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Guys, Say It On Your Dating Profile, If You’re Short

Let’s face it when it comes to dating, physical appearance matters. That is one reality of dating that will never change. Though we can all agree that people should put less emphasis on appearance, and more importance on their partner’s personality, qualities and other characteristics, it makes reasonable sense. When you’re looking for a girlfriend, you’ll find that people have preferences. We feel attracted to women we like, and for most men and women, it’s difficult to develop an attraction to someone who isn’t physically available.

There are many reasons why men and women refuse dates with others. For instance, they don’t like fat or overweight people, some won’t date too tall people, they won’t date someone who’s skinny or bald, and some people even rejected their matches because they walk funny. Anyways, you get the point. Some women rejected men because they’re short. Guys, who are short, might take this as skewed or in a mean-spirited. On the other hand, women should be allowed to date men they feel physically attracted to. We would encourage dating short men even if they don’t like short guys, and see what happens. After all, rejecting short guys isn’t the worse thing women do, while looking for a relationship.

When setting up your online dating profile, it’s imperative and a wise decision on your part to include your height alongside other physical characteristics. This way you matches can get to see and know about you in every way so that they won’t have any problems with your profile later. In the ideal world, most people care less if you’re tall or short, skinny or fat. But, you’ve to accept the harsh reality that there are men and women, who will refuse to date you simply because you’re skinny or short or fat. Let’s talk about an example; say you didn’t include in your dating profile that you’re short, overweight, extremely tall, etc. Now, you go out on a date with a woman, who doesn’t want to date short guys. She has no idea that you’re short by her standards because you didn’t mention that in your profile. Now that she has seen you in person, were you able to hide that fact? Did you tell yourself it doesn’t matter?

The reality is the woman with whom you’re on a date now has no interest in having a second date with you. Because you didn’t get the correct fact that you’re short and she doesn’t want to have a relationship with someone who is short. So, you’ve wasted all that time emotionally anticipating the date, preparing yourself for the date, showing up on the actual date, and traveling to and from the place, and eventually ending up with nothing. In the meantime, you could have saved yourself a lot of time and effort, if only you’ve mentioned your real height in your dating profile.

The bottom line, while looking for a woman, doesn’t ever apologize or feel sorry for your physical trait or traits. But, also bear in mind that you’ll save yourself a lot of time, effort and from the emotional distress by letting everyone know what you really look like before going on a date.

Stop Attracting Losers For Your Dates. Follow These 3 Steps To Meet A Keeper, Instead!

When it comes to dates, we all have a type. Some men like blondes, while women might admit they like men who are tall and ambitious. Another important point to note here is that some men and women have a tendency to date the same type of person, despite knowing the fact it will lead to an unhealthy relationship and ultimately will leave them broken-hearted. What’s more surprising is that it had led them to this situation over and over again. But there is good news for folks stuck in this vicious loop while looking for partners. Patterns are not absolutes. They can be broken.

However, you need to remember that dismantling a bad dating pattern can’t be done in one step. It’s a three-step process.

Step #1: Ask Yourself Why
There is a reason you’re attracted to people who you go for. Maybe you like a challenge, perhaps you like their looks, but, most likely, you’re drawn to particular types of men and women because they resonate with you in some form of deeper perception of yourself. In the dating world, people go for with what they feel safe and familiar with. Why? People are afraid of the unknown. Much of these feelings and emotions have been derived from our childhoods. For example, while growing up, if you didn't like your parents, you may see yourself dating people who also dislike their parents. If you did like your parents, you would like to date people who are similar to them.

Step #2: Pay Close Attention On How You Speak To Yourself
Whether you think quietly, or talk to yourself loudly, you’re talking to yourself one way or another regularly. What are the things do you keep telling yourself? What do you think you deserve more? What is your reaction when faced with failure or rejection? Do you date people you reinforce you to self-talk? Often, people feel the most familiar to us when they resonate their inner thoughts and feelings that are fleeting in our minds. There is something that is holding you back from changing the kinds of men and women you date. The moment you find whatever this thing or these things are, you will have the ability to select your potential partners differently.

Step #3: Practice Loving Yourself
We keep telling this all the time to all those single men and women looking for love, yet they’re still not in a relationship. If you want to love someone else, start loving yourself at first. This loving yourself thing doesn't require to stockpiling on hand lotions or start using battery operated toys. Instead, it means loving yourself without having a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Most people, despite being in a crappy, abusive relationship refuse to break up or fear breakups because intensively scared of loneliness. You must eliminate this fear if you’re seriously adamant in breaking the pattern of bad dating. Therefore, get some time off from your busy work schedule; use that time to deal with yourself with that fear, and destroy that fear of being single and alone. If you feel confident and comfortable being single, you can make changes in your dating pattern by seeing people based on what you feel, rather than what makes your afraid.

5 Simple, Romantic Ideas To Have A Great Date The Whole Week

Our lives can get stressed out and little hectic between work, meeting hours, weekly events and out favorite TV shows. With so many important things to do, finding the right time to have a date is pretty hard. Hold your plans for a date night for the weekend because it’s time you put back the romance back into your weekdays.

Here are some simple and romantic dating ideas that will make you feel love the entire week:

Date Idea #1: Rent Some Classic, Hidden Treasures From The Library
If you’re addicted to Netflix, no worries, we all are, then put down the remote and go to your local library. There are plenty of classic and latest movies perfect for a casual every night snuggle, and it’s all free. There is a bonus point. Your local library has books too. So, check out a few books, and recommend to each other.

Date Idea #2: Up Your Game With Board Games
Before the advent of modern video games and online gaming, board games were a casual, fun way to spend a night when you’re staying at home. But, that doesn’t mean that board games aren’t fun to play anymore now. If you don't have any board games, visit your local thrift shop for retro board games or chess boards. You can also grab a deck of cards for some friendly round of blackjack or poker. And if your mood is a little feisty, why don’t you play Scrabble?

Date Idea #3: Indulge in your Desserts
Heading to your favorite bar or restaurant after a long day at work to dig into your food or drink is a classic move. But, it will surely get old or boring when you’ve been there too many times, and after you've tried just almost everything on the menu. What to do now? Consider switching to a new restaurant or bar that is famous for its desert and mojitos. This is super perfect for an early night, a little lasciviousness, and a heck lot of time for a serious kissing session with your date.

Date Idea #4: Be And Play Like Kids Again
True, all those gaming arcades are filled with kids everywhere. But, these little buggers (no offense) need to go bed on weeknight. Call your girlfriend and stop by the nearest arcade and let both of yourselves free for a romantic getaway filled with tons of fun, games, and prizes without all the craziness that we all know when you visit those places during the weekends. This is an excellent way to spend any weekday with your date, if you're feeling especially nostalgic for your childhood, and want to re-live and re-experience it with your significant other.

Date Idea #5: Explore The Neighborhood
Living in your new place in a new neighborhood, and know nothing about it? Take your car or bike, crank up your favorite tunes, and go out for a spin with your significant other. Nothing can be better than cruising the open road and your significant other sitting beside you, the wind flowing through your hair, the sunlight basking on your faces, and those fleeting sultry melodies. If you’re dating or in a relationship, this is the best way to last the date as long as you want it to, giving you plenty of time to focus solely on your date.

4 Profile Photo Rules That Will Attract The Best Girls To Your Online Dating Profile

So, you decided to meet someone and give online dating a try. It’s forward-thinking and proactive. But there are something no one tells you about online dating that you should be careful about. Otherwise, they might become counterintuitive for your online dating experience. And understanding what kind of photos you need to upload to attract more women to your online dating profile is one of them.

Nobody tells you how to make the most attractive online profile, giving the fact the concept is relatively new for most people. We can’t ask our parents for help because they did meet each other on Tinder! So, we have to rely on the trial and error method, and the good news is that we can learn from our mistakes and repeat it again.

Before we start, let’s make one thing clear: pictures aren’t everything. When it comes to online dating, it’s familiar to most people have high expectations and often nitpick their potential matches. But, keep mind that doesn't say much about a person. If you don’t think like this, you’ll never to able to date a woman. Therefore, we would suggest you put more emphasis in promoting yourself as a mature and empathetic person, who is capable of being in a committed relationship with a woman, to your potential partners.

Here are four rules everyone dating looking for women online should follow, draw women in with your most attractive profile pictures or selfies.

  1. Upload or post just a few photos and only your best ones. You should have between three to five photos uploaded to your online dating profile. Remember to include a primary shot; an activity shot and a full-length body shot. This way the ladies can see your handsome face and your body, and also get an idea of something or activity you like doing or enjoy such as skiing, painting, etc.
  2. Let the ladies tell which you uploaded they like the most. After all, you’re looking for a woman, and they’re the ones you are trying to attract. So, let them in which photograph you look the best. Taking a selfie in the bathroom or the gym without your shirt might seem like a good idea to attract the ladies, to them, you might just come across as desperate.
  3. Show your eyes. Eyes are the windows to the soul, or least that’s what they’re telling us. Whether that's true of not, the eyes are, no doubt, one of the most expressive features in a man or a woman. So, if you want girls to notice you, then don't hide them behind a pair of shades!
  4. While looking for someone online, avoid showing too much depth in your photographs. Girls won’t be drooling or going to be attracted to your pictures if they’re too dark, too grainy, too artsy, too goofy, too bright, too posed or even too sexy. Share photos that you took in a normal setting and try to look natural. To be honest, women simply like to see pictures of you on how you look on a typical day and doing the things you like.

Want To Have A Successful Blind Date? Here are few Tips that Works

Blind dates can be an exciting experience for everyone looking for a partner. Most of us get very curious and anxious while meeting someone new for the first time. This is totally normal, and you might find yourself asking several difficult questions such as, “What is going on? What should I do? How can I prepare? How can I make a good impression? How can I have a great conversation with her?” etc. We have also seen people having a disappointing experience on a first date. So, it’s important that you prepare well for the blind date to increase your chances of finding your true love.

So, how can you prepare for a blind date? Below are some useful tips:

Prepare For The Best
You need to prepare well to have a successful blind date. This is first and most important blind date tips for guys. You need to make up your mind of what you’re going to wear and what topic you’ll talk about. It is also necessary for planning a great romantic dating spot for a successful blind date. Make sure that you pick a place that you both like. Preparing ahead before the actual date will prevent you from being in an awkward position like you planned to go to the club, but the girl wants to go the movie theater.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic
Keep your expectations realistic if you want to have a successful blind date. It’s a worse feeling to experience going to a blind date and expecting “Miss Perfect” to show up. You won’t find anyone who meets 100 percent of your long list of expectation. It’s pretty common to meet someone on a blind date who can make you disappointed. So, we recommend you don’t create unrealistic impressions of your date in your mind; even you’ve read her dating profile carefully had an interesting phone call or got impressed what the matchmaker have said for her.

Being Yourself
It’s okay to feel anxious and nervous while going for a first date for many obvious reasons. You can get off your anxiety by opening up your mind about your blind date and just being yourself. It is worth a shot if you’re looking for real love. Tell yourself you’re a good man and deserve love and affection. Be confident about your appearance, your personality, and your career. Don’t spend too much looking your best, just wear what you like and be groomed nicely.

Date At A Local Public Place And Arrive Timely Or Early
Remember you’re meeting a woman you’ve not known before. She is just a stranger to you. So, it’s safer and better for you to take your date at local public places that relate both to your and her hobbies and interests instead of going to strange places with few people around. A bookstore, a bar, a club, a coffee shop, or crowded restaurants are ideal for dates. Also, don’t arrive late for the date. It creates bad judgment and disappointments. If you’re late, then apologize sincerely and explain your reasons. And finally, always end the date with a good impression. Tell them what’s on your mind, what you like about your date, and how you feel about them.

Guys! This Dating App Most Men Like As Women On It Are Easy Going

There has been a lot of articles about the merits and demerits of online dating sites. But, what about the dating apps? Dating apps have become immensely popular thanks to the massive popularity of smartphone. However, the world of dating apps is so contorted, don’t you think? Well, at first, most people were using dating apps because everyone thought they were just for hooking up. But, recently we have seen people using popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, looking for serious relationships and always defending their potential.

Nevertheless, dating apps do seem like decent ways to find a partner, it didn’t hold that distinction for long, as the mainstreams society has until now labeled deemed these dating apps fit for perverts and creeps. Besides, there have been many surveys and social experiments conducted on dating apps, and most surveys concluded that dating apps are mostly considered as a mean to hook up. In fact, there is one app most guys looking for hookups like the most as they think hooking up with women on it are easy.

So, can you guess which one is it? Well, you guessed it right: It’s Tinder!

We found that men who love Tinder because of its high hookup potential are overwhelmingly angry, nerdy, and big fans of taking out their anger on Reddit. One such Reddit user to ask the site's users to rate which dating app they liked better, and the choices were Tinder or Bumble. The response was overwhelming and obvious with Tinder coming out on top, while Bumble got a whole lot of hate. One Reddit user ranted out that he has tried both apps for two years but never got a date. He also said that though he got a couple of matches on Tinder, but got almost none on Bumble. It’s evident that girls on Bumble seem to have way higher standards than those on Tinder. He also said that most of the time the girls on Bumble never responded, and he initiated almost all of the conversations.

So, what does this mean? Does it mean that guys don’t want to date a girl with high morals and standards? Aren’t having high morals and criteria a good thing to have in a potential partner? Isn’t a partner with high standards crucial to have a happy and long-lasting relationship?

Another guy hates Bumble as the app doesn’t allow users to send messages to women who are uninterested constantly. While on Tinder, you can do that, even if you ignored your messages. There have been other comments of users telling despite getting plenty of matches on Bumble; no one cared to respond him, which was a total waste of time. Some even commented that Bumble is where girls went when they failed to get laid on Tinder.

So, where does this leave us? It’s for sure these Reddit users will keep on hating Bumble as they can’t use it to continuously send unsolicited messages to women not interested in them or can’t use it to stalk women. These guys think that Bumble is only for confident, successful women, who don’t want to date losers. Well, good for women as this means that getting on Bumble is one of the best decisions for all those single ladies looking for a relationship out there.

Want To Use Tinder App Successfully? Here Are Some Awesome Tinder Dating Tips!

Over 91 million people around the globe use various dating apps, reports The Guardian. A lot of men and women between the ages of 16 and 34 are using dating apps as it’s an effective way forgo the painful complexities of speed dating and blind dating, and spending those long lonely nights staring at the TV. Among the plethora of dating apps, Tinder has become very popular, mainly because they’re so accessible on smartphones.

But, it’s not about the tools; it’s how successfully you use those tools. Here’s how to successfully use the Tinder app:

The Swipe
Since Tinder allows you to only send messages to women with whom you established a mutual Tinder connection, don’t limit your options. Keep swiping right for almost all the women that get displayed on your feed. The higher number woman that show up, the higher are the chances of you meeting your match.

The Profile Photo
Whether it’s social media, dating site or dating app your profile photo plays a crucial role in you landing a date. Your profile picture should represent your personality and interests. It’s an advertisement to show what kind of man you are, what your lifestyle is like or what your interests are. For instance, if you’re a hiker, post an impressive picture of yourself at the peak of a mountain or hill with a breathtaking view. If you’re an avid art lover, share a high-quality picture of your in front of the famous Monalisa portrait in the Louvre museum in Paris, France. Another option is to take a photo of yourself alongside your family members or friends to show how much they mean to you, and how much important they are in your life.

The Messaging
Now that you’ve found your match, it’s time for you to make the first move. Send your lovely match a brief message that showcases all the mutual interests you both have. This approach is safe, comfortable and feels non-threatening and shows her that you’re truly interested in her. You can also go a little overboard by sending her a compliment in your message. Compliment something about her style sense, her hair, her eyes or her smile.

Most women place a high value on these features as it makes them feel that you’re genuinely attracted to her, instead of objectifying her. It also makes them realize that besides her physical attributes, you’re also acknowledging her unique traits. Keep your messages small and sweet, and don’t propose anything sexual initially, even if you’re only using the app for casual hook-ups. Instead, entice her with fun and interesting snippets that will invoke her curiosity to meet you in person.

The Flirt
If you want to date a woman, you need to make that woman feel desired. Get to know her well. Ask her questions about herself, her personal interests, favorite things to do in her pastime, favorite ice-cream, favorite places to visit in the city or anything else that you might have in common. Show your excitement and enthusiasm while conveying your feelings to her. Don’t make her wait.

Why Isn’t He Replying To Your Dating Profile Messages? Here Are Some Real Reasons!

Some people really hate online dating, and some of the reason they explain are pretty legit. They tell that they hate it because there’s absolutely no way to tell who a person is without meeting them in person. Then there are lots of folks who don’t bother replying to your messages, and that can be kind of jarring. You keep wondering whether the guy who seemed like a good match for you is interested in you or what.

If you’re wondering why men don't respond to your messages, here are some reasons that may explain it:

1. You Aren’t His Type – Physically
Love it or hate it – when it comes to dates, “hot” people will make it to the finish line first, especially if you’re a woman. This is exactly why most people, particularly women, are reluctant to look for potential partners online as it’s difficult to find a guy who can look beyond a woman’s physical appearance.

2. People Assume That You Seem Crazy
This is pretty common. If you’re seeing a pattern of guys ghosting, revisited your profile, and reread all your messages, it might make you think that he’s desperate, depressed or too aggressive. But, he eventually bailed on you because he was worried that you might over-react if he gets in touch with you. Another reason can be that he took longer than usual to check his account and realized that it would be awkward to message you back and you might over-react.

3. He Got Caught By His Girlfriend/ Wife
This one is not only crazy, it downright dangerous. It’s reported that as many as one out of every four profiles in most dating sites has been created by a guy who is already in a serious relationship.

4. He Found Someone Else
Most men will stop chatting on dating sites only after they’re in serious and committed relationships. Guys get fed up with everything, and online dating is no exception. If you find that all of a sudden his dating profile has disappeared, it’s highly likely that he’s done with looking for dates online, or is has found someone else. You may think that it’s unfair, but it is what it is, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

5. You May Have Taken Too Long To Reply
Come on; this can happen to anyone of us. You become busy with life; you spend a week without checking your inbox, and in the meantime, a cute guy checks your profile and sends you a message. If you've waited too long to reply, he’ll think that you’re not interested in him and move on. Well, it’s unfortunate, but wouldn’t you do the same?

6. He’s Just Not Interested
You can’t force people to be attracted or be interested in you. There is no point in sitting there and tell your potential match to be interested in you because, to be honest, it doesn’t work. So, don't waste your time and move on.

7. He Doesn’t Want To Be Serious With You
He might have realized that he wants to be in a relationship, but at the same time also realized that he’s not ready to be in a committed relationship. Most guys, after realizing that the woman they found online is only looking a commitment relationship and nothing else, he will leave her. To tell the truth, this is both hurtful and courteous at the same time.

Want To Be A Man Whisperer? Check Out These 5 Tips!

Men and women react differently when it comes to verbal communication. Just speaking the same language won’t be enough to convey each other’s feelings and emotions. It’s because there are real differences in the way women and men think, and both sexes transmit their thoughts to each other. Most women complain that their boyfriends only don’t care about what they have to say, but holding this view means that they’re missing a vital point. Speaking and listening to man is and will always be an art, and need some effort combined with a strategy.

Here’s how you can become a “man whisperer.”

Less is More
It’s been proven that women do talk more than men. In fact, it’s three times as much as men! Besides, the way most women think and process information and their feelings are also different than men. Most of the conversation about good communication is often aimed at getting guys to open and speak honestly and freely. This seems like a real goal. But, being a man whisperer isn’t a one-way street. Communication flows both ways.

Content is King
Here’s the truth. Some topics will not enthrall a regular guy no matter how you put it, do or say. For example, your boyfriend is hardly interested what you’ll be wearing on your friend’s wedding. So, what is the point of asking him or even making him to pretend? In such cases, his feelings for you won’t be affected whether he listens well or not. So, let him of your radar on this one.

Timing Makes All The Difference
Time is everything when it comes to having a proper conversation. When you need to discuss something important, be careful to pick the right time. If he has returned from work, he will be less attentive what you’re talking about. Rather, wait until midnight or just before kickoff of the big game to begin. Being sensitive to his needs is as good and healthy, just like he is to your needs. It’s a good strategy for a fruitful and lasting relationship. Being mindful of the time to talk about important issues is an excellent and effective way to increase your chance of getting hold of interest and attention when it’s required the most

Give And Take Is Necessary
Talking to your man is not a monolog. A man will be more interested in talking with a woman is the conversation flows both ways, and the feedback is reciprocal. Ask him what he thinks about what you’ve said. Then make him aware why his views seem to be interesting or valuable to you. Talk about what he did all day with a curious nature. Appreciate his accomplishments and respect for what he has achieved. If you give him the attention which he thinks rightfully deserves, it’s highly likely he will do the same to you, too.

Put Emphasis on Body Language
In any conversation, we reveal more of ourselves through body language, which includes eye contact, posture, voice tone, and the positioning of our hands and feet. Body language conveys more of feelings and thoughts than flirty or romantic words. You can give your communication and flirting techniques by taking full advantage of these excellent tools. For instance, if you lay your hand on his forearm and looking at him with the eyes while speaking will make your man feel valued, cared and wanted. It will get him to feel interested in you, and what best you don’t have to compete with anyone for it!

Find The Right Way to Win Your Man’s Heart

We all know the about the tagline that, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Well, that’s true to some extent. And who doesn’t like a good cook or a great homemaker? No doubt, a man will love and admire you for your talents and abilities, but it’s more than that if you want your man to fall in love with you, and develop a long-term relationship with you.

Remember Your “Weaknesses” Are Your Greatest Strengths When It Comes To Love
When you’re confident to show your boyfriend or husband all the “flaws” or “imperfections” you have, it’s at that moment he can actually open up to you and become more close to you. Why do you ask? You see as you’re showing your man your flaws, you’re demonstrating to him that you’re human. People are imperfect, and we all make mistakes. It intrigues him, and makes him admire you more, and makes him interested to know more about you. But, most importantly, it makes him feel safer and less vulnerable to show his flaws too. This is the moment where the real connection and emotional intimacy between two people start to happen, and where you’ll find a space to receive and store all the love you want from a man. Let’s talk about an example to put this in perspective.

Suppose you want to cook something nice for your partner, but you feel a little stressed given the fact that you have a horrible history of burning food. But, still, you want to cook to show how much you love and appreciate your spouse for all the good moments he brings in the relationship. Anyways, you cooked a turkey and got the table ready for dinner. And suddenly your boyfriend tells you that he smells something is burnt! You don’t want to believe and trying to defend your position. As your partner insists, and you eventually admit that you did screw up that turkey. If you acknowledge that you burned the turkey, it’s highly likely that your boyfriend will empathize with your sadness, remove your misery, and love and connect with you more.

Show A Man Your Soft Side And See The Love Pouring In
The above incidents are very common to come by in relationships, but it means little to a man. But, moments like these will make you realize that it’s only you can judge you, and it’s your responsibility to be a good partner. Remind yourself that being perfect won’t help to make a man fully attracted to you, but showing your imperfections will. If your boyfriend likes for you for all the perfections and flaws you’ve, he will encourage you to stand up to any ultimate test of any relationship. He will inspire and make you feel that you’re at your best when you’re with him.

So, the next time you’re on a date, don’t try too hard to conceal your imperfections from him. Allow yourself to be vulnerable when you’re with him and show him what you’re really feeling. Let him see that you aren’t all perfect. Showing your softer side of yourself is one of the courageous and strongest things you can do in a relationship.