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Holding On To Your Ex Makes it Harder For You to Move On With Your Life

Going through a breakup can be compared to experiencing a death. Even though the pain is emotional, it’s no less than physical passing. When we break up with someone, we grief over the future we have envisioned with our exes and how will be spending out time with that person. So, after we break up, we always keep thinking about our exes, refuse to move on and this affects our physical, mental, social and professional lives. Our natural tendency is… [+]

Why Are You Still Thinking About Your Ex?

Moving on after a breakup is the one the hardest stages in a relationship. Most of us can’t let go or stop thinking about of exes, we couldn’t sleep properly, and our social and professional lives get affected. We always talk about our exes with our therapist and close friends and family members most of the time. That’s normal, but nit healthy and will slow down our healing process and move on. So, why isn’t that most of us think… [+]

When The Love Is Gone: Gestures To Bring Back The Love From Your Ex

“Love does not exist anymore!” This is the feeling and the thinking that everybody usually faces at least for once in their lives. Some face it at a minor level, while some reaches to the ultimate ending where they believe that there is no turning back and your love is gone forever. What I believe that love can never be lost if you are willing to look for it and hold it back. If you choose to accept that you… [+]

Sweet Ways To Genuinely Say You Are Sorry

Sometimes the word ‘sorry’ becomes the hardest word to speak out. Your pride, your ego comes in the way. But then you have to choose between your pride and relationship. To save your relationship, you need to assess and understand the situation. Avoid blaming each other and give away your ego and pride. At times mistake occurs from both the ends, be the first one to say ‘you are sorry’ and set things right back in order. You can fix… [+]
Posted By: on November 16,2016
We, humans, are social creatures, which means that we love being close to someone and having a soul mate close. Sadly, in some situations, ideal relationship with ‘’soul mate’’ ends. As usual, one is going to suffer. You probably had one or two situations like this. Then, you believed that not loving ever again is the correct solution. Obviously, this is a mistake, simply because everyone wants to love. In simple words, you must and you should be ready to… [+]
Posted By: on November 14,2016
Normally, figuring out how to get a woman to like you again is hard enough as it is, seriously. Maybe you dropped the ball and made a fool out of yourself in the past. Maybe you moved away and you just lost touch. Getting a female to like you again and look at you in a certain way involves quite a bit of effort. It also requires quite a bit of time. Things are definitely more complicated if the reason… [+]

If You Need Motivation In Building Your Muscles Check Joe Rogan Workout

UFC host Joe Rogan finds lifting weights to be fun and cardio cool as well, but nothing compares to his pleasure of hitting the box bag. At 190 pounds, Rogan looks agile and fit like a martial arts athlete. Joe is a four-time taekwondo champion for Massachusetts in his early 20s, training also in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai for more than a decade. So his physical shape was created through long-term sports and his mentality was built as one of a… [+]

Alexander Skarsgard Tarzan Workout

To get his mid section into shape Alexander Skarsgard performed a variety of abdominal flexion and rotational exercises as well as anti-rotation, anti-flexion,  and anti-lateral flexion to work the deep core and help prevent injury.  He would workout abs every other day. To gain mass, Skarsgard a bunch of conditional workouts per week, which focused on full-body, functional movements like sprints and bear crawls. "We were primarily focused on building muscle so we do very short sets," explained his trainer,… [+]

10 Sureshot Ways To Win Her Heart

Posted By: on April 27,2016
Think you have tried everything and read all the tricks in the book to win the heart of the woman of your life? In case, you are unsure of what strategy to apply to win your dream girl, keep reading the tips below: 1. Cancel The Fancy Dinner Date, Cook For Her Instead © wereblog Did you surprise her with all the fancy venues and courses already? Well, a woman is not necesarily impressed by a guy who waits for her lighting a hundred… [+]
Posted By: on May 29,2014
First off, I want to say that I’ve been there and understand what you are going through. Maybe you cheated on your ex. Maybe it was a stupid fight. Or maybe you simply took your ex for granted. No matter what the reason was, breakups suck. But here is the good news: you can get your ex back. With the ground-breaking system laid out in the e-guide “The Magic of Making Up” by T.W. Jackson, you can cut through all… [+]