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Practice Kindness To Enjoy Great Sex With Your Girlfriend

Sex is an integral part of a romantic relationship. If a couple can’t have a satisfying sexual experience with each other, the relationship or marriage is destined to have problems. During the initial phase of dating, you feel intense passion and magnetism in your relationship. You feel excited and look forward to having amazing sex that will last a lifetime. But that’s not always how things happen. If you have been in a relationship or married for a while, the… [+]

3 Ways to Better Understand What You Want in a Relationship

Let’s make one thing clear: relationships are one of the most valuable assets in our lives. There are many kinds of relationships you can pursue, but the one person we choose to commit ourselves to intimately, both physically and emotionally, is probably the most important life decision you can make. Sure, it makes sense when people say that the most important relationship an individual will ever have is with oneself, but the importance of your relationship with your significant other… [+]

4 Reasons You’re Still Single

Let’s make one thing clear: You don’t have to be alone all your life. You will find someone. Sure, you will find folks who are jumping from one relationship to another, while some people are single and have remained that way for many years. If you're wondering why you are still single, you may want to take a look at some of the reasons below. Later, you can begin to stop self-deprecating and doubting yourself, and begin your quest for… [+]

7 Feelings That Show You’re Officially in Love

While looking for a partner, how many times have you wondered whether you would find “the perfect person?” Did you waste a lot of time dating countless people, only to realize that they weren’t good enough? There are many signs you will feel if you like someone. You will have the cliché butterflies, heart fluttering or you will feel an intense physical attraction and lust towards him or her.  But how can you tell if all these feelings mean that… [+]

6 Reasons Why Women Who Do Yoga Make Great Girlfriends

Yoga is more than just a workout regimen; it’s a lifestyle. It’s a discipline. If you have met someone who is humble, down-to-earth, extremely focused, highly confident, and a fitness goddess, it’s safe to say that your search for love is finally over. Has it ever occurred to you that yoga is good for your love life? Even dating and relationship experts tend to agree on this. In fact, yoga is so good that it has become an online dating… [+]

5 Things That Will Land You In The Friend Zone

Being friends with a woman who you feel attracted to is tricky. Sometimes you can’t tell whether you're just a friend or something more. You try to play it cool when you go on a date with her. You don't want to overstep any boundaries or have her thinking you're clingy. You start off by highlighting your common interests. You find that you both like baseball or football. You both like art fairs and are both food fanatics. You don’t… [+]

5 Signs That Your Girlfriend Feels Insecure With You

Feeling insecure in your relationship is a huge deal breaker for many couples. There are plenty of relationships that have ended because one of the partners felt insecure. When you are insecure, your inner voice repeatedly tells you that you aren’t enough and that the person you are dating will leave you. This can make you react in crazy ways, even if you feel confident that things will be fine. People who are insecure about their relationships may turn abusive,… [+]

21 Qualities to Make You the Perfect Boyfriend

We all want to be a perfect boyfriend, right? But most of us have no idea what traits a partner might be looking for. Of course, this makes sense. It's okay if we don't all know what it takes to have the perfect relationship. After all most of the ideas of a perfect partner have come from fictional books, magazines, movies, and TV shows we watch. So all we know about being the "perfect boyfriend" are the depictions we've seen… [+]

Want A Woman To Be In Love With You Fast?  Here Are 4 Things That Will Make Her Do It!

It’s unfortunate to say that most men still think that attraction is directly fixated to a woman’s brain. They try their best to seduce the woman of their dreams with logic, and at the end of the day, they keep wondering themselves why they only got a handshake, instead of a date, let alone a kiss. If you want a woman to be attracted to you, need to change your game. You need to focus on her emotions over logic.… [+]

Still Single? You Will Be If Keep Doing These 5 Things

If you aren’t happy about your dating prospects lately, you probably might blame everyone else and everything else around you. You tell yourself you aren’t meeting more new people, or the women you dated are liars, flakes, or even gold diggers. Or perhaps you are simply fed up about how people date nowadays such as online dating. But, have you ever thought that maybe it’s your own actions that are preventing you from landing a girlfriend? If yes, the good… [+]