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Did Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz Team Up For A New CBD Oil Product?

They are no doubt the two most famous TV doctors in the world, but are they venturing into the world of cannabis? People all over the world look to Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz for advice on their health and their personal lives and now there are rumors that the fan-favorites could be teaming up to release their very own CBD oil product and now the public wants all the details. Sources say that Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz may… [+]
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Willie Nelson Could Be the Latest Celebrity To Jump On the CBD Oil Bandwagon

Music legend Willie Nelson has always been very candid about his cannabis use. The country music superstar has been an advocate for legalizing marijuana as well as the health benefits of CBD oil, the non-psychoactive component of marijuana. Now there are reports linking him to a brand new CBD oil product with incredible health benefits. Willie was in the news recently for canceling some upcoming concerts due to a medical issue. New reports are claiming he could be using an… [+]
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Don Cherry CBD Oil Could Provide All-Natural Pain Relief

Posted By: on August 19,2019
Don Cherry has made a name for himself as a sports broadcaster and writer. His legendary career on the ice helped cement his place in hockey history and his fans have enormous respect for him. That's why recent rumors about Don being involved in a scandal really caught their attention. There are reports that big pharmaceutical companies could be furious over a new product Don may be linked to. Sources say Don could be one of many people using a… [+]

Jimmy Buffett CBD Oil Could Be the Solution To Chronic Pain

Posted By: on July 15,2019
Jimmy Buffett has cemented his place in music history with songs like "Margaritaville" and "Come Monday." His Island-vibes and carefree style have inspired people to live their best lives for decades and now there are rumors that he's inspiring people in a whole new way... There have been reports claiming that Jimmy could be one of many celebs involved with a new CBD oil product that provides numerous health benefits. This cannabidiol can drastically improve the quality of life for… [+]

Student From New York University Discovers Permanent Cure For Chronic Pain, Arthritis, and Diabetes

Posted By: on July 17,2018
New York University student Amanda Haughman suffered with chronic pain after a serious car accident. Her pain was so bad that it was affecting her daily life and sometimes made it difficult for her to keep up with her schoolwork. Amanda thought that she would have to deal with this chronic pain the rest of her life...until she made a miraculous discovery! One night Amanda was working on a research project for her Nutritional Sciences class and she stumbled across… [+]
Posted By: on May 05,2018
Founder Michal Takac and marketing guru Tim Inskip from Carun UK just landed the biggest deal in Dragon's Den history! Michal Takac officially made Dragon's Den history when he presented his groundbreaking solution for widespread pain. The show's judging panel was amazed by the story of Michal's product and immediately knew that it would revolutionize the pain relief industry! In 2017 Carun sold over 2 million bottles of his secret pain relief creation called [locate_one] after a congressional bill legalized the sale… [+]

Ashley Haughman, Student From University Of California, Discovers Permanent Cure For Type 2 Diabetes

A student at the University of California was able to completely cure her Type 2 Diabetes and didn't have to spend a fortune! Ashley Haughman was working on a research project for her Nutritional Sciences degree when she made a discovery that would change her life. She was researching natural treatments for diabetes when she found an article on how CBD oil can be used to actually reverse certain health conditions. Ashley decided to put this theory to the test… [+]

Woman Paralyzed By Pain Discovers Breakthrough Relief Called ‘Nature’s Oxycontin’ Thanks to Jamie Richardson

There are reports that a retired doctor named Jamie Richardson may have landed an incredible deal on an unaired episode of Shark Tank. Apparently, Jamie presented the innovative CBD oil product that he had created and the judges were all amazed by its benefits. (FOX HEALTH SPECIAL REPORT) - Did Jamie Richardson from Texas just land the biggest deal in Shark Tank history? Insiders may have revealed that the judges were so impressed, they actually decided to team up and… [+]
Posted By: on July 20,2017
(CBD Oil Investigation) - Over the course of the last few months, people across the country have been going nuts over a new miracle substance called Cannabidiol (CBD from here on out). CBD is a completely natural, non-psychoactive component of cannabis, meaning it gives the benefits of the plant, without ANY of the high. It's been known to alleviate chronic pain, anxiety, nausea, rheumatoid arthritis, schizophrenia, inflammation, diabetes, PTSD, alcoholism, strokes and cardiovascular disease, cancer, to name a few. Even… [+]