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Blind Dates

Fear of the Unknown: 5 Tips For Going On A Blind Date

While many happy, long-lasting relationships have come out of blind dates, most of us are still leery of the practice. The idea of going out with someone we've never met before makes the majority of us nervous. This is understandable, as a blind date can be a daunting idea. What if we're not attracted to the person? What will we talk about? What if the person makes us uneasy? These are all legitimate concerns, but going on a blind date… [+]

Romantically Challenged: 4 Reasons Millennials Can’t Find Love

They are the most talked-about generation that exists. They are the butt of many jokes and have earned some harsh nicknames (cough - snowflakes - cough). Of course we're talking about millennials. While they may have become a punchline in recent years, one could argue that millennials are the most important generation. They are the primary consumers of many products. They are up-and-coming entrepreneurs, inventors, doctors, lawyers, teachers and more. Millennials are the future of this country, so what they're… [+]
Affordable Date Ideas

Dating On A Budget: 30 Fun and Affordable Date Ideas

Whether you just started seeing someone or you've been together for a while, it's important to go out on dates together. Dates are a fun way to connect with your partner and make memories together. The only problem is that some dates are expensive! You shouldn't have to empty your savings to have a good time with your partner. Fortunately, we've got thirty fun and affordable date ideas that won't destroy your budget. Check them out here: Take a long,… [+]

The Struggle is Real: 6 Awkward Things That Only Single People Dread

Living the single life is often thought of as a good thing. The single life involves nights out with friends as well as much-needed alone time. It involves freedom and no commitment to another person. While this might sound great (and it can be), there are downsides to being single that people don't often talk about. Single life can be uncomfortable and lonely, and there are certain moments in life that make it worse. We've got six awkward things that… [+]
Old Dating Rules

Times Have Changed: 5 Old Dating Rules You Need to Ditch

When it comes to dating, some people like to play by the rules. There are certain dating rules that seem to be as old as time. People are following rules that were made up decades ago, and then wondering why their love life isn't working out the way they had hoped. We are here to tell you that it's time to move forward! The dating scene has changed and so have the rules! We've got five old dating rules that… [+]

Dating Made Simple: 5 Easy Rules Anyone Can Follow When Dating

Dating is difficult for almost everyone. Those who say dating isn't difficult are either lying or in on some secret we don't know about yet. We worry so much about every aspect of dating: Does this person like me? Do I like them? Do I look all right? Am I acting crazy? Where is this going? These are questions we obsess and agonize over, making dating a stressful situation. For those that find it easy, we don't know what their… [+]
Is Your Date Into You

Is He Into You?: 7 Foolproof Ways to Tell Your Date is Into You

We all know that people are hard to read. It's especially hard to read someone when you're on a date. You're wondering: "Does he like me? Am I annoying him? Does he want to see me again?" These questions can be stressful and agonizing, ultimately ruining your date. Fortunately, you can stop the worrying. We've got seven foolproof ways to tell that your date is into you. Check them out here: 1. He Actually Finishes the Date This is the… [+]

The Experts Are In: 5 of the Most Common Dating Mistakes That People Make

No one said dating is easy. In fact, it can be one of the trickiest things we do in life. We all make mistakes when dating. We never know if it's too soon to call, or what we should say, etc. Making mistakes when it comes to things like this is totally normal, but these mistakes can take their toll on a new relationship. We've looked to the experts for some insight on mistakes, and we've put together five of… [+]

Sex and the City: 8 Things You Never Knew About Dating in a Big City

Most of us have seen an episode or two...or a hundred of the hit show Sex and the City. For those of us who live in small towns, it gave us a glimpse of what it's like to be single and dating in a big city. We saw how stressful and hectic it could be, but we also saw how spontaneous and exciting it could be, too. Dating in a big city is an entirely different endeavor than small-town dating. To… [+]

How To Nicely Tell Someone That You Are Not Interested

We all experience this while dating. We go on a date with someone we're interested in, but your instincts tell you that he or she isn’t right for you. You want to say it to him or her, but can’t, as you don’t want to hurt their feelings. So, what’s the best way to handle the situation? How can you nicely tell someone that you aren’t interested? What should you say? Usually, considerate people will simply disappear without telling their… [+]