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15 Things You Didn’t Know About David And Victoria Beckham’s Relationship

David and Victoria Beckham have been a leading example for famous couples, having tied the knot 17 years ago. David, one of the most famous footballers in the history of the game, rose to stardom at Manchester United, before moving to Real Madrid. His career path led him to MLS club LA Galaxy and he would get loaned out to AC Milan on two occasions. The Englishman ended his career in France with Paris Saint-Germain and is now looking to… [+]

Korean Skincare Celebrities Have Been Using to Wipe Years Off Their Face and Diminish Wrinkles Permanently Finally Hits the Market!

Although many celebrities in Hollywood may have gone under the knife, and continue to do so, there are so many who have chosen a different option to maintain their youthful appearance and get rid of lines and wrinkles safely and effectively Actress Kate Beckinsale is only one celebrity who has caught on to the Korean skin care trend taking Hollywood by storm. Thanks to this revolutionary skin care cream formulated by dermatologists, Kate has taken years off of her skin.… [+]

Chrissy Teigen’s Anti Aging Skincare Empire Takes Hollywood by Storm And Shocks Fans

American supermodel Chrissy Teigen is well known for both her beauty and sass. The model has been quite outspoken on social media over last few years about a number of things including politics, beauty trends, fashion, and more. The 31 year old mother of one is also married to the very famous John Legend. Chrissy has recently proven though that she is a true businesswoman in her own sense. Chrissy has launched her own skin care line with the help… [+]

Singer Marie Mai Launches Anti Aging Skincare Line With Help of Celeb Dermatologist

Beautiful Canadian singer/songwriter Marie Mai shocked her fans and announced a new project she plans to take on - beauty advocate and creator of a breakthrough anti aging skin care line. According to sources, [geotrack_offer_one] is something Marie wanted to work on for years, but it never worked out. For many years, Marie focused solely on her music career. Recently, she has partnered up with a celebrity dermatologist to help develop launch her anti aging skin care line. This skin… [+]

Sharon Osbourne’s Hidden Facial Rejuvenation Cream Skin Care Company Revealed Amidst her Leaving The Talk Show!

TV personality Sharon Osbourne has been going through a lot at the moment, all in the public eye. Most recently, she was having some marriage trouble with rocker husband Ozzy Osbourne. Sharon and Ozzy recently split due to his infidelity with numerous women and now the Hollywood spotlight is all over them. Among this news, it was also revealed that Sharon had a few secrets of her own... SHARON OSBOURNE QUITS “THE TALK” FOR HER PHENOMENAL REJUVENATION CREAM AND NOW… [+]

Top 40 News Broadcast Slip Ups Of All Time

As a news reporter, you never want to be the story. But sometimes, your live broadcast doesn’t go exactly according to plan. Whether it’s extreme weather – or just idiots in the back of your shot looking to get famous on television – the news can quickly turn into a (thoroughly unplanned) comedy hour. Of course nothing was worse than Megyn Kelly skincare NBC slip up than ended up being the reason she left! She Knew What She Was Doing…… [+]

Kerry Washington’s Anti Aging Skincare Empire Shocks Fans as The Actress Reveals Her Million Dollar Company

Kerry Washington, famously known as Olivia Pope on the hit TV series Scandal, has shown Hollywood that she's quite the businesswoman thanks to the company she's been running for the last year and a half. Fans were shocked to learn that Kerry isn't too different from her quick-thinking, savvy character Olivia Pope. At the age of 40, Kerry Washington is the head of one of the top skin care companies known to Hollywood. This great success comes only a year… [+]

Kate Winslet’s Marriage Jeopardized After Reuniting With Leonardo DiCaprio For Anti Aging Skincare Cream Business Venture!

This dynamic duo has been reunited at last! The beautiful Kate Winslet was recently reunited with colleague Leonardo DiCaprio earlier in the summer at an annual gala hosted by the star's own charity foundation. The two have also been spotted on vacation together and photographed together at the Oscar's. Kate and Leo have never actually dated, however, maintained a strong friendship which has now turned into a business partnership! The famous pair have been working together to develop and launch… [+]

Sean Hannity’s Wife Announces Shocking News On Her Anti Aging Skincare Company in the Middle of Fox News Murder Investigation

There isn't much that is known about the Hannity family aside from Sean Hannity and his successful career as a talk show/radio host, Fox news anchor, and political commentator. Sean and his family typically have kept a low profile with a desire to stay out of the spotlight. His wife, Jill Hannity, has recently revealed some shocking news, however. It began after Sean Hannity continued to push the issue of the tragic death of Seth Rich, the DNC staffer who… [+]

Beyoncé Knowles Shocks Fans After Revealing Anti Aging Wrinkle Skincare Cream She Uses to Avoid Botox!

It's safe to say everyone on the planet knows who Beyoncé is. The 35 year old superstar has been in Hollywood's spotlight for years and years thanks to her talented songwriting and beautiful vocals. Sometimes we forget that Bey is so young because she's been around for so long and has done so much. Luckily, her skin doesn't reflect all the hard work and stress she's experienced. Recently, Beyoncé became verbal about ways she is able to maintain her youthful… [+]