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Posted By: on August 14,2016
Unhealthy lifestyle and an unfit body have the tendency of hitting a person where it hurts the most, the ego. It happens when he is criticized and humiliated for his unhealthy style and an unattractive body. At this time, the criticism and humiliation should act as a jolt and one should be motivated in the most positive manner to change his life and built the most amazing body. Once, you have decided that unhealthy lifestyle will no more rule your… [+]
Posted By: on August 13,2016
Gym dating has become quite popular in the recent times as most of you guys and girls have become quite obsessed about your size and shape. If you are a man, you must have some abs on your body and impressive biceps to boost them to impress a girl while being a girl; you shall have a flat belly along with good butts to impress the guys around. This is why all of you love to go to the gym… [+]
Posted By: on August 12,2016
Being fit is not only a necessity but also a challenge because of the change in your lifestyles. The mobile phones and the motor vehicles have made you guys a bit lazier and thus you may feel that your tummy is spreading faster than your work. This is why it has become mandatory for all of you to spend some time in the gym so that you can have a fit and leaner body. There are also several articles written… [+]
Posted By: on August 12,2016
Physical appearance matters a lot for attracting someone. Mostly people like to be friends with someone who is a smart and attractive person and same is the case with life partners. You like to have a beautiful, gorgeous or handsome person to be beside you throughout the life. Since, beauty is god gifted but it is not like that you cannot improve it. Although, everyone cannot undergo the surgical procedures to make complete changes in his/her but little bit effort… [+]
Posted By: on August 12,2016
If you have got deformed body shape due to lack of exercise and bad eating habit, then you need to get started right now to get back in shape. Fat body is not only less attractive but also a breeding house for the different types of diseases and illnesses. Accumulation of the fat in the body can give you cardiac diseases, respiratory diseases, orthopedic problems and many more. So, for getting the perfect fit body, you need to join the… [+]

Dwayne Johnson Diet Plan For Baywatch, Pain and Gain, WWE and More!

Dwayne Johnson will tell you repeatedly how important strength training is and that lifting weights helped him get to where he is physically, but he will also tell you how important a strict diet is. Known to be a professional WWE star and one of the most fit actors in Hollywood, Dwayne definitely knows what you have to do if you want to have sculptured abs. When he was presented the offer to play Hercules, Johnson immediately understood that if playing… [+]
Posted By: on August 11,2016
Every man wants to have a good physique. This is the reason they focus a lot on body building. Men should neither be too slim nor too fatty. Women like men who have a good body and personality. Nowadays, teenage boys are also busy in exercises and workout as they also want to have a well toned and perfect body. They are aware about this fact that girls prefer to date with those boys who have a good physique. With… [+]

Matt Damon Workout Plan for Jason Bourne

Believe it or not its been 14 years since Jason Bourne, Super Assassin created by the CIA first hit the theatres. Damon showed the world he could not just be an action star, but be the face of a world wide blockbuster.  Finally, Bourne returned this year to finally put an end to the chase. Jason Walsh, a well known trainer, has been helping Damon since he starred in Elysium. Damon enjoyed his style of training because it gave him an athletic overall physique… [+]

Tom Hardy Workout Plan he Uses to Get Jacked Fast for Movie Roles

Tom Hardy has risen to Stardom  with his incredible acting skills and powerful devotion to becoming comfortable in front of the camera . Since starring in the movie Inception in 2010, Hardy rose to A-list level.  He has put on 40 pounds of solid rock muscle and became one of the top actors in Hollywood. It’s not a secret that Tom Hardy’s body and fantastic physique has helped him land some super alpha male parts such as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and  Max in the movie Mad… [+]

Conor McGregor Workout Plan and UFC Training Regiment

Conor McGregor is the biggest name in the history of the UFC. His fights have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in pay-per-views sales. Conor began fighting when he was a 12-year-old boy at the Crumlin Boxing Club, a historic gym in Ireland. It was here where he mastered his craft under the training of head coach John Kavanagh, who McGregor has credited a lot of his success to. Their methods caused other fighters and trainers to rethink their own training and many Mixed Martial Artists started copying… [+]