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9 Ground Rules Every Guy In A New Relationship Should Know

Posted By: on July 01,2017
Things can be tricky when you’re in a new relationship. Most men aren’t that good at guessing what women think or want. Sometimes our naivety or stupidity often leads to unnecessary arguments which could otherwise be easily avoided. By setting some ground rules for a new relationship, you can get past the trivial things and start enjoying your lives together. Below are ten ground rules for a new relationship that every guy in a new relationship should pay attention to:… [+]

How Men Actually Fall In Love?

Posted By: on June 28,2017
Contrary to popular beliefs, when it comes to falling in love, it appears that men are actually faster than women. Sure, we understand this will be difficult for most women to believe whom for so long became habituated of chasing a non-committal man, and for women who have been told men don’t like to be in committed relationships. But, it’s true, nonetheless. Here’s how guys fall in love, according to science: Only The Fools Rush In According to a study… [+]

Secrets To Dating A Girl With A Guarded Heart

Posted By: on June 01,2017
Winning a girl with the guarded heart isn’t simple. She won’t be convinced by expensive gifts, flowers, or fancy dinners. She won’t fall for you by praising and complimenting her. She believes in taking things slow. She will take one step toward you and another step back. She will take her time to trust your heart and the strength of your love. So, follow her lead. Measure all of her steps, and in time, she will soon be looking to… [+]

What Quality of Men Found So Irresistible to Women?

Posted By: on May 29,2017
Guys, if you really want to get lucky with the ladies here’s a short list of things that you’ll need to accomplish: • Become the best version of yourself. • Find a sense of purpose in your life and be content, happy and fulfilled regardless if you’re single or in a relationship. • And finally, try to understand what women find genuinely attractive in men, it doesn’t matter how old, rich or good-looking they are. Doesn’t sound very hard, right?… [+]

8 Things Guys Really Want To See In Their Girlfriends

Posted By: on May 26,2017
To be honest, when it comes to guys looking for a girl, most of them want a lot of things in a girl before they marry. But, given that how things are now, they can’t. Apart from the usual qualities like commitment, loyalty, and trustworthiness, here are some things men want in a woman. 1. A Woman Who Makes Men Feel Like "MEN." In plain language, this means that a man wants to feel like a “man.” This feeling equates… [+]

Can Infatuation Turn Into A Romantic Relationship?

Posted By: on May 24,2017
We all have crushed with someone we like; it doesn’t matter if we are in school or at work? But, is this crush thing real? Or is it that you just have a crush? Is this true love or merely infatuation? Can our infatuation to someone turn into a loving relationship? To answer this, we first need to understand the main differences between romance and infatuation. What Is Infatuation? Think of infatuation like an innocent fantasy. A fantasy that most… [+]

Interested in Online Dating? Then Build Up Your Confidence…

Posted By: on May 15,2017
Communication is critical in building successful and lasting relationships. But just having excellent communication skills isn’t enough for dating online. If you want to stand out from the rest, you need to have to be confident in yourself, and high self-esteem. Confidence is an attractive quality for both men and women, and being confident in your communication skills will help your secure a partner easily and quickly. So, how can you build up your confidence for your next upcoming date?… [+]

Is Your Girlfriend Cheating? Look Out For These Signs To be Sure!

Posted By: on May 01,2017
No matter how discreet you’re, when it comes to cheating, there will be signs. How can you be sure that your new love interest isn’t cheating on you? How can you identify the signs? Well, there aren’t any simple answers. But, we can tell you one thing if you’ve been dating someone for five months or more, we can safely say that you know that person pretty good. You can tell whether she’s faithful to you or not. But unfortunately,… [+]

Love Someone At Work? Then Read This!

Posted By: on April 17,2017
Love can strike us at anytime, anywhere. But, when love finds us in our office cubicles, then keeping it under wraps can become daunting. Dating at work can have some downsides. Workplace romance can create an imbalance in the social sphere, can put office politics into steroids, threatens the work quality, productivity, and reputation of your workplace. It can also cost you and your love interest’s job too. Added to this, if the relationship doesn’t work out, things can get… [+]

Are Your Expectations Realistic When It Comes To Relationships?

Posted By: on April 12,2017
When it comes to dates and relationships, you need to have standards. Unrealistic expectations in relationships can bring about dissension and disdain in existing connections and eventually limit your chances for new ones. With expectations set so high, would you say you are only setting yourself up for inevitable disappointment and frustration? 1. Finding Faults It appears that as you age, you get more critical. You don’t want to date a lady with kids, or you wouldn't consider a man… [+]