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How to Answer the Question: How Many Girls Have you Been With?

Posted By: on March 23,2016
I remember during high school when my friends would ask me the question and I'd emphatically responded, "Ten, bitch!" That was an okay answer in high school because we were gonna get drunk off six beers and pass out at our friend's house the majority of the time anyway, but nowadays it's typically a woman that's actually interested in the answer who’s asking the question. Answer correctly, she could be even more attracted to you, answer incorrectly or awkwardly and… [+]

Juggling Multiple Women

Posted By: on January 13,2016
It’s so easy to get mad at a girl when she does something stupid and just say “Fuck it, I don’t need this chick anymore. I’m done with her.” Trust me. I know how it feels. The last chick that forwarded my phone call I immediately hung up and texted, “You forwarding my phone calls is literally telling me to go fuck myself. So next time you even think about hitting my up for a booty call just take your… [+]

Erectile Dysfunction Problem? We have the Answer

You got this sexy girl laying on your, bed butt ass naked, waiting for you to do awesome things to her, but there’s one problem: your penis is softer than spaghetti noodles sitting in boiling water for too long. What’s your next Move? The first thing I want to explain is that erectile dysfunction, or spaghetti d*ck, is caused by lack of blood flow to your penis. Think if it like when you sit down and take a forty five… [+]
Think that you are a stud in bed and don’t need any sex tips?  Well, even the most experienced men can make these bedroom mistakes. (more…) [+]
How to Pick Up Girls

How to Pick Up Girls – Get Her Wanting You

Posted By: on May 26,2014
The term “pickup” has been around since WWII, a time when guys were finally starting to get lucky because girls felt bad for them going off to battle. It wasn’t until the 1970s though that the term pickup was popularized by Eric Weber’s ground-breaking book How to Pick Up Girls. In the book, he laid out the foundation for what was about to change the lives of many ugly, boring, and “ordinary” guys. Since Weber’s original book, a lot of… [+]
Posted By: on May 02,2014
What is Tao of Badass? You may be saying, “What in the world is Tao of Badass?” In this review we’ll break it down for you. We’ll tell you about this program, designed by Joshua Pellicer, and we’ll provide you with the information to decide whether or not Tao of Badass is the key to transforming your relationships with women--and your entire life. First, ask yourself these two… [+]
Posted By: on April 02,2014
Without exception, this is the question every male on the planet wants to know the answer to. However, many men go through life struggling to understand how to get a girl to have sex with you. And it really doesn't have to be like that as girls love sex and want to have sex just as much as men do. In fact, I believe girls enjoy sex more than guys and as our society becomes more open about sex this is… [+]
Posted By: on October 05,2013
How To Talk To Girls - The Best Techniques Many guys are clueless when it comes to mastering how to talk to girls. >>Barely legal seduction technique? Watch this video... This topic comes up in many conversations when guys talk among themselves. Every guy among your friends has a different take on girls and how to talk to them. (more…) [+]
Posted By: on October 03,2013
Sorry to break it to you guys.  If you don’t kiss a girl at the right moment, you run the risk of getting pushed into the “friend” corner.  Even if she really, really liked cheap nfl jerseys you, you still could end up as nothing more than close friends. Why is it so important to kiss a girl at the exact right opportune moment, you ask? Even though increasingly more girls are willing to make the first move, THEY DON’T… [+]