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5 Fool-Proof Rules for a Great First Date

Few things in life are as exciting as a first date. Even the anticipation of meeting someone new to love is in itself a whole new experience. But, sometimes, due to sheer excitement and being oblivious to the unknown we do something stupid and ridiculous and the first date turns into a nightmare. It’s a perfect set-up to look stupid. Here are five rules you need to follow to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed by stupidity on a first date:… [+]

5 Secret Relationship Tips Only The Happiest Couples Know

Is it possible for couples to achieve true happiness? When you’re disappointed with your relationship, it may seem like other couples are happy everywhere you go. Remaining in an unhappy relationship can make you cynical about relationships. Your cynicism about romantic relationships can grow like cancer, fueled by the lack of communication, avoidance, and resentment. So, what do the happiest couples do that makes their relationship successful? Here are some secrets that the happiest couples know and abide by: 1.… [+]

So Who Should Pay On A Date? Find Out The Final Answer!

You’ve found someone you like. Congrats! Now, it’s time to go on a date. You and your potential partner talked about this and reserved a table at a nice restaurant that you both like. The day has come, both of you showed up, and everything went smoothly. Now comes the tough and often complicated part of any dinner date. When you go out with someone new, who's supposed to pay for the date? The answer is simple and straightforward. In… [+]

5 Ways To Let A Woman Know You’re Interested Without Saying a Word

How can you tell a woman you like her without actually telling her?Well, it turns out that it's all about body language. According to experts, 55 percent of our communication is expressed with our body, while only 7 percent is expressed with our words.  The remaining 38 percent originates from our tone of voice. So, with our posture, mannerisms and eye contact we can let someone know we're interested in them. Here are five body language clues that a man… [+]

Are You Overly Attached To Your Girlfriend? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

When you’re in a relationship, bonding with a partner is a natural part of falling in love and getting to know someone. But, things will get a little odd if you’re overly attached to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Getting overly attached to someone will land you in the category of unhealthy emotional bonding. When you truly love your girlfriend, you shouldn’t possess or keep her because this will make your girlfriend distance herself from you and you run the risk… [+]

6 Things Women Do That Turn Men Off

Let’s be honest; hot, beautiful women have a way easier time getting guys to like them compared to women who are “average.” But just because they’re beautiful and lucky doesn’t always mean they’ll win. It’s possible for a man to end a relationship with a girl even if she looks like Angelina Jolie. Here are some things women do that turn men off, no matter how pretty she is: 1. Always Talking Negatively Negativity and depression are contagious, no doubt… [+]

5 Reasons Why Dating an Alpha Woman Is a Great Decision

If you want to have a relationship with a strong-ass, confident woman, you need to be one confident man. And if you manage to be in a committed relationship, then we can safely say you'll be rewarded with a challenging, satisfying and thrilling partnership. Why? Because an alpha woman knows what she wants in a relationship and can communicate it. She’s adventurous and has both the motivation and strength to try new things. She has no issue taking control when… [+]

5 Tips That Will Help You Date an Over-Thinker

When it comes to dating and relationships, we want someone who's honest and straightforward. But sometimes we have the tendency to overthink and struggle with it. So, who is an over-thinker? An over-thinker is just a person who needs to have a little extra reassurance in their relationship. For some men and women, this is a little extra work for their partners. However, if you make the extra effort in your relationship with an over-thinker, it will be very rewarding.… [+]

The Number One Reason She Doesn’t Want Another Date With You

First dates are always awkward. It’s okay to feel that way, as both people don’t know much about each other. Most men and women tend to refrain from showing their true colors or personality on the first couple of dates because they are afraid they’ll get rejected. But, by hiding who we really are and withholding our thoughts and feelings, we’re doing a disservice to ourselves. In dating and relationships, rejection is inevitable. It’s a part of the dating process.… [+]

8 Ways Women Wish Their Boyfriends Would Say “I Love You”

Being in love is a wonderful thing. No doubt the woman in your life loves you and wants all the good things in her love life. Sure, there are times when you probably get angry or frustrated with your girlfriend, who is always asking you to say those three special words, “I love you.” This might seem trivial to you, but it means more than anything to her in the entire world. Don’t get annoyed telling your girlfriend, “I love… [+]