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Looking For A Soulmate Is Same Like Shopping For The Perfect Outfit

When you’re looking for a new dress or outfit, there are steps you need know about to find the perfect one. If you're someone who has been doing this for a long time, you probably know what shops to check, and what styles that look good on you. Similarly, if you’re looking for a soulmate, there are also steps you need know about to find the perfect one. It’s not like someone will teach you how you can find the perfect man or woman for you, right?

Here’s how you can find your soulmate:

  1. Shop Around

When you’re looking for the perfect dress, suit or whatever, you shop around. You try on a few different styles and outfits. You scour for great deals. When you're looking for your soulmate, you should be open and be comfortable meeting different people and try to date them. Explore your options and keep your options, at least, in the beginning, stages of dating someone new.

  1. Ask Yourself All The Important Questions

When you’re in search of the perfect suit, you probably ask these questions like, “Do I have the right shoes? Does this suit follow the latest trends?” etc.  When you're dating for your soulmate, you ask yourself these questions, “Will this woman fit into my universe? Will she like my friends? Will she fit into my family? Will people around me like her? Does she flatter me? Does she contribute to you? Do you feel 100 percent of yourself when you are with her? If you’ve found your soulmate, she’ll easily fit into your life and you into her. It should feel comfortable and fun. For that to happen, you both should become best friends with each other, before you become partners.

  1. Make Sure It'll Last

When you’re searching for the perfect outfit, you make sure yourself that the outfit is of high quality. You also ensure that it will last for a long time. The same criteria can be applied while looking for a perfect partner and that she’s of high-quality. If she tells you that she’s looking for a serious relationship or marriage, then she’s the right woman for you. And it doesn’t matter how awesome you are and how hard you try, it’s highly likely you won’t be able to change her. You should only date someone who has her priority set right and is looking for a committed, long-lasting relationship.

  1. Never Rush Into Anything

If you want to buy the outfit you always wanted, and notice that the price is more than you’re willing to pay, sleep on it. Put it on hold for at least a day; take some time to decide whether it’s really worth it. When you’re looking for a soulmate and found one you like, don’t rush. Take some time getting to know her, and decide if she’s the one for you. Couples, who rush into a serious relationship or talk about marriage right after the first date can face problems later on in the relationship. If she’s your true soulmate, there is no need to rush things.

This Is How A Woman Meets The Man Of Her Dreams

When it comes to relationships, we all want to meet that special someone with whom we hope to spend the rest of our lives with. We keep searching day and night, high and low for them. We also find our soulmates on dating sites like, and dating apps like Tinder. We show up in bars and nightclubs, hoping that we will fall in love with the guy or the girl dancing to Drake’s latest hits. But, keep in mind, there are plenty of other men and women doing the same thing, and if you’re like a lot of folks out there, many of these endeavors won’t get you what you want. Sometimes, you’ll fail miserably and become frustrated.

So, you might ask yourself, where is the most likely place you’ll meet “your soulmate” or “the one”? Here we will be mainly focusing on what a woman does to meet and date the man of her dreams. But, before that, let’s start with ages. According to Marie Claire magazine, an average woman will meet her future partner at age 25, while guys will find their partner at around 28, which is a bit longer than women.

But how will a woman meet her future spouse? Here’s what a woman looks for to accomplish that:

  1. Men, who are financially secure and stable

The ladies know very well that most guys won’t commit to a serious relationship unless they have a steady job and career. It’s expected and common knowledge.

  1. They’ve to be of a certain age

When it comes to being committed to a relationship or marriage, age plays a significant role. For example, college grads will only start to think of getting married at age 25 to 29, while people with an advanced degree or career holders won’t think of tying the knot as long as they’re 32. However, it’s reported that a man committing to a relationship or marriage diminishes drastically after age 38. So, if you’re too old, your chances of being in a relationship with a woman will decrease.

  1. Men, who marry are fed up with dating

Most guys want to have sex regularly, and for that, they need to be women. But, just like women and with most other things in life, men will get tired of dating. So, if a woman is looking for marriage, she’s looking for a man, who is tired of dating and interested in taking that all important “next step” in life. Otherwise, it’s highly likely a guy won’t commit.

  1. Most men want to commit to a marriage or a long-term relationship after they realize that they are no longer dating material or “no longer fit in” with most dating crowds.

It doesn’t matter, where you’re or where you go, most bars and nightclubs where singles mingle and have fun are crowded with people of a younger age, and the ladies think this is where they can find marriage material men. If these guys, who are also looking for women, feel that they’re too old to hang out with that crowd, they’ll naturally start thinking about settling down with “the one.” These men had this realization when they came to know they’re too old to keep it up. So, getting married is the only option for them, and that’s what the ladies want.

If You Want A Drama-Free Relationship Date A Woman With These 3 Zodiac Signs

We all know jealousy isn’t good for relationships.  Some men and women will get jealous over just about anything. It doesn’t matter, if you smile at someone beautiful or just because you're polite, or you hold the door for someone who isn’t your girlfriend, they’ll fire up with rage, envy, and insecurity. We already told you at the beginning that jealousy can severely ruin a relationship. If you’re a jealous person, this might not seem like such a bad thing to you, but to your partner, it’s a major deal breaker.

Then there are folks who rarely if ever get jealous. Why is that? It’s because these men and women have their own things to get worried about, but if you give them a reason to think you’re risking your relationship with them, they’ll dump you, no questions asked.  For a few zodiac signs, it seems like nothing can faze them. These individuals simply like to focus doing their own thing and only surround themselves with people who are respectful of it. While talking about jealousy, these people know that their partners are either being faithful or aren't, period. They aren’t into nitpicking.

Anyways if you date ladies with these three zodiac signs, you’ll never see them going green with envy about the relationship, unless you're anything but faithful to these women:

  1. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

An Aquarius woman is an independent person and likes to be herself. If she’s looking for a partner, she likes to treat the person as a friend before he can be her partner, lover, significant other, or whatever you want to call it. So, you see she doesn’t feel the need to get jealous. Because she doesn’t see the reason why she needs to be jealous over things her friends are doing. So, why would she get jealous for what her partner is doing?

  1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

An Aries only worries about herself. She doesn’t seem anxious about no one else. She thinks that jealousy is an indication that you’re insecure, and you can’t be jealous if you’re confident and feel secure. She maintains a busy schedule complete with meeting new people, working her ass off and partying, of course. She just doesn’t have time to be or get jealous. She believes that life is all about consistently improving, networking, and making your mark there. An Aries woman also knows that hanging out or having lunch with someone, or doing something nice or buying a gift for a friend doesn’t mean anything than what it is. Being jealous over someone means that someone has control and power over you, that’s what she firmly believes.

  1. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 19)

A Sagittarius woman lives in the moment. A  Sagittarius woman is a free spirit. She lives a day at a time. Her day begin from the moment she wakes up in the morning and ends the moment she goes to bed.  She only wants to enjoy herself. Being jealous means, she has to shift herself out of her place, which is something a Sagittarius, has no interest in doing. As she’s is a free spirited person, it’s hard for a Sagittarius woman to bind herself by being in a relationship. So, when she is faced with jealousy or any other negative emotion that threatens to ruin the relationship, she’ll usually distance herself from it.

3 Important Things That Are Different in Men and Women When It Comes To Dating And Relationships

A disproportionate amount of effort and time has been spent trying to figure out the differences between men and women. And after all these centuries, men still see women as an enigma, while the ladies still think men are still emotionally closed as they’ve been at the time. So, does that mean we didn’t learn anything over the years? Is there an emotional blueprint or genetic pattern that will help us to explain why guys and gals act so differently in a relationship or while dating?

Although there aren’t any absolute assumptions, there is some information we can ponder on when we take a deeper look at the unique biological, sociological, and evolutionary characteristics of men and women.

Here are three big difference things we must all remember about men and women:

  1. Men and women evolved differently.

This is a biological fact. Men were developed to hunt, provide and protect their families from their enemies. To get the job done, men had to learn to detach and suspend their empathy. On the other hand, women’s brains were developed to accomplish more relational roles. They gave birth, raised kids, and worked in communal environments. The way men and women evolved over the centuries still play a role in how they relate to each other today. It’s this reason why women look for a more empathic conversation from their boyfriends or husbands, and the guys get criticized for it because they lack the same emotional capacity like them. Another thing to mention here is that these evolutionary differences don’t make matters easy.

Today, men and women’s bodies and brains have evolved differently than the environments they lived before. Men don’t hunt anymore and always provide for the family, and not all women require to get married or procreate and take on a nurturing role. This “evolutionary mismatch” can create anxiety and confusion for men and women. But, if both of them openly talked or shared their feelings about those mismatches, it can help bring peace and harmony into a relationship.

  1. Both Genders don’t necessarily agree with sex and love.

As we said earlier, men lack the skills to engage in an empathetic dialogue with women because of evolution. However, both men and women often have vastly different views when it comes to relationships and sex. For instance, it’s been reported that guys are four times more susceptible than women to think that emotional intimacy and sex are the same things, despite some significant differences. Also, various studies have discovered that men fall in love faster than women. So, it’s easy to tell that when it comes to sex and love, men and women might have completely different opinions than their partners. This is why communication is so important in committed relationships and marriages.

  1. The relationship between men and women keeps on evolving

This point is especially important for couples who are long-term relationships.  If a couple marries in their 20s, they’ve reminded that their priorities, the roles, and expectations they have now will continue to change and evolve as the relationship reaches one milestone after other. Having children, careers, finances, dealing with retirement, etc., all can completely change the relationship so many levels between a couple.

Love Isn’t Always Beautiful; It Is Hard And Ugly

Believe it or not, love isn’t always beautiful.  It’s hard and ugly. It can be frightening. We all have been told that love is beautiful and marked with sweet kisses, tender moments, and huge gestures of romance. But, couples, who have been married or are in long-term relationships admitted, love certainly isn’t beautiful. Don’t get us wrong. We all believe in love and believe it is a worthwhile venture. It makes us happier, and we can enjoy a pretty great life together. But, that won’t surprise some people to ultimately realize the fact that love isn’t beautiful, at least the real one.

You see anyone who has been married or in a relationship for several years will realize, sooner or later, that love isn’t as beautiful or picture-perfect as described. Of course, there are exceptions. But, apart from these moments, love or romance isn’t beautiful, not even close. Real love, which marriages and committed relationships are built upon, can sometimes, be ugly and imperfect. It is littered with frustrations, challenges and harsh real life obstacles. The happiness and bliss in the relationship get replaced by the hectic activities of our daily lives, and the mundane routines of the modern world become more important than spontaneous romance. We see ourselves screaming at our partners, in-laws, money, who spilled wine in the sofa, fighting with each other who will take out the trash, etc. Love is about seeing each other at their worst and most hideous moments, inside and out, and still having the guts to say, “Honey, I love you, and will always be right here beside you.”

So, why isn’t love beautiful? Here’s why:

Love isn’t beautiful because it isn’t always about gorgeous flowers, perfect gifts, stunning hair and makeup, and romantic dinners every day – well, at least, for most folks. Love isn’t always Facebook-worthy or Instagram-worthy. And it inevitably necessarily about romantic and beautiful strolls in a daisy field or the beach under the perfectly setting sun. Love is hard, it’s ugly, and it’s scary. Sometimes, love is all about the moments that you don’t want your friends or anyone else to see. It’s scarred by indecision, strife, choices, struggles, and challenges.

Love isn’t beautiful because it’s one of the most incredibly complex as well as worthwhile ventures in a human’s life. We will look for love, pursue love, want love and fall in love, despite knowing the fact, love isn’t beautiful. We still do everything imaginable for love and convert the ugly moments with the good ones, because we feel so emotionally connected with that person. We are so emotionally invested in another person; we will ignore and even make ourselves forget that love isn’t always beautiful, and sometimes, trade it for a bleak and arduous version of it. In spite of, all the craziness, ugliness, and fears love brings, we still somehow manage to smile and to figure out the beauty in it, even at the worst times. That’s how powerful, and influencing love is.

When you’re looking for love, remember that love isn’t always beautiful, and by accepting this reality we can locate the true depth of love, its true meaning and appreciate the experience better.

Do You Always Get Cheated On? Blame Your Zodiac Sign!

Are you finding it difficult to be in committed relationships? Have you become bitter of relationships because you always get cheated on? Have you reached a decision that all guys are only horn dogs who can’t be faithful to their girlfriends? Are you fed up by becoming a victim of infidelity again and again that has made you eventually swing the other way?

When it comes to relationships, it’s common for many men and women to get cheated on at least once in their life. But, if this keeps happening to you on a consistent basis, there is something much deeper that you should ponder on. The truth is maybe you are responsible for it. In other words, it might actually be your fault. Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter, what kind of relationship you’re or no matter what is going on, infidelity is never acceptable. You can’t cheat on your girlfriend or boyfriend because you’re unhappy in your relationship or having problems in your relationship. Cheating is never a good answer. However, there is a chance that your zodiac sign could be actively driving your partners to make this awful decision.

Ask yourself these questions; Are you too closed off intimately? Do you often use sex as a weapon? Are you unsuccessful in fulfilling your spouse physical and emotional needs? If you think that you feel more guilty of these relationships crimes than others, It’s highly likely that it’s because of your zodiac sign.

Here are three zodiac signs get cheated on the most:

  1. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

An Aquarius is said to be cold and insensitive. Folks with this zodiac sign are known to be good at heart, but they tend to use their coldness to protect themselves from premature intimacy. If your partner is an Aquarius, you might face some problems to feel close or intimate with them and think that your Aquarius partner doesn’t really care about you and your problems. Nonetheless, an Aquarius is often seen busy changing the world, and it might make their spouses feel ignore or less appreciated. This is particularly noticeable when they ask for attention, affection, and connection from someone else.

  1. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Men and women with a Cancer zodiac sign are known for their selfishness, emotional disposition, and frequent mood swings. A partner who is a Cancer can really drive his or her partner to cheat on them. They are loving people, but they often let others take advantage of them. This might compel them to have affairs with people who aren’t honest. As a Cancer are highly emotional, they can become quite needy, desperate or clingy, which may drive their partners to be unfaithful or date someone else.

  1. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgo possesses a methodical view of life and in most situations can become so engrossed in the details that they fail to be attentive partners. They’re extremely insecure, have low self-esteem and have a hard time to accept that they’re worthy of love or beautiful. Their low self-esteem and insecurities might compel their exciting partners to look for a woman or a man, who are more attentive and confident.

Troy Aikman Fiancee Revealed This Erectile Dysfunction Miracle Pill That Cured his ED Once and for All!

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How to Get Over Your Major Insecurities When Dating

When it comes to dating and relationships, insecurity is an intriguing personality trait.  Most say that feeling insecure or vulnerable is a major turn off for men and women looking for a relationship and that it will prevent anyone from being attracted to him/her or wanting to have to have a serious relationship with him/her. The truth is, if you’re insecure, psychologically fit men or women will have no desire to date you. Meanwhile, men or women, who are psychologically unhealthy, will be attracted and want to date you. In a nutshell, the feelings of insecurity have different consequences for different people.

But, how do relationships work out when you’re insecure? How can you embark on a relationship when you’re insecure? If you’re dating a woman, who is attracted or interested in you, but if you see that she has some major emotional insecurity, you don’t have to settle with her. Why? Because, she can see that you’re insecure and she also knows that your vulnerabilities mean that deep down, you’re to some degree, psychologically unhealthy. Men and women, who are attracted to people, whose insecurities are evident, are attracted or “turned on” based on unhealthy psychological stimulations.

So, why would a person date someone who has significant insecurities?

Well, if you happen to be someone, who is struggling with big emotional insecurities, you need to be cautious because the men and women who are attracted to you are in most cases attracted to you for the wrong reasons. They want to control you. They want to exert power on you. They want to save or protect you. These individuals are codependent. They want to date or have a relationship with someone, which is broken and has low self-esteem and confidence because they believe that a broken person is less likely to leave them.

So, how can you rid yourself from your insecurities?

Taking therapy is the best way to deal with your insecurities. Consider for either a few sessions or go in it a year or couple of years. You might assume that this annoying, unnecessary, or expensive, but it’s the best and most practical approach to ensure your chances of finding a relationship that works. And, if you’re having some financial issues and don’t want to go for therapy, many low-cost therapists will provide you a decent service. Another way to get rid of insecurities is read more about insecurities and how to get rid of them. You can search online for relationship advice, or scour a local bookstore and look for books or magazines that have relationship advice. If you make some effort to educate yourself about emotional insecurities, what are their sources, and how to recover from them, you’ll see that your self-esteem and confidence will be boosted.

Self-care is the best care

Finding an ideal relationship isn’t rocket science. Preserve your self-esteem and your emotions by only keeping people, who are close to you, cares about you, makes you feel wanted and good about yourself. Take good care of yourself and if you’re feeling lost, upset or frustrated, write about in a journal. Call your friends or family for support and listen to their advice.

How To Find Your Ideal Partner? Use The Law Of Attraction

In dating and relationships, what does the law of attraction mean? The law of attraction is the belief that by focusing on our positive thoughts we can make positive changes or bring about positive results. By understanding and following this easy rule, you’ll realize that attracting an ideal lifelong partner is that hard as most people have been telling you.

The following are four ways on how you use the law of attraction to find your soulmate:

  1. Be positively clear about what you like to see in a partner

Every failed relationship you’ve gives you hints about what you like to see in an ideal boyfriend or girlfriend. The main issue here is most men and women tend to focus on the negatives instead of the positives. For instance, if you say you don’t want to be in a relationship with a woman, who “puts her career before the relationship,” you’re mainly focusing on a woman who puts her work before love. And that is the desire you’re sending out unconsciously through your energy. Fortunately, if you know what you don't want, it means you know what you do want. The power you’ve within give you the ability to pick thoughts that are positive. This way you can tell the world and yourself exactly what you desire. If the thoughts you’re having makes you feel great, it’s positive. And if it makes you feel bad or upset, it’s negative.

  1. Continue dreaming about it

If you tell yourself that you’re ready for a relationship, lose yourself by day-dreaming about your soulmate. This might seem awkward to some men and women, but folks, when you’re willing to fall in love, it’s one of the best things you can do. By visualizing your ideal partner, the universe will receive these thoughts as signs of what to you need to have in your life. Only by imagining can you create and improve on desired relationships or marriage until it reaches your highest ideal. Your imagination is unstoppable and it has the power to transform your life.

  1. Fall in love with yourself.

If you’re not in love with yourself, how on earth can you possibly love someone else? If you judge or criticize other people and yourself, you’re sending out negative energy that repels people around you. If you love yourself, it makes you look attractive to other which will attract potential mates. So, make a list of the ten best qualities you’ve about yourself and put it in a place where you can do it every day, and reminds you about awesome and cool you are as an individual. The more you focus on all the good qualities of yourself and love about you, the more positive feelings and self-love you’ll experience. And, don’t be jealous. It’s an extremely negative emotion and will repel what you desire.

  1. Don't give up – ever!

When it comes to looking for a relationship, one big reason the law of attraction fails to make an impact is that most people give up very easily and quickly before their wish is granted. When it comes to love, most men and women feel disappointed and gives up on love because their partners failed to meet their expectations. So, don’t ever give up on love and commit to it as long as it takes to find your soulmate.

5 Ways To Make Your Marriage Counseling Successful And Save Your Relationship

Finally, you and your partner decided to go to a marriage counselor to resolve problems in your marriage and make it work. But, what can you do to improve the chances of couple’s therapy worth all the time and money you invested in it? But, before that how does marriage counseling work? Well, we need a professional relationship expert or a skilled marriage therapist, but apart from it, there are some things that you can do for yourself to help make your marriage counseling successful.

Here's how you can make your marriage counseling successful:

  1. Having more goals for yourself than your spouse is helpful.

Sure, you and your significant other to change or you both wouldn't need therapy. But, working on yourself with your partner beside you is probably the most practical approach to having a positive impact on your marriage. However keep in mind that focusing exclusively on what your partner requires to change doesn’t instantly works, and eventually, it turns out that you don't get what you want. So, ask yourself what is that you want from the relationship. Recall your early expectations during the initial days of your relationship. This will be helpful for you to envision what it is you want and how do define an ideal relationship. Ask yourself these questions such as; what are your characteristics? How can you behave as a perfect partner in a perfect world? What are your weaknesses? What are your real attitudes and behaviors? What things do you avoid? If you find the answers to these questions, making up your goals in therapy will be easy.

  1. Put yourself out there.

When we see ourselves in an unhappy marriage, often there is anger, annoyance, resentment, and judgment. Dig deeper and try to find out what triggered those thoughts and feelings. Were you too open and honest and became upset? Do you feel helpless, hopeless or embarrassed? Do you feel anxious or stressed that you’re being controlled? Are you afraid to trust? Are you scared that you’ll be hurt again? If you feel any resistance against cooperating, it can be a sign that you've been avoiding some specific thoughts and feelings. So, open up to your partner, and be vulnerable in front of your spouse. It will make them feel more compassionate and empathetic to you. Meanwhile, your therapist will make sure the session in safe and secure place to do it.

  1. Set aside some time

Marriage therapy takes time. Couples therapy isn’t something that can be fixed quickly. Therefore, make some time to spend with each other without any distractions, and establish a positive space in your life for each other. Make sure none of the partners beg for it.

  1. Don’t think of divorce, at least for now.

Both of you are attending marriage counseling to save your relationship. Maybe you both are feeling hopeful for the relationship, so don’t think of divorce.  However, the question remains whether you both can commit right now to working hard on your relationship by taking off divorce off the table.

  1. Find your freedom

Marriages and relationships, even the best ones, were never meant to fulfill all of our needs. So be prepared because there will be times when you’ll feel bored, lonely, or feel ashamed. So, Instead of depending on your spouse to make you a whole, find your freedom, find yourself and be your own full person.