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Avoid Those Awkward Silences On Dates With These 4 Tips

Posted By: on June 14,2017
We've all been there. You’re meeting your date for the first time; the conversation has been flowing, and you’ve already asked basic questions like, “Where are you from? What are your interests? What do you for a living? What are your hobbies?"Where do you live? What do you love to do?” etc. You begin to feel that the longer the silence continues, the less are your chances of ever seeing your date for the second time. To you, I will… [+]

4 Tips On How To Meet Women In Real Life

Posted By: on June 13,2017
Meeting a woman in real life is much more intimidating than sending a woman a message you liked on a dating website. When you meet a girl in real life or online, it can be challenging to know if and should you compliment her before you lose the chance to do it. You need to respectful as well as make her feel the “spark” of attraction towards you. Here are four steps for you to approach a woman in real… [+]

5 Things Men Should Never Say To Women

Posted By: on June 13,2017
When it comes to dating and relationships, all the rules are unwritten. Then there are some rules in relationships that are so apparent that they don’t require any explanation. But, we will explain them anyway because there are some who are simply clueless about dating etiquettes. Certain things are meant to be said to a woman such how many men they slept with or anything about their weight. Here are five things you should never say to women unless you… [+]

Things Women Do That Make Them Unapproachable To Men

Posted By: on June 12,2017
Are you perplexed by the fact even after going to many days you’re still single? Guys never ask you out. You wonder why never seem attracted to you? You’re probably started to assume that there is something wrong with you. You feel insecure, and you beat yourself up inside. You began to tell yourself that you’re not beautiful enough, smart enough, or even funny enough to make men feel attracted to you. Well, that’s all nonsense! What if we tell… [+]

How To Find Out If He’s The Right Guy For You

Posted By: on June 12,2017
It’s easy for us to tell if the guy our friends are dating is right for them, whether we like their boyfriends, and give them advice when they doubt their relationship. However, things aren’t easy when it comes to making our own decisions. So, how do you figure out if your boyfriend is a keeper or is just using you as a fling? Here are three ways that you can tell if the man you’re dating is right for you… [+]

You’re In An Almost Relationship With Your Girlfriend If She Does These 4 Things

Posted By: on June 10,2017
It’s not easy to spot an almost relationship simply because you’ve expectations and it makes it difficult for to come to terms with the ugly truth. So what is an almost relationship? In an almost relationship, both partners are interested in each other, but they’re still unsure whether to continue the relationship or not. So, here are few signs that you might be in an almost relationship: 1. She gives you false hope and sends mixed signals You notice your… [+]

Not Sure If You Need To Bail On Your Relationship?

Posted By: on June 10,2017
Sometimes our relationships become so loveless and devoid of passion that we can’t tell if it’s time to stay or leave the relationship. A simple and yet uncomplicated way to tell if a relationship has run its course is by accessing how couple tells his or her story about their significant other. The way happy and unhappy couples tell stories and share their feelings about each other is entirely different. Happy couples lighten up their relationship with positive stories, while… [+]

Want To Be In More Dates? Then Start Texting!

Posted By: on June 09,2017
Love it or hate it, it’s impossible to ignore the “texting phase” during the initial days of a budding relationship. It’s a process which creates a gradual build up of anticipation to chatting on the phone and finally meeting in person – that’s the best case scenario. What if you’ve poor texting skills or can’t communicate what you want via texts? If you and your match wait for days to respond to each other, that’s a bad sign. Here are… [+]

Men With Big Noses Make The Best Boyfriends And Husbands!

Posted By: on June 08,2017
Wait, what? Yes, you heard that right! Some women think that men with big noses are funny, strong, have a great personality, and full of life. So, is it possible that a nose signifies something important? It might be as it’s one of the most prominent features in a man’s face. From ancient Egyptian priests to 19th century Europeans to artist Leonardo Da Vinci everyone has been documenting the importance of the nose. So, to all those single ladies, should… [+]

What Makes A Woman “Boring” To Men? Read On To Find Out!

Posted By: on June 08,2017
Relationships aren’t all about sex. It’s the companionship that makes relationships so yearning to people. And it will only work if your boyfriend or girlfriend is exciting and spontaneous. If you’re a boring person, relationships won’t work out for you. We all have more or less experience here; you’re on a date, and you both have nothing to talk about. Both of you keep staring at your phones, the menu, the wine glass, etc. And finally, when you speak, you… [+]