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15 Year Old Kid Named Oliver Makes Millions and Appears on TVNZ Breakfast show to reveal how

Posted By: on July 10,2018
If we told you that a 15-year-old boy was able to spontaneously buy his mom a brand new house, you probably wouldn't believe it. No worries; we didn't believe it either! We were more than a little skeptical when we first heard the story of Oliver, a teen who decided to give his mom the generous gift of a new home. Then we learned how he was able to afford it... It turns out Oliver had been using an all-new… [+]
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Lila Nel Caught With 500k in 20 Pound Notes, Then Released

Posted By: on July 08,2018
Why was a young British woman arrested for making her own money? Lila Nel is a 28 year old student at the University of London who had been earing major money on a Bitcoin trading platform. One day she was caught carrying 500k in cash on her and was promptly arrested! Authorities thought that surely a young woman with this much cash on her was doing something illegal! Once Lila explained that she had earned all of her money legally… [+]
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Iminathi Govender Makes Millions and Hides is From her Husband!

Posted By: on July 08,2018
Iminathi Govender and her husband, Thandolwethu, had been married for several years when they had their first child. Thandolwethu made decent money working as an engineer, so he suggested that Iminathi quit her own job and become a stay-at-home mother. While Iminathi was happy to stay home with her child, she missed having two incomes in their family. To make some extra money, Iminathi began using an innovative Bitcoin trading program that promised to turn anyone into a millionaire. Despite… [+]
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May Rupoli Earns Millions and Hides it from her Husband!

Posted By: on July 08,2018
When May Rupoli and her husband had their second child, they agreed that she would become a stay-at-home mom. While May loved raising her kids and spending time with them, part of her missed having a job and making her own money. Just when May was considering putting her kids in daycare and going back to her old job, she made an amazing discovery. She saw an advertisement for a Bitcoin trading program that claimed to make anyone into a… [+]
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Australian Kindergarten Teacher Ava Martin Under Fire for using Bitcoin Trading System to Get Rich!

Posted By: on July 08,2018
Ava Martin loved her job as a Kindergarten teacher, but she was barely making enough money to pay her bills. The Australia native worked hard every day and loved interacting with her students, but she secretly wished that she could make more money. Then, one day fate intervened and Ava found herself looking for a new way to make money! The parents of one of her students discovered an inappropriate selfie that Ava had posted online and when they brought… [+]
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Filipino Nurse in London Left With Almost £1 Million After 85-Year-Old Employer Passed Away

Posted By: on July 02,2018
How did this 33-year-old nurse acquire a million dollar fortune from one of her patients? Analyn Santos had been caring for 85-year-old Grace Bolton for several years and the two had grown very close. While Analyn knew that Grace cared for her very much, she didn't know just how much until Grace passed away. When Grace passed away, she left Analyn a million dollar fortune that she had earned on a cryptocurrency system! It turns out Grace had been using… [+]
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Local Mother Earns $400/Hour Working from Home, Hides it from her Husband FOR 3 YEARS

Posted By: on July 02,2018
When Leah Williams had her first child with her husband, she decided it would be best for her to leave her full-time job as a receptionist. She wanted to spend more time with her newborn daughter and she figured her husband could support their family with his job as a software engineer. Just a few years later, things would drastically change when Leah decided to start making her own money again... After having another child and spending years as a… [+]
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Teenager Danny Morgan Makes 1200 Per Day with New Bitcoin Banking System

Posted By: on July 01,2018
If we told you an average teenager was making $1200 a day from the comfort of his own home, would you believe us? Well that is exactly what New Zealand teen Danny Morgan is doing with a brand new Bitcoin trading platform! We didn't believe the story ourselves, do we did some digging to get all the details! It turns out cryptocurrency is on its way to becoming the new banking system in New Zealand and Danny is just one… [+]

This 15 Year Old Kid Bought His Mum a New House After Making Millions!

Posted By: on July 01,2018
How did a 15 year old boy earn enough money to buy his mother a brand new house? We were shocked to hear the story of Michael, a young man in the UK who made millions in just a few weeks with an all-new Bitcoin trading platform! Michael had no cryptocurrency experience, but this innovative Bitcoin software allowed him to earn enough money to make his insanely generous purchase! Michael recently appeared on an episode of This Morning to discuss his… [+]
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Dragons Den Bitcoin Revolution Trading Software Shatters Records During Shocking Episode!

Posted By: on June 30,2018
The judges on Dragons Den are experts when it comes to spotting the next big thing. When we heard that all five judges had teamed up to invest in a new cryptocurrency program, we had to get all the details! It turns out two young entrepreneurs won the judges over with their groundbreaking new Bitcoin Revolution software that claims to turn anyone into a millionaire in no time at all! Apparently this program takes users with no Bitcoin experience and essentially… [+]