six months or 10 years, couples can still enjoy a very fulfilling and satisfying sex life. Sure, it can be challenging to keep the sex interesting, particularly if you've been a long-term relationship or marriage. Coming up with new sexy moves in the bed is not easy when you’re stuck in a rut or having some real problems in your relationship. If you’re a woman reading this here are 15 things most men… [+]

3 Ways In Wooing A Girl Make Her To Sleep With You

Posted By: on June 29,2017
Wooing a girl is an art. If you know the right way to woo a girl, getting her interested in you isn’t hard. One big mistake most guys make is that they rush in, express their undying love, (its undying infatuation, to be honest) that they like, and expect everything to work out smoothly later onwards. Well, that’s not always the case. You see, wooing a girl is like a first kiss. You fantasize about like walking in the street… [+]

5 Ways To Get Back The Sexual Chemistry In Your Relationship

Posted By: on May 19,2017
So you’ve fallen in love with the person you were interested in. You keep on thinking that you’ll share passion and magnetism of your relationship forever. You’re feeling excited and looking forward to a lifetime of flirtation and sexual intimacy. But, things, sometimes don’t always go as expected. After you get married, your passion starts to cool down. You begin to feel a little panicked when the stagnation lasts longer than anticipated. You start to think whether there’s anything wrong… [+]

Few Questions Should Ask If You Want Great Sex In A Relationship

Posted By: on May 16,2017
Physical intimacy is an integral part of a romantic relationship. A sexless relationship or a relationship where two people can’t have a fulfilling and satisfying sex is bound to have problems or even end. When you're in a relationship, you should be open and talk about your deep sexual desires with your partner if you want a fulfilling sex life. Being honest and exploring your sexual fantasies gives you an insight into your true desires and what you really want… [+]