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8 Ways To Make A Girl Notice You On Tinder

When it comes to online dating, you have probably read a ton of articles on how to meet the perfect woman. While looking for matches online, most men have already gone on dates with someone that has caught their interest. But there are plenty of guys out there who are yet to meet someone with whom they can have a relationship with or just want spend some time with. Well, this article is for men who are having a hard… [+]

4 Ways to Steer Clear of Bad Dates

We have all gone on bad dates. Some of these bad dates are so bad that they can be classified as dating horror stories. Okay, maybe we are overreacting. Most bad dates fall into one of two categories. One, the person doesn’t sound or look anything like what you expected. Two, they did or said something outside of acceptable dating behavior, such as they making crude jokes, wearing inappropriate clothes or just being rude. Unfortunately, going on an occasional bad… [+]

Is Your Online Date Leading To Lasting Love? Here’s How You Can Find Out!

Be honest and tell the truth. Are you hoping for an email or message from that girl you met online while checking your email every time? Do you have butterflies every time you see her emails in your inbox? If yes, then this could be the beginning of something special, or it just could all boil down to a little fling. Luckily, there is a way to tell if your online match is really right for you? Below are four… [+]

7 Signs To Make You Believe That She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

If you’re dating someone you like, sometimes it's hard to find if the woman you’re dating is sending you the right signals. Signals about whether she wants to date you or not, or she is just friendly. But, if you pay attention to these cues, it will be easy for you to find out what she wants. Here are some interesting signs which will let you know if she wants to be your girlfriend. 1. She Laughs At Everything You… [+]

5 Ways To Build Confidence While Dating Women

Posted By: on August 21,2017
It’s tough for a man, who feels shy, insecure or inexperienced around women to say and do the things rightly to attract her. At times, it can be impossible. If you’re one of those guys, blame your lack of confidence in it. But, there’s good news. Any man can build up his confidence if he can master these five simple behaviors mentioned below: 1. Be Direct One big mistake most guys make while approaching women they like is that they… [+]

5 Things to Remember If You Are Dating While Unemployed

Posted By: on August 21,2017
It can happen to anyone. And it happens to good people too. We get laid off, fired or decide that it’s time we move on to the next job or change our careers. The news can be scary or good, that depends on you. Either way, life goes on, and you don’t want to be out or love or your love life to stop simply because you’re in a ‘career transition.' Here are five tips that will motivate you to… [+]

6 Subconscious Mistakes That Tells Your Date Isn’t Interested In You

Posted By: on August 18,2017
The first dates are always hard to read. Unless you specifically tell your date that, ‘you like him or her.' But, most men and women are looking for subtle and subconscious cues from their dates that tell them whether they’re interested in them or not. Sometimes, you may be sending the wrong signs that will prevent you from having a second date with him or her. So, the next time you go on a date, make sure that you don’t… [+]

Why Aren’t We In An Exclusive Relationship?

Posted By: on August 17,2017
A relationship can only become exclusive, only if both partners are ready to make that kind of commitment to each other. You can’t have an exclusive relationship when one partner is in, and another one is out. One of the reasons, why most men and women don’t want to commit to an exclusive relationship is that it’s difficult to know a person with two or three months fully. Some date multiple people at the same time and date casually. They… [+]

The Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day Go Hand-in-Hand. Here’s Why!

Posted By: on August 17,2017
Super Bowl Sunday is a sacred day for most American men. Meanwhile, across the hall, we go the Valentine’s Day, which is equally as sacred for women. With both of these two major events only nine days apart, it’s easy to the point that the Super Bowl for men is prized equally as the same way as Valentine’s Day is for the ladies. Whether you’re a lost lover or a crazy football fan, comparing these two events will help you… [+]

Be Aware Of The New And Scary Dating Trend “Kittenfishing”

Posted By: on July 28,2017
If worrying about being catfished wasn’t enough, a new trend in online dating has emerged, and it’s even scarier than being catfished. It’s called” kittenfished” and people who use dating apps need to be careful about it. So, what is kittenfishing? In short, Kittenfishing is a less offensive act which involves misrepresentation of information on a dating profile. So, kittenfishing is the smaller cousin of catfishing. Thus, it’s called kittenfishing as a kitten is smaller than a cat. Anyways, for… [+]