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5 Qualities Of Good Men That Women Find Incredibly Attractive

What is that in men, women find attractive and utterly irresistible? What are the qualities that make bad boys look like babies? Women don’t like to date bad boys because sooner or later, they will abandon them leaving them high and dry? They might be a lot of fun, but that’s not real fun. You see bad boys lose their appeal when they start dating women above 21. Bad boys have little chance of being in a committed relationship with… [+]

Why People Lie On Dates? Here Are Some Sad Yet True Reasons

To enjoy a healthy relationship, a couple needs to honest, faithful and maintain trust in the relationship. If you and your girlfriend are having a hard time trusting each other, it’s certain that your relationship is facing some problems. Let’s face it, people lie on their dates and in their relationships, and they think it is okay. Most of us are familiar with lying on relationships. But, lying destroys the trust in the relationship. There may be incidents where don’t… [+]

5 Relationship Issues People Dealing With Anxiety Have

Before we start, let’s be clear: If you think that you have anxiety, let your partner know about it. Just doing this will make dealing with anxiety much easier. It’s known fact that too much anxiety will negatively affect us physically and emotionally. But, what about its impact on relationships? When you have anxiety, you feel stressed out and overwhelmed. You start wondering why you are anxious in the first place as you feel that you have them for no… [+]

5 Wacky, Yet True Things About Being In Love With Your Best Friend

Let’s start off by telling that the best of relationships first start as friendships. If you are someone who is in love with your best friend of the opposite, you aren’t alone. And it can happen much more easily than you think. We, all someone who we often text about the really awkward dates you went on and sharing all the good and bad things of your life, only later finding yourself feeling to kiss at the end of the… [+]

Are You In Love With A “Difficult” Woman? Here Are 8 Brutal Truths About “Difficult” Women

So, you are dating a difficult woman, congrats! Sure, she’s difficult, but there is a good reason for it. Before, we delve into more details let’s make one thing clear: some women are just difficult. They simply won’t do what you want, and when you want them to do. They won’t watch football with you. They will give you excuses not to go on a dinner date with you. They won't cook you dinner. They don't like having sex with… [+]

Do You Know There Are 5 Types Of Love? And They Are All Different

When it comes to dating and relationships, most people believe in the notion of soulmates. They think that their soulmates are waiting for them somewhere, and it’s only a matter of time, they will meet each other and make their lives complete. We won’t delve into telling how far-reaching these kinds of thoughts are, which some people will dismiss as a fantasy. But, one thing is for sure that most men and women envision spending the rest of their lives… [+]

Stop Looking For Love In The Wrong Places Now!

Have you ever been in a relationship that has failed you? Have you tried very hard for a relationship that was destined to fail? Do all of these mishaps make you wonder is there something wrong you have been doing that is jeopardizing all your relationships? Are you constantly asking yourself self-deprecating questions like, “What is wrong with me?’ or “Why do all my relationships fail?” Let’s make one thing clear; first, these aren’t real questions. All of these questions… [+]

Dating In Your 40s? Here Are Some Tips To Be Successful

Are in your 40s and looking for a date? Apart from what you think it can be fun. It depends on how you handle it. Let’s make one thing clear; dating in your 40s isn’t same like dating in your 20s. While dating in your 20s, you felt hopeful and optimistic. By the time you are in your 40s, you have been in a few relationships already, and probably hit a few bumps along the way. The thoughts you had… [+]

5 Important Traits of People Who Are Successful Daters

Just like everything else in life, dating also comes with its ups and downs. But, before you get involved in a relationship, it is important for you to remind yourself why you are dating in the first place. You should date and spend time with a person who will give what you want and need. When it comes to dating and relationship, everyone should deserve only the best. Having said that, what is the most important thing you need to… [+]

Want To Have Successful First Date? Then Read This!

Let’s make one thing clear: dating is all about having fun and enjoying the experience. When you are dating, and want to meet the girl of your dreams, you have to put yourself out there. You have no short cuts and keep dating until you find someone right for you. Sometimes it will take a while, but in the end, it’s always worth the time and effort. However, just like most things, dating also has rules. If you want to… [+]