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alone on christmas

A Lonely Holiday: 3 Reasons People Hate Being Single For the Holidays

The holidays are generally supposed to be a happy time full of love and laughter, but it's not always like that for anyone. While many people are just fine being single on the holidays (they're happy about it, actually!), others feel totally depressed about being alone this time of year. Just know that if you're feeling down and out about being single for the holidays, you aren't alone in your...well, loneliness. There are many other single people out there who… [+]
alone on christmas

Tis the Season For Independence: 3 Reasons It’s Great To Be Single During the Holidays

It's common knowledge that society tends to act like being single is the worst thing in the world. This is especially true during the holidays! It's as if being single during the holidays is the worst thing that could happen to a person. We're here to tell you that being single during the holidays is not absolutely awful. In fact, being single this time of year actually has it's perks! Check out three reasons it's great to be single during… [+]
moving too fast

Rush to the Altar: Are You Getting Married Too Soon?

Getting married is usually the happiest occasion in someone's life. While it may be a joyful thing, most people do have some concerns and second thoughts before tying the knot - which is totally normal. One of the most common concerns that people have when getting married is wondering if they're moving too fast. You may be worried that things won't work out because you're getting married too soon. Now this can just be normal wedding-related anxiety or it could… [+]
bad dating advice

The 3 Worst Dating Tips You Could Ever Get

When it comes to dating and relationships, we often look to our friends and family for advice. It's always nice to turn to the ones you trust for some words of wisdom, but is all advice good advice? There are some very common dating tips that are actually awful advice! Check out the three worst dating tips you could ever get below: 1. Play Hard To Get "Play hard to get" is one of the most common dating tips and… [+]
being set up on a date

Dating Dilemmas: Should You Let Your Friend Set You Up With Someone?

If you've been single for some time now, odds are you've encountered this dreaded dilemma: a friend asking to set you up. Some people might totally go for this idea, while others would never agree to it. What if you fall somewhere in the middle of those two feelings? You might be unsure about whether or not letting a friend set you up with someone is a good idea. If you're currently on the fence about letting a friend set… [+]

Did The Popular Host Tom Brokaw Receive a Suspension For Unscripted Segment On Erectile Dysfunction?

Tom Brokaw is considered a legend in broadcasting, so why would NBC News ever suspend him from the network? Sources say NBC may have suspended Tom for possibly revealing a private struggle with erectile dysfunction and sharing a cure for the condition! Is There A Tom Brokaw Erectile Dysfunction Pill? Rumor has it, Tom could be using an exclusive supplement called [locate_one] to completely cure ED! Men all over the world have been using these pills to get rid of… [+]

Did Bret Baier Get Suspended for Promoting Erectile Dysfunction Product?

Bret Baier is one of the biggest names on FOX News. So why would the network suspend one of their most popular anchors? Sources say that Bret may be on a forced hiatus from FOX after possibly revealing a very private struggle in his life... Are There Bret Baier Erectile Dysfunction Pills? Rumor has it Bret may have revealed his struggle with erectile dysfunction live on the air and now FOX is furious! Insiders say that Bret let it slip… [+]
headed for divorce

On the Rocks: 5 Signs You Need Marriage Counseling

Are you worried that your marriage is on the rocks? Every married couple is going to encounter some obstacles in their relationship, but when do you know that you should seek outside help? Marriage counseling can be a great tool for couples to repair their relationship and move forward, but it's hard to know when you should seek this counseling. If you're on the fence, check out these five signs you need marriage counseling: 1. You're Annoyed By Everything Your… [+]

Norm Macdonald Reveals his Cure to ED In Telling Interview?

Between his various TV roles and stand-up comedy shows, Norm Macdonald has been making us laugh for decades. While he's known for being funny, rumor has it Norm had to deal with a not-so-funny issue in his private life. Now sources say that Norm is sharing his story to help others with the same problem... Are There Norm Macdonald Erectile Dysfunction Pills? Reports say that Norm may have been struggling with erectile dysfunction. Apparently, the problem had gotten so serious… [+]
should you marry your partner

The One: 10 Signs Your Partner Is Marriage Material

How do you know that your partner is "the one"? Many people claim that they knew right away, while others say that it took them a lot longer. Some people never know! They marry a person and hope that it works out...which isn't the best idea. There are certain signs that will help you know your current partner is the one you should be with the rest of your life. Below are ten signs that your partner is marriage material:… [+]