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Lebron James Workout Plan is Exactly What You’d Expect from the NBA’s Best Player

"It is not about your talent, but what you do with it" - the wise words of LeBron James. You do not win 3 World Championships, 2 Olympic Gold medals, and an NBA scoring title without hard work. The former forward for the Miami Heat Champion, who recently won one for The Land (Cleveland), is the best NBA player of this generation and arguably ever. Relax! I said arguably. While most players focus on improving their lean build, LeBron's workout is designed… [+]

Ryan Reynolds Workout Plan For Deadpool

When Ryan Reynolds played Van Wilder he pretty much lived like a college kid at a frat house in real life, too. “I was unhealthy,” he admits. “I ate and drank whatever and whenever I wanted. ” Then came a more action packed movie; Blade: Trinity and it was time to get serious. Green Lantern and then Deadpool followed.  Each of these roles required a body in top notch shape. These roles changed his life because it forced him begin working out and taught him to be able to do thing… [+]

Will Smith Workout Plan the Actor Has Lived By for Years

Will Smith is a TV and Movie legend that transformed himself from 165 pound teenage rapper into a jacked 220 pound of lean muscle Hollywood Royalty. A lot of his roles consisted of Will Smith having superhero-like physique. With the help of special effects, Smith's characters were able to fly and do amazing physical things, but there was never a need for costume enhancements with his body on the sets of I Am Legend, I Robot, Ali, or Hancock.   Will Smith built an… [+]

JJ Watt Workout Plan for NFL Season

JJ Watt is an absolute animal, winning numerous NFL Defensive Player of the Year Awards and appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Mens Health, and a bunch of other magazines.  He has legendary strength and an infinite amount of energy.  He can rep out 225lbs 34 times on the bench press and squat over 700lbs.  He also has a 61" vertical leap.  That combination of strength and athleticism is just insane. Legs are by far the most important muscle for an NFL… [+]

Peyton Manning Workout Plan for NFL Off-Season

The soon to be Hall of Famer Peyton Manning's off-season workouts  primarily focuses on strengthening up his core. His rotational power helps his throws, to remain strong under pressure, and to stay safe while getting hit and tackled. Peyton Manning is a very determined and you can see he wants to be successful by his work ethic.  He is the most prepared person on the field on Sundays and everyone wants to know what he does on his off time that… [+]

Hulk Hogan Workout Plan for WWE

Hulk Hogan is best known for two things:  Ripping his yellow shirt in a fiercely manner and his "gigantic pythons," (massive biceps).  Many experts say many bodybuilders shoot for the same look and that the look is the only real benefit. If the Hulk Hogan look is what you are going for you will want to focus on strength training.  These kinds of lifters practice their one rep max, or 1 RM,  as this helps increase targeted muscle groups. Using… [+]

Jon Jones Workout Plan for UFC

Jon Jones is talked about having one of the hardest workouts in the UFC, but many feel like that was just all talk from his camp after his recently failed drug tests. It goes without question that when he's in the octagon he's one of the most lethal fighters around, but there has been some serious questions about his ethics, more specifically the Jon Jones Supplements he uses in preparation for his fights. Jones came into the UFC at a very… [+]

Daniel Craig Workout Plan for James Bond Spectre

Daniel Craig, most known as James Bond, has become a fitness symbol all around the world.  None of the other 007's have ever been able to keep a lean fit body like Daniel Craig has. To build a muscular physique Daniel Craig had to push himself to the limits.  A daily routine was setup and a variety of exercises were inserted everyday.  At the beginning of the workout sessions he would do warm up exercises such as rowing to help… [+]

Hugh Jackman Workout Plan for Wolverine

Hugh Jackman got his body and strength to another level at an age that most men are slowing down. PIOP asked him what happened and he was kind enough to answer. Wolverine is a badass.  There's no doubt about that.  The only person possibly to play the role of a badass like that is Hugh Jackman.  And he only got better as time went on.  He is a picture of him at 31 and then at 44. Can't forget to mention… [+]

Chris Pratt Workout Plan for Guardians of the Galaxy

Growing up Chris Pratt was the marshmallowy kind of actor.  Very soft, easily intimidated type.  Now we are seeing him in movies like Guardians of the Galaxy.  What changed?  He got shredded. The most eye shocking transformation was losing 60bs of fat in such a short period of time.  He calculated a healthy strict diet, stacked two all-natural supplements, and put together an intense training regimen that obviously chiseled his body into an amazing physique. Chris Pratt's athleticism was greater than expected,… [+]