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5 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back In Their Life

A breakup takes you through a lot of pain, but the amazing thing about being in a relationship is the mutual dependency that creates with the passage of time. So, a breakup doesn’t always mean that you have given up on each other and nothing left between you two. You can fix this up if you want to. But, do you think your ex wants you back as well? If you were in a long-term relationship, there’s a huge chance… [+]

How To Bring Back The Heat In Your Relationship?

Whoever is dating or in a relationship, they all want the same thing – a romantic relationship that is sizzling hot! However, most of us who are in a long-term relationship can deny the harsh truth the spark in the relationship tends to fizzle out over time. This can detrimental for the relationship and in worse case, anger, frustration and resentment shows its ugly head in the relationship. However, the good news is there are some simple ways you can… [+]

How To Get The Attention Of Your Crush While Looking Fabulous?

Does this ever happen to you where the person who was desperate to catch your attention loses interest in you all of a sudden? While crossing the hallway, sitting in a café or conference room, that cutie or that handsome guy who may have been trying to draw your attention seems to suddenly have no interest in you? Ever wonder what the reason is behind losing interest? What and where it went wrong? Well, the first glance usually stirs the… [+]

6 Ways to Get Your Ex Back

Better late than never. It’s not certainly too late to reignite the romance with your ex after you have broken up, but don’t rush and make any mediocre gestures. It’s a second chance for your relationship, and you have to do this right. You need to be more cautious and confident that ever before. Here are six tips on getting her back for a second chance. 1.</> Send a loving text: The absence of loved ones makes hearts grow fonder.… [+]

Getting Back With Your Ex: Awesome or Awful Idea?

We have stories of married couples who broke up on their way to the altar and then reunited again after they realized that they couldn't live without each other. Then, some folks have got back with their exes after a breakup or even worse an unhappy marriage or a divorce. After going through these experiences, these people have wished they should have broken up and moved on, instead of getting back with their former partners. If you’re considering or wanting… [+]

Four Ways On How To Get Over Your Ex and Move On

Getting over your ex and moving on after a breakup isn’t easy. In fact, most people can’t move on with their lives after the demise of their relationship, not because there is a shortage of available singles, it’s mainly that they never healed and really got over their former partners. Here are four ways that will help you get over your ex and move on: 1. Take A Hiatus From Dating It's a great way to start your life anew… [+]
6 Ways You Can Get Him Back Without being Desperate or Needy

6 Ways You Can Get Him Back Without being Desperate or Needy

Desperate times call for desperate measure – if you’re a woman who has attempted to get your ex back, then you most likely have resorted to this approach. You were compelled to do all sort of unfortunate things like drunk dialing, walk of shame and so forth. These behaviors looked flattering but rendered you to be his doormat, which eventually pushed his way. It's excruciatingly painful for many women as they’re in still in love with their exes even after… [+]

9 Things You Should Not Text to Your Ex

Breakups are excruciatingly painful. Most men and women have done all sorts of unfortunate stuff like drunk dialing, walk of shame and so on to convince their exes to give their relationship a second chance. Most of them have resorted to, “desperate times call for desperate measures” type of flattering behaviors that made them more of a doormat. These desperate and needy gestures are turnoffs to most people and ultimately if will push your ex away. In return, your ex… [+]

What To Do If Your Ex Wants A Second Chance?

When it comes to relationships, each person and situation are different. But, there is one thing that’s common regarding breakups. All breakups are hard and agonizing. If you’ve experienced a breakup, it’s very unlikely that you want to go through it again, specifically if it’s your ex. So, what can you do if your ex what to get back and willing to give the relationship a second chance? Considering getting back to your ex can be emotionally overwhelming if it’s… [+]

How To Deal With Your Ex: The Do’s And Don’ts

Breakups are hard. But what about being in contact with your ex after a breakup? That’s where things seem to get tricky. If you remain in contact with your ex, hold on to the feelings of your ex, you run the risk of delaying your ability to get over your ex and move on quickly. Here are some tips that will help not to slip back into your ex’s arms post break-up. Instead, it will transit you into a future… [+]