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flirting tips

Role Reversal: 30 Pickup Lines For Women To Use On Men

Posted By: on June 19,2018
While it's usually guys laying down the cheesy pickup lines, some moments call for a role reversal! Check out thirty great pickup lines for women to use on men: You know what they say about men with big feet. Want to prove that to me? See this scar? It’s when I fell for you. Am I the only one who’s feeling wet or it’s just my vagina? I’m feeling exhausted. Can I sit on your face? Do you have a… [+]
getting married

Taking the Plunge: 3 Important Questions To Ask Before Getting Engaged

Posted By: on June 11,2018
So you're thinking of proposing to your partner - or you have an idea that your partner may propose to you. Either way, getting engaged is a huge step to take in a relationship. It means that "holy matrimony" is on the horizon! While you obviously love your partner, and you probably think you know everything there is to know about them, there are some important questions to ask before getting engaged. There are certain, well, deal breakers you should… [+]

Young Love: 30 Great Date Ideas For Teens

Posted By: on June 08,2018
Going on dates is a huge part of a relationship! The perfect date is a combination of fun and romantic, and can really make or break a potential relationship. While there are seemingly endless options for fun and romantic dates, there aren't so many date options for teenage couples. Teenagers have to worry about certain things like being underage (No bars or clubs!) and making it home in time for curfew (No late-night concerts or romantic getaways!) Teenagers also have… [+]

Major Missteps: 4 Things You Should Never Do On A First Date

Posted By: on June 06,2018
First dates are a serious hit or miss situation. If you make a mistake, you've most likely ruined the chances for another date, let alone a relationship with this person. If you want to make a great impression on a first date, there are some things you definitely should avoid doing. Check out four things you should never do on a first date: 1. Have Sex There's some debate surrounding this, but for the most part, having sex on the… [+]
speed dating tips

Hyperspeed Romance: 20 Quick Questions To Ask When Speed Dating

Posted By: on May 28,2018
Speed dating is a popular way of meeting new people and getting to explore your options all in the course of a day. When speed dating, you get to meet numerous potential partners, but only spend a few minutes with each one. If you're going to try speed dating, you'll have to known how to make the most of your time. You only get about 5 to 10 minutes with each person, so you want to make sure that you… [+]
what women want in a man

More Than Good Looks: 4 Things Women Look For In A Man

Posted By: on May 21,2018
They say that women look for a man who is tall, dark and handsome. The truth is that it's so much more than that. There are certain traits and characteristics that women want in a potential partner. A handsome face isn't going to be enough anymore! If you're interested in what women really want, check out these four major things women look for in a man: 1. Sense of Humor Women love men who can make them laugh. There are… [+]
kevin sampson erectile dysfunction

71 Year Old Kevin Sampson Secure $100 Million Investment for ‘HOLY GRAIL ED CURE’

Posted By: on May 20,2018
How did this 71 year old man's struggle with erectile dysfunction lead to a $100 million dollar business deal with two of the richest men in the world? Kevin Sampson had been battling erectile dysfunction for over a decade. He couldn't even remember the last time he was intimate with his wife, Linda. The issue had taken such a toll on his marriage, the couple was considering divorce after being married over 50 years! Kevin knew he had to do… [+]

Talking to Guys: 30 Compliments To Give A Man

Posted By: on May 18,2018
Talking to guys isn't always easy. You're never quite sure what to say or what not to say. It's always nice to start a conversation with a compliment, but it's harder to compliment men than to compliment women. Some compliments may come off sarcastic or emasculating. To help you strike up a conversation, check out 30 compliments to give a man: Your new haircut looks really great! Hey, handsome. Where have you been all my life? You've got a really… [+]
donald trump iq

Donald Trump Reveals Brain ‘Smart Pill’ Supplement on Dr. Oz Show!

Posted By: on May 18,2018
We all know that Donald Trump was famous long before becoming the President of the United States. As a billionaire business man and reality television star, Donald Trump has been praised for his many successful endeavors. With that said, many people wonder just how he's been able to master so many things... What Are the Donald Trump Brain Pills? Donald Trump discusses [locate_one]. We decided to do some research into Donald Trump's daily routine to see if there's a secret… [+]

NSW Mum Discovers Pill That “CURED MY HUBBY’S ED” And How our sex life is back from the dead!!!

Posted By: on May 18,2018
On the outside, it seemed like Nikki Watts had it all. She had the perfect husband, good kids, a big house and a great job. All of her friends and family thought that Nikki had the perfect life and they often told her how envious they were. It turns out, no one knew that Nikki was hiding a huge secret about her marriage. Nikki's seemingly perfect marriage was actually in big trouble and was nearing divorce! Nikki didn't want to… [+]