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Posted By: on November 15,2016
If you’re at a typical dinner party anywhere in the United States, you can tell that it can get quite awkward if you just go out there and kiss a woman that you barely know. That is hardly the way to get a peck on the cheek. If you want to figure out how to get a lady to kiss you at a party, pay attention to the following tips. Know the Two Kinds of Parties The first thing that… [+]
Posted By: on November 14,2016
A lot of guys are scared of women. You probably already know this. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article. Interestingly enough, a lot of guys like to project a lot of confidence, but deep down inside, they’re scared little boys. They’re scared of women. It's not because women physically intimidate them, but they’re scared of something worse. They’re scared of rejection. So many men suffer from such fear of rejection that they let that fear completely ruin their dating… [+]
Posted By: on October 31,2016
Many men around the world do not know how to get a woman to kiss you at a party. This can be easy for many men but at the same time it can also be difficult for others. Many people find it difficult when and how to kiss a woman at a party. Some have difficulties in figuring out the correct time, some have issues with the location where to kiss, some have issues in how to get a woman… [+]
Posted By: on October 30,2016
Getting a girl to kiss you is a tricky task especially for a high school guy. You have to impress a girl and make her attracted towards you. Girls like to kiss only those guys whom they find impressive and attractive.  High school girls are different from older women.  They are not much emotionally developed. They are insecure regarding their decisions. They are more conscious about their self esteem. Older women think to have a long term relationship whereas high… [+]
Posted By: on October 30,2016
For many of you finding the right time to kiss a girl at a party is difficult due to many reasons. May be you are not sure about her feelings for you or maybe you don’t know if the girl wants to kiss you or not. But, if you take the right steps in a romantic way only then your girl knows that you are attracted to her as more than just an ally. Since, kissing is not an initial… [+]
Posted By: on October 21,2016
Are you prepared for your first date? Have you prepared a checklist of the things to do? If not, then do it before planning your first date. A well prepared date will give you more satisfaction and success than the unplanned date. You can plan for the venue, your dress that you are going to wear to impress your partner, food to be ordered, gift that you want to give her and  few other things that you can do on… [+]
Posted By: on October 20,2016
It can be little bit intimidating for you if you have never kissed a lady. Kissing her is an amazing experience and a step towards taking your relationship to a new level. There are many guys who have dated lots of women still they are unable to kiss because of the fear of rejection. It is the biggest worry that most of the men have before going on a date or even after dating a girl. Guys expect a return… [+]
Posted By: on October 19,2016
It might be quite confusing to figure out the right time for kissing a girl you really like. If you haven’t kissed any girl before, you might be excited as well as nervous for your first kiss. First of all, you have to make sure that the girl you want to kiss also feels the same for you. She is not considering you as just a friend. You have to figure out whether she is ready to kiss you or… [+]
Dating has become a need for everyone of you as you need that someone special who can be with you in your good and bad times and with whom you can share some of your very close and personal feelings. But at the same time, it is not that easy for you to find a girlfriend as you are so busy with the various assignments that you have in your life. At the same time, some of you are also… [+]
There are many people who are wondering that what on earth can help them to get a girlfriend of their dreams! Well, if you fall into the same category, there are many things which can be of great help. A person can suffer a lot from having no one to meet his emotional/physical and mental needs. There are friends to cope up with the mental and emotional needs but, what about the physical needs? The sex is always required to… [+]