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How Women Seduces Men With These 4 Magical Words

Ever wondered how a woman seduces a man? What do they say? If you’re a guy, I guess you’ll be wonder your girlfriend will say, “I want sex” or “Let's have sex.” And yes, sometimes these words are expected and certainly have an effect. However, here we will be talking about something else. Here we will discuss a few different three-word phrases that most guys might not have thought of before, but do have the potential to turn you on and sometimes, even more than that.

So, here's what girls tell to seduce their boyfriends with a few simple statements:

Phrase #1: “I Trust You.”

It’s imperative for partners to trust each other if you want a healthy and lasting relationship. And men love when his girlfriend trust him. It increases his attraction for her if he knows she trusts his word, his decisions, trusts he's always doing his best, and trusts he only has her best interest at heart. And, yes, it turns him on!

Phrase #2: “I Appreciate You.”

We often hear couples telling that they’re having problems in their relationships because they don’t appreciate each other anymore. Men like their girlfriends to appreciate them and the things they’re doing and have done for the relationship. Of course, this also applies to guys, too. Anyways, if your girlfriend genuinely loves you, she’ll say the following phrases to her appreciation for you; such as “Thank you for giving me company every night,” “Thank you for coming to the party with me,” “Thank you for spending time with me,” and so on. When a woman appreciates and concentrates on the things she likes about her spouse, let him know about it, she becomes happier. Why? Because when a man finds that his partner is compassionate to him, be focus more on the good and positive things, instead of the negative things, which made her happy. And a happy man means more great sex.

Phrase #3: “I Admire You.”

Men love admiration. So, if you a admire a man for something or for something he did, and his partner admires and praises him for it, even if it was below her expectations, it makes him feel happy and good about himself. He feels open to her and becomes receptive to her in many ways, which means more amazing sex. So, if you’re cooking dinner tonight and notice that your girlfriend praises you for the meal you prepared, despite that the meal being a little bland, it means that she’s looking for some action in the bedroom.

Phrase #4: “I Feel Happy When…”

In a relationship, most women want their men to do the best and be at their best. When a woman sees something in her man that has some room for improvement which could bring positive changes into his life and the relationship, she will tell him about it. But there's is a problem. Most men will think that she’s criticizing him. This will compel him to take a defensive stance, and he’ll also distance himself from her. He’ll feel angry and resentful towards her, and this doesn’t lead to great sex! So, compliment him, and praise him, instead.

What Guys Want Their Girlfriend To Do To Spice Up Their Sex Life!

Whether you've been in a relationship for six months or 10 years, couples can still enjoy a very fulfilling and satisfying sex life. Sure, it can be challenging to keep the sex interesting, particularly if you've been a long-term relationship or marriage. Coming up with new sexy moves in the bed is not easy when you’re stuck in a rut or having some real problems in your relationship.

If you’re a woman reading this here are 15 things most men want their girlfriend to bring up the heat in their sex life and bring the heat back into the bedroom as well as in the relationship:

  1. Wear a garter belt and put on some sexy stockings.
  2. Don’t forget to keep your naughty parts groomed and well-maintained. You can consider having a simple trim if having a bikini wax is too painful for you.
  3. Men love a sexy strip-tease. They also like a lap-dance. Try anyone or both, whatever makes your boyfriend feel happy. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to spend a boat load of money on lingerie. Just removing your regular clothes will do the job easily.
  4. Sexy or flirty texts can get him going. Also, this also turns on women, too. Send your man something like, “I can hardly wait for you to get home tonight” or “I have a sexy surprise for you.” Make sex a surprise. Put on his favorite shirt without wearing anything and greet him at the door when he comes home from work. This is guaranteed to turn him on. And when you promise to give him a surprise, don’t flunk it. Give him a surprise!
  5. Think of trying something new. If your boyfriend isn’t loud in the bedroom, consider exploring this new and unknown territory with him.
  6. Try phone sex, If he separated from you by many miles, living in another city or town, or if you’re in a long-distance relationship with him. It is okay for you to feel weird doing it for the first time, but it can be incredibly sexy when you get the hang of it.
  7. Join him while he’s in the shower.
  8. Give him a handjob or a blowjob, or combine the two of them.
  9. Take his hand and guide it wherever you'd like to put it. It won't only make you feel sexy; it’s big turn-on for a guy.
  10. Talk dirty with your man. Some men like when their lovers talk dirty. You might feel awkward at first if you’re not used to it. But, if you keep doing, it will become a habit. And there’s a bonus too; it might turn you on, too.
  11. Try new sex positions. It’s time for you to surprise your boyfriend by having sex in new positions. It’s okay if your partner is happy and satisfied with having sex in missionary style” or “I'm always on top,” position. But, by switching positions, you’ll be surprised how pleasant this will be for the both of you. Also, don’t forget to bring a bunch of pillows into the bedroom. You’ll need them while both of you’re having fun while enjoying new sexual positions.

3 Ways In Wooing A Girl Make Her To Sleep With You

Wooing a girl is an art. If you know the right way to woo a girl, getting her interested in you isn’t hard. One big mistake most guys make is that they rush in, express their undying love, (its undying infatuation, to be honest) that they like, and expect everything to work out smoothly later onwards. Well, that’s not always the case. You see, wooing a girl is like a first kiss. You fantasize about like walking in the street and kiss the woman you like, but you can’t do that, right?

If you want to get a girl have a relationship with you or least make her sleep with you, you need to woo her. You’ll need to warm her up, let her know your true intentions, and wait for her reciprocate your intentions. Don’t just walk up to any girl and surprise her with your intention. It might work, but it’s highly likely that you’ll fail unless you’re in a bar or club for girls who are looking for a one night stand. If you genuinely like someone, get to know her better, and make her fall in love with you, and eventually sleep with you.

Anyways, no woman wants to wait to have sex with you or do they? If you’re a guy who sleeps with the ladies and disappears, then we can expect that you’re open to the idea of getting a new woman you’re dating to wait to have sex with you. If this something that you had in your mind, below are three excellent way that you can use that will only woo the women you like, but also make her wait to be physically intimate with you. Read on to find more:

We all want to fall in love. But, some people don’t know how they can. Like men, women fall in love, when you require courtship. The idea of courtship is one person chasing the other. The process starts when you say to the woman you like that you really like her, and you think that she’s sexy, cute, confident, funny, charming, etc., but I don’t think it right for me or you to sleep with you until I know you better. What do you say? That being said, if she likes you, she gets interested in getting to know more about you, you like her too, you’ve started a courtship. If not, then thank yourself that you’ve averted a hookup.

Friendships don’t happen in a single day. Sex can distract a girl in friends with you. If you want a woman to fall in love with you, you’ll have to like her and be close to her in ways that don't relate to sex in any way or form. Friendship is built on the hours, days, or weeks; you spend with one another before you’ve sex. One you feel comfortable with each other and enjoy each other's company, sex becomes seamless.

Romantic relationships are built between two people who keep agreements and are committed to each other. If the girl you’re dating agrees to wait to be sexually involved with you, we can safely say that you’re on your way to having a relationship. A woman who likes you also has what it takes to love you. If you say “no” to casual sex with her, she’ll allow you to court you, make her fall in love with you, and embark on a relationship.

5 Ways To Get Back The Sexual Chemistry In Your Relationship

So you’ve fallen in love with the person you were interested in. You keep on thinking that you’ll share passion and magnetism of your relationship forever. You’re feeling excited and looking forward to a lifetime of flirtation and sexual intimacy. But, things, sometimes don’t always go as expected. After you get married, your passion starts to cool down. You begin to feel a little panicked when the stagnation lasts longer than anticipated. You start to think whether there’s anything wrong with the chemistry in the relationship. Is your chemistry fizzling? Are you disappointing your boyfriend or girlfriend emotionally and sexually?

But don’t worry. There are many ways you and your significant other can do to bring the chemistry and sexual intimacy back into your relationship. Below are five essential elements for rediscovering the sexual chemistry and building and continually gratifying relationship:

Trust And Safety
Couples who are in trusting relationships are sexually and emotionally attached. Relationships that have the most trust and safety are ones in which both partners can freely and honestly express their concerns, wants, needs, and frustrations without the fear of criticized, judged, or abandoned. Men and women, who are more secure, are highly likely to express their sexual desires and vulnerabilities and tend to be receptive to direct feedback from their boyfriends and girlfriends. This results in a more safe and fearless atmosphere in which both partners are willing to emotionally and sexually explore.

Mutual Respect Is Key
If you want to keep the physical and emotional chemistry between you and partner intact, then respect your partner more. Compatibility among partners fosters bonding, whereas incompatible values ruin the relationship gradually. With mutual respect, spouses are more respectable and appreciative of each other’s personal needs and preferences, even if there are big differences.

Responsiveness Is A Virtue
One of the important acts of being emotionally present and engaged in a romantic relationship is responsiveness. Partners in responsive relationships will reach out to each other when in sorrow or distress. On the flip side, couples who are unresponsive relationships are highly likely to be angry and resentful to each other. Romantic partners in responsive relationships are also more likely than couples in unresponsive relationships, to think sex as a meaningful way of expressing closeness.

Focus On Variety
Stimulating the brain’s reward system by participating in a variety of different activities and experiences makes the sexual expression more appealing. Consider taking a vacation, share a laugh, forge new friendships, attend various cultural activities, and look at things in a new way. All of these activities will make your mundane relationship feeling fresh, and reestablish a new sense of togetherness.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic
Often, couples, who have in a relationship for a while, make a mistake of comparing their current levels of love, passion, and excitement to those days when they first started dating. This kind of thinking reduces the passion in the relationship, lowers one’s self-esteem, and underrated sexual desire. Keep your expectations realistic. Couples must accept that things won’t be the same like before as just like everything else, their relationship is constantly evolving. Those who have successfully transitioned through this critical phase often notice that the frequency of sex might have decreased, but that has been replaced or compensated by sexual and emotional intimacy, which continues to deepen.

Few Questions Should Ask If You Want Great Sex In A Relationship

Physical intimacy is an integral part of a romantic relationship. A sexless relationship or a relationship where two people can’t have a fulfilling and satisfying sex is bound to have problems or even end. When you're in a relationship, you should be open and talk about your deep sexual desires with your partner if you want a fulfilling sex life. Being honest and exploring your sexual fantasies gives you an insight into your true desires and what you really want from a committed relationship.

When you understand about your physical needs, you need to share your desires with your significant other. This can be scary and uncomfortable for some men and women, but you can do it by having an honest conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Planning your erotic life is more like planning a romantic vacation in a city that you’ve never visited before. Most couples spend their entire lives having sex with their partners without any particular plan. They never think whether it can give them the satisfaction and the fulfillment they need, they simply hope for it. But, if you can get specific of what you actually desire and what you want to experience from sex, we can assure you that you’ll have an incredibly satisfying sex life.

Now let’s talk how you will communicate these intimate and sensitive issues with your partner. Does he or she become defensive when you speak of sex with him or her? Communicating your intimate sexual desires can be really romantic and challenging process with your partner. Both people can feel insecure about expressing their intimate needs with each other. You can find things about your partner that you didn’t know before, or there might be misconceptions or wrong assumptions about sex, and so on. Therefore, before you start talking about sex, don’t be judgmental and try to be open and accepting as much as possible. Be curious, instead of being critical of your sex lives. Don’t talk about sex in public place. Talk when you’re having a private moment together, or a road trip, at a dinner date or strolling in the park or the beach.

If you’re new in talking about your intimate desires, here are seven questions that you should ask your boyfriend that will help you in improving your sex life.

1. What are your most preferred kinds of full body touch? Are they deep massages or feather light touches?
2. Where do you want to be touched more in your body more often?
3. What types of affection does makes you feel most loved?
4. Is there something you've always wanted to try doing, but never got the chance to do it before?
5. Do you ever want to be blindfolded or tied up? Are you fine with you doing the tying?
6. Is there something you did when you were young, but never tried it again?
7. Are there any intimate scenes from a movie or a TV show that really turns you on?

When you’re in a romantic relationship, the most important thing for you to do to have a healthy, lasting relationship is to establish an open, honest, friendly and relaxed conversation about sex with your significant other. The ore you freely talk about it, the easily you’ll get what you asked for.

Flip or Flop Star Christina El Moussa Leaving Network in Early 2017 to Launch Anti Aging Skin Care Line!

Christina El Moussa, the star of the hit real estate show Flip or Flop, has shocked us all already and 2017 has only just started! We were quite surprised at PIOP to hear about Christina's plans for her future. While she owes her fame and success to the real estate market, she's ready to embark on her next venture. The gorgeous entrepreneur will be starting her very own beauty product design to help women turn back the clocks !

Christina has recently announced that she will be leaving Flip or Flop and the HGTV network completely early this year to work on another project – to promote an anti aging skin care line. Christina has become the main spokesperson for this specially formulated skin cream. Our sources uncovered that Christina has been ready to pursue this skin product line for many months now, but has been in contract with HGTV and unable to leave the network without issue. Her wrinkle removing cream was even featured on GMA:

Now that Christina has announced she is leaving the show, Flip or Flop will be ending completely. This also comes at a time when Christina and Tarek have separated and would like to go their own ways.

After more research, we learned that this skin cream has been formulated by doctors to be quite powerful, but still gentle on skin. On average, consumers have reported looking on average a decade younger thanks to this product, .


At 33 years old, Christina is starting early with preventative anti aging skin care and diminishing fine lines with this skin cream. An inside source revealed that Christina has expressed a desire to spend her career promoting health and wellness, along with natural skin products for women everywhere. We're trying her product to see if you really can look decades younger in just a few minutes.

Celebrity Dermatologists have been keeping this beauty secret from leaking for years, sharing it only with high profile actresses and wealthy customers…but it's finally been revealed!

“Advances in modern technology have led to a new discovery in skin regeneration. ‘s innovative formula makes it the most effective and cheapest alternative to Botox and facelifts!” – Hollywood Dermatologist

“Dozens of Hollywood Superstars have admitted to using to avoid Botox and still look up to 20 years younger!”

2 Vital Components of This Anti Aging Facial Rejuvenation Serum

  1. Proprietary Bisophere
  2. QuSome

These all-natural ingredients bond together to regenerate skin in wrinkled areas, fade lines, and build skin tissue at the cellular level – beneath the skin. This new skin tissue builds beneath the surface  and allows the skin to look plump and fresh.

Proprietary Bisophere is The Biggest Skin Care Breakthrough in the Last 100 Years

The first ingredient in the anti-aging compound that doctors discussed at the latest convention was Proprietary Bisophere.

“Proprietary Bisophere is the fountain of youth for your skin.” –Prestigious Dermatologists

When rubbed into your skin, Proprietary Bisophere permeates deep into aging skin tissue and releases active collagen – a protein that strengthens your skin. Beauty advocates and skin care professionals alike are raving about PB's effects after a 2017 clinical study saw a 80% reduction of fine lines and wrinkles for women above the age of 28. Ivy league scientists concluded this is what separates from every other skin care product on the market. It is the only beauty line that has the purest concentration of PB in the right consistency.


These prestigious doctors revealed the second ingredient to the anti-aging serum is QuSome. When QuSome is mixed with the precise quantity of PB, it pushes these newly generated skin cells to the epidermis (top layer of your skin) allowing your skin to appear upwards of 20 years younger as well as giving it the radiant look we all desire.

The discovery of QuSome was a breakthrough because it naturally binds to moisture. QuSome molecules can hold up to 1000x their weight in water so when is absorbed by the skin, it puffs up your facial regions that are prone to wrinkles. QuSome rejuvenates these troubled areas – forehead, around the eyes, and the neck – and regenerates damaged skin. These prestigious doctors explained to the audience that is the only product available on the market with the precise amounts of QuSome and Bisophere.

“PB and QuSome permeate with your natural facial oils to restore decaying skin, replacing it with new, fresh skin tissue. The rejuvenation serum immediately turns back the clocks, reducing wrinkles and fading fine lines, taking 10-20 years off your appearance in just a few weeks. Research proves that has the purest extracts of PB and QuSome and that's exactly why Christina El Moussa uses as her daily skin care product. We also recommend it to all of our high paying clientele.” – Hollywood Dermatologists

This beauty trick was Hollywood's biggest secret until Susan, a 62-year-old single mother of three from Westchester, New York was featured on The Talk. Susan's experience sent shockwaves through the skin care industry and she became the poster woman for proving how quick-wits and resourcefulness can save women hundreds of dollars and avoid Botox and other painful cosmetic surgeries.

Susan barely had enough money to pay for her rent, let alone dish out money for every anti-aging product claiming it's some type of ‘miracle cream,' or to visit to an expensive plastic surgeon.

Susan's 14-day anti-aging metamorphosis using


DAY 1:

From the first moment I started using , I was really surprised how smooth and soft it made my skin feel. It felt like the skin on my face and my pores were being gently pulled by some type vacuum cleaner. My skin felt tighter.

There's no other way to describe it! I could feel a tingling sensation on the areas I used the cream – near my eyes, my smile lines, and on my forehead. After looking in the mirror, I could see that my face looked a little rosy – the result of revitalizing blood coming to the surface of my face to renew my skin.

After the skin cream was completely absorbed into my skin, my face looked a bit firmer and had a radiant glow to it.

DAY 5:

After just five days of using Christina El Moussa's Anti-aging Wrinkle Skin Care cream, I was amazed. These are some serious results!

The lines near my eyes, dark spots, and wrinkles were visibly reduced in size right before my eyes!

I was shocked by the results and I honestly felt 15 years younger. It was like watching all of my fine lines and wrinkles disappear right off my face!

DAY 14:

After 14 days with this product, not only had all of my hesitation and skepticism totally vanished – SO HAVE MY WRINKLES!

The deep lines on my forehead, the crow's feet, the sagging skin on my neck  – even the dark age spots on my cheek had COMPLETELY disappeared. I have never felt or used any anti-aging product that tightened my skin with this kind of result before. Even the expensive products don't yield these results.

After 2 weeks, the skin on my face and neck not only stayed tightened and smooth, it actually seemed to improve daily until my skin became as beautiful and glowing as it was 20 years ago. At this point, my friends and family are completely shocked. They could not believe the difference in my skin, and they were convinced I had been lying about not having botox!

Will This Work For You? Our Verdict:

Using , virtually 99.5% of all Susan's fine lines were removed. It tightened the saggy skin on her face and neck, diminishing all signs of decaying, aging skin, and wrinkles!

There are plenty of skin care options available to women, but some are just gimmicks and most of the effective options are way too expensive for average women to afford. With all of the different products on the market, it's only normal to be skeptical about the results, and the last thing we want to do is tell our readers to try some new product that we wouldn't use ourselves- instead we just want you to try what Christina El Moussa recommends to her friends and family. Click here to try it for yourself!

IMPORTANT: *The clinical trials were conducted with both Step 1 and Step 2, so it is important to use both products simultaneously for the best results.



4 Reasons You Are Turned Down For Sex By Your Partner

Let’s be honest, being turned down for sex by your partner is awful. You feel rejected and hurt at a personal level. You become angry and resentful towards your partner when she tells you she’s in no mood to have sex. But, if you think that she has no feelings towards you and doesn’t respect your needs, then it’s sad. But, did you even think that maybe it’s your actions and fault that made her turn down your advances? Read on to find more:

1. Timing

Whether you can have sex or not with your partner has a lot to do when you ask her. Is your partner tired? Did she just have a big meal? Did she just return home from work? Is she sad or distracted? Sometimes men fail to understand that most women won’t be aroused if they’re pondering on something or feeling upset such as a fight with a friend or something that’s gone wrong at work and so on. Whereas for men, only a light kiss on the mouth is enough for most men to forget all the problems and be ready for some sex. So the next time when you’re thinking about initiating sex with a partner, and you get turned down, don’t get angry.

2. Approach

When you were dating your partner, did she ask you to have sex with her? Of course, not! You made her get attracted to you, seduced her, made her want, and you took control. Just because you’re now in a relationship doesn’t mean that she will be ready to have sex with you when you ask for it. Women want their partners to make them feel needed. This is why you had so much sex during the early days of dating, not because you asked for it, but because you wanted her and you made her feel it!

3. Appearance

Women pay more attention to appearance to their bodies and other bodies more than men. It’s true that you're in a relationship for a while and she still loves you. But, they still maintain standards. You’re naïve to think that they’re still attracted to sexually like before when you’ve gained a few extra pounds and uncaring about your grooming habits. So, get fit, keep yourselves clean, be impeccably groomed and make an effort to be appealing to her just like you did when you both first started dating.

4. Foreplay

One big mistake most men make is a lack of foreplay while initiating sex. Foreplay is much more important that the act of sex itself. There is no break for foreplay. So, before you think about asking your partner for sex, recall how things have been between the two of you before the last time you had sex. Did you have a fight or an argument a few hours ago? Then forget about having sex with your partner until you resolve the matter you had an argument over. Have you been paying attention to her feelings and thoughts recently? Have you been kind with her? Remember, you can only have “makeup sex” when you made an effort or worked to resolve a problem in your relationship.

Finally, if you want to have a more active, fulfilling sex life, and sexually satisfy your partner, keep in mind that woman wants you to make an effort for it. So, the next time, your partner doesn’t want to be physically intimate with you, it’s time you examine yourself and see if you’re contributing to the problem.

How to Have Successful Conversations On The First Date

The first date conversations are downright easy. Don’t talk about sex, exes, previous relationship, money, and politics. Well, not so fast. You need to have a conversation that’s not only boring or offensive, but you’ve to make sure that the other person remembers you. Sound hard, right? The problem is during dating when we’re trying to get to know someone and make a quick decision whether if we want to see that person again, we don’t track of hints, we remember headlines.

So, here're a few tips to help you make your first date conversation worth remembering.

Establish Your Brand

You’ve already told about yourself in your online dating profile about who you’re and other details about your profession, hobbies, interests, previous relationships, political views, personal opinions and so on. We hope most of you have written in the first line of your profile statements like, “single dad who live biking,” or “native New Yorker and diehard Lakers fan,” etc. All these characteristics define your personal brand. At times it may be hard for you to explain how the other person perceives you, but you can call your identity to get engaged in those early conversations. For example, sometimes if you tell your date that you’re from New York, and aren’t a fan of the New York Yankees, but a fan of Los Angeles Lakers, then your date can be surprised, as it's perceived that most New Yorkers are diehard fans of the professional baseball team. Now, that you have the conversation ball rolling, you can now focus on the positive qualities you always wanted to talk about. Keep continuing from the conversation starter like why you happen to like Los Angeles and basketball and so on.

Be Selective Of Your Stories

Take heed of the fact that people don’t always hear what you tell them, specifically since they don’t have any context to start with. For example, don’t bash your boss in front of your date that he or she won’t allow you to leave office soon so that you can have a few nice dinners date together during the week. Instead, you can tell a funny story of your mother’s mean cat, and take the risk of jeopardizing your date that you aren’t a cat lover. Or, if you want, you can make the story more interesting by saying you like cats.

The Takeaway

You don’t have to keep track of the words you say. Just try to be a little more confident than usual and extra enthusiastic about your life during the first few conversations. To make things go smoothly, think in advance of some of the best qualities of yourself and how you would like to express those during the date. For instance tell your date that you’re great in making tasty pasta, or making barbecues, or like to relax and sip cocktails on the beach, you like to tell jokes and make people laugh, etc. and that sort of things. Remember, you’re not following a movie script. You’re just sowing the seeds of conversation, in the hope of securing a second date.

Check Out Whether Is It Possible To Get Laid With A Bartender?

Have you ever imagined that you can even pick up the female bartender to get laid with you?  If not then you can now start seeing every female bartender with new outlook like never before.  You can even hook up with the female bartender. Is it possible to get laid with a bartender? Yes, it is absolutely possible that you can get laid with bartender without any kind of resistance from her side but only if you are successful in impressing her. Afterall, bartender is also a human and she has the same kind of desires as in any other woman. Attending and serving the visitors in the bar or nightclub is her job for earning  and  there is nothing wrong if you are considering her just like the other women and want to get laid with her.

Easy to pick up the bartenders

There are many men who think that it is easy to pick up the female bartender to get laid as she is in need of  money and will not object you if you pay her a considerable amount of money. This thought is really an erroneous belief. It is easy to pick up the female bartenders because they usually work at night and at the prime date locations. They simply watch others dating in the most romantic setting while serving drinks to their customers and helping them to get laid.  Due to lack of social life and this type of setting at the bars, female bartenders feel ignited and they also desire of getting laid which makes it very easy for the guys to pick the female bartenders to get laid with him. Guys have to change their mindset towards the female bartenders if they want to enjoy the best time with the sexy and beautiful bartenders, because these days most of the bars and night clubs are very particular about recruiting the exotic bartenders to attract more customers to their place.

Build familiarity with her

For the female bartenders it is a very common experience, that a guy buys drinks for her, compliments her for the sexy body, or flirts with her. So female bartenders are used to it and it can be little bit difficult for the guys to pick them for getting laid. You need to build the familiar relationship with her and win her heart that can assist you in getting close to her. If you want to impress the bartender then you are needed to get into a casual relationship with her. You can become a regular customer of her. Ask her to prepare the drink for you, talk interesting with her, make her laugh and appreciate her. If you repeat the same process every day she will gain your presence in her mind and she will then start waiting for you. But, before this, you have to ensure that she is open to get laid. Do not force her in any way or make her feel irritated by showing your face every day even if she has rejected your proposal when you asked her first. Is it possible to get laid with a bartender? Yes, you just have to recognize if she is open or not and then make the further move.

Build a better image of yours

Teasing the bar tenders, making arguments and misbehavior is often common at most of the bars and clubs. If you notice that someone is doing the same, then you should take a stand for her and protect her. It is not necessary that she is the same female bartender whom you like. When you show this type of behavior at the bar or night club, your woman will automatically get impressed and she will feel proud to become your girlfriend and to get laid with you.  You should also avoid any kind of unnecessary fights and arguments with anyone else in the bar or night club but make sure that you always stand for the wrong things. If you are able to form your better image in her mind then you will not have to search about, “Is it possible to get laid with a bartender?”

Meet her outside the bar

It will not be possible for her to interact with you beyond certain limits while doing her job at the bar or at the nightclub. So, you should plan a meeting with her outside the bar or nightclub. It will make her feel special and give you enough time to know more about her. Make sure that you plan a meeting with her at a place other than a bar or nightclub. Because, she already spends a lot of time at such places and that she will probably not like your idea of a date. Also, plan a meeting when she is free and she is in no hurry to reach her workplace. It will ensure that she is present with you with all her mind and she has no pre occupancies.

Be flirty with her

One of the most important tips that will help you to pick and hook up with the female bartender is that you should not hesitate to use the flirty words to impress her. But make sure that she should not feel your lust for her to get laid with her even if you want the same. It will enable her to automatically approach you and insist you to get laid with her and please her sexual desires with you. You can learn about the random flirty and romantic pick up lines to grab her attentions. If possible you should avoid using the canned pick up lines that makes her treat you like any other customer of her at the bar.

With the help of the above mentioned useful points, you will be able to answer the question, “Is it possible to get laid with a bartender?”  These days many guys enter into the Bar or Night clubs just with the aim to pick up the sexiest women despite she is a bartender or have come to the bar  to have some fun.

Learn Successful Tips On How To Seduce A Young Woman?

For most of the guys, it is simple to seduce the mature and older women as compared to the young and teenage. Mature and older women easily get seduced because they are more open for interaction and they know what they want from their partners. They usually know that they have less time to settle hence, they take less time to get seduced while the young women have uncountable options and they first want to enjoy the real fun of dating than getting into the relationship or getting laid with any guy. This is the main reason why young women make it difficult for the guys to seduce them. Hence, most of the guys keep on searching for how to seduce a young woman?

Reasons why guys tend to seduce younger women

Almost every guy of different age group wishes to date a young woman at least once in their life. They enjoy dating with young women because younger women are sexy than the older women. The sensuality level of young women is also higher. On dating the younger women, who are full of energy, fun and life, even the older guys feel themselves younger and make them believe that they still have the potential to hook up with a girl. Another reason for which guys want to seduce a young woman is that men are attracted to the sexually fertile women. Hence, they feel more attracted to the women who are near the age of puberty when their budding breasts and widening hips are visible to the guys.

The art of seduction to impress young women

Seducing young women takes a lot of efforts and it is not a formula based solution. You have to master the art of seduction to impress young women. Are you looking for how to seduce a young woman? Then check out the following tips which will help you to get younger women with more ease:

 Improve your looks to get more attracted

Younger women are easily attracted to the guys who have good looks with an attractive personality. If you wish to date a young woman or you want to seduce her, pay attention on your looks and dressing sense. You can take help from the grooming experts or from your friend to know the dress styles that suite on you, colors which complement your skin tone and haircut that matches with your personality. In this way, you will be able to improve your looks. Thus, more young women will feel attracted towards you and if they are already attracted, it will be much easier for you to seduce her and even ask her to get laid if you want. In case, you have grey hair you should get them colored.  Get rid of the excessive body fat, especially fat from your belly area. You should also workout at gym to build the muscles for attractive body.

Win the confidence of younger women

Young women are more afraid for their security as compared to the mature women. Hence, they feel less comfortable with the strange guys. Sometimes, the women allow them to share friendship with them but resist when the guys ask them for being their girlfriend or make an attempt to seduce her. Therefore, it is suggested that you should win her confidence and make her feel comfortable first before seducing her. There are several ways to win her confidence like you should show you care to her, make her feel protected, allow her to enjoy your company and do not show your lust on her until she feels for you. Then only, you will be able to win her confidence and seduce her with efforts. When she gives her control in your hands, then you do not have to look for how to seduce a young woman?

Be direct to approach her

While dating a young woman, you should be direct in your approach. Do not think about her reaction and whether you will be able to enjoy her company any longer or not. On noticing the opportunity, when you can attract the young women or seduce them just seize that moment and do not waste your time to seduce her. There is no need to be a nice guy to her, identify the right time to show your sexual desires for her. Don’t miss any moment to flirt with her, talk dirty, touch her at the erogenous zones, build emotional relationship with her and show the signs of interest in her. It is sure that with all these efforts, young women can be easily seduced. Do not fear the rejection and ask her anything directly but in the manner that she feels no insult or gets hurt.

Be playful with her

Younger women are generally of jolly and naughty nature. They like to be playful with the guys. Hence, you can take the advantage of this to get closer to the young women and seduce her. Play with her, tease her, take her to date, flirt with her, make her feel jealous by flirting with her friends, go for the adventurous trips with her and do everything else which she like. It will make you to understand her better and make her comfortable with you. If you know how to be playful, you will not have to find the answer for How to seduce a young woman?

One thing that guys should keep in mind while seducing the young women is that there is no sure shot formula that fits to all. Every woman is different and has her own choice and preferences so you should first know your women before seducing her or taking her along on the private dating with you. But one thing is sure that if you are able to win her heart, then nothing can stop you from seducing her easily. Sometimes, it just takes a single approach to seduce a girl while sometimes it can go as long as a month to seduce a woman.