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5 Psychological Ways to Get Your Ex Back That Nobody Knows About!

The end of a relationship is painful. We're often left wondering what went wrong or how we could have done things differently. While many people move on after a breakup, some people are left longing for their ex. There is good news for these individuals: not all breakups are meant to be permanent. There are many couples who have broken up only to reunite later on and live happily ever after. Read on to find out if you want to… [+]

3 Texts to Never Send an Ex-Girlfriend You Want Back

Breakups can be terribly painful especially if you’ve been together for a long time. Now that your relationship is over, you’re feeling depressed, lonely and yearning for your ex-girlfriend. While most breakups are ultimately for the best, some are a mistake. You may feel like you can patch things up with your ex-girlfriend and make things work a second time around. So how exactly do you go about getting back together with your ex-girlfriend? You can always just go right… [+]

4 Ways To Be Romantic After The Breakup

Posted By: on May 12,2017
One of the challenging situations in handling a relationship is to rekindle the charm that fades away with a mutual decision of having a breakup. Are you facing this situation currently? If your answer is yes, this article is going to help you through this. When you let your loved one go but still a part of your heart feels for her/him, your unconscious mind will want to get them back. That is a devastating situation especially when you were… [+]

8 Ways To Save Your Relationship After Your Partner Cheated On You

Posted By: on May 10,2017
It’s not the cheating that jeopardizes relationships and marriages; it’s the cheating partner’s inability to confess, be honest and leave the past behind and start anew. Almost half of the couples don’t split up and work on saving their marriage and relationship, but the healing process is difficult. Once trust is breached, it's very hard to bring it back. Read on how to gain the trust of your spouse and in the process save your marriage. 1. Confess The Truth… [+]

Are You Being Stigmatized Because You Don’t Have A Boyfriend?

Posted By: on April 27,2017
There are no relationships without issues. There are fights, arguments, and misunderstandings among the partners and some relationships are so problematic that there isn’t anything to do other than ending it. That’s not all. Couples tend to blame each other for the demise of their relationship, while some men and women held themselves fully accountable for it. Sometimes, things get out of control so much that these people, particularly women, are stigmatized or frowned upon, which makes it tough for… [+]

What To Do If Your Boyfriend Is Getting Back With His Ex

Posted By: on April 26,2017
So you started dating someone you like, and everything is going great. You and your boyfriend are making plans to make your relationship exclusive, and then all of a sudden this happened. You boyfriend got a call from his ex. After having a conversation with his ex, your partner tells you that it messed up his head, and he’s no longer interested in continuing the relationship with you. He said that he decided to get back with the ex who… [+]

5 Signs Your Boyfriend May Be A Cheating Kind

Posted By: on April 15,2017
Ever since you and your boyfriend are in a relationship, you’ve a conniving feeling that there is something wrong between you two. He's been acting all weird, moody, distant, and sometimes he acts too nice. You don’t want to think about it, but somehow you can stop thinking that whether he is cheating on you. No wants to continue to have a relationship with a cheater, but it can happen to anyone of us. Anyways, here are five ways that… [+]

3 Ways To Get Your Ex After Breaking Up

Posted By: on April 13,2017
Get yourself out there and open up to the possibility of new love. Yes, it’s hard to get over someone we loved so deeply, and no matter how many times we tell ourselves, our thoughts and feelings for our exes can stay fresh in our hearts for a very long time. Meanwhile, you’re missing out on a lot of romantic opportunities passing by your every day. Maybe you don’t seem to care about new potential partners, or perhaps when you’re… [+]

6 Things You Should Never Say to your Ex

Posted By: on April 08,2017
Don’t you think it’s normal to do irrational activities after a painful breakup? Though the answer is yes, it can end up in something worse. Showing your desperation to get your ex back can attack your self-esteem. The person who loved you yesterday might start hating you after seeing your unusual activities after the breakup. It seems romantic when someone puts an effort in saving the relationship, but nobody appreciates exaggeration. Here are 6 things you should never say to… [+]

Forgiveness Is A Virtue When It Comes To Love

Posted By: on March 14,2017
Forgiveness is a virtue - but how many of us truly understand what this means? Forgiveness comprises a complex network of emotions namely pain, frustration, anger and fear. We humans are doing everything we can to avoid all of these emotions. The harsh truth is that it is almost impossible to stay away from these intimate human feelings, no matter how hard we try. Many of us have been hurt while dating and during our relationships. We have all experienced… [+]