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5 Tips That Will Help You Date an Over-Thinker

When it comes to dating and relationships, we want someone who's honest and straightforward. But sometimes we have the tendency to overthink and struggle with it. So, who is an over-thinker? An over-thinker is just a person who needs to have a little extra reassurance in their relationship. For some men and women, this is a little extra work for their partners. However, if you make the extra effort in your relationship with an over-thinker, it will be very rewarding.… [+]

The Number One Reason She Doesn’t Want Another Date With You

First dates are always awkward. It’s okay to feel that way, as both people don’t know much about each other. Most men and women tend to refrain from showing their true colors or personality on the first couple of dates because they are afraid they’ll get rejected. But, by hiding who we really are and withholding our thoughts and feelings, we’re doing a disservice to ourselves. In dating and relationships, rejection is inevitable. It’s a part of the dating process.… [+]

8 Ways Women Wish Their Boyfriends Would Say “I Love You”

Being in love is a wonderful thing. No doubt the woman in your life loves you and wants all the good things in her love life. Sure, there are times when you probably get angry or frustrated with your girlfriend, who is always asking you to say those three special words, “I love you.” This might seem trivial to you, but it means more than anything to her in the entire world. Don’t get annoyed telling your girlfriend, “I love… [+]

The 4 Most Clingy Zodiac Signs

Let’s be honest, being clingy in relationships is unattractive. It’s a major deal-breaker. There are some people who thrive on clingy partners, while others feel suffocated. Then there are men and women who think they’re clingy, but aren’t. There are also the folks who have no clue that they’re clingy. It doesn't matter if you’re clingy or not, being clingy is one of the worst qualities to have in a serious relationship. Clingy people come in all sizes and forms;… [+]

10 Ways To Turn Down A Second Date Without Being A Total Jerk

It’s pretty common for both men and women to blow off a romantic interest in the first few casual dates before any discussion of having a committed relationship.  If there is chemistry between the two people and one person expresses interest in a second date, the answer is yes! But if you didn’t notice any chemistry and your date didn’t show any interest, then it’s okay to end the date amicably and go your separate ways. If you see that… [+]

6 Things Men Do When They Are In Love

People say that guys become more passionate and crazy when they fall in love, and it’s true, believe it or not. Although it can be difficult to tell if a man has started to have feelings, it’s pretty obvious for the ladies to understand how men act when they’re in love. If a man is really into a girl, it’s pretty simple to see it. However, at certain times, it can be challenging to realize when a guy is in… [+]

5 Tips You Will Need On A Second Date With Someone

Ah, dating. We all know that first dates can be nerve-wracking, but dating is awesome, too. First dates are exciting experiences. You get to meet the man or the woman of your dreams and you could be life partners forever. That should make you pretty excited, right?  Sure, they could also wind up being a total dud, but that’s the worst case scenario. You still get to have free dinner or drinks. So you've got nothing to lose. For some… [+]

Why Every Couple Must Go On A Vacation Together

These days couples are stressed more than ever before. More and more couples today are working and are managing the challenges of high-pressure careers. Then there are the increasing demands of home and family. It’s easy to understand that couples have a never ending to-do list that leaves little time for themselves to spend with their partners. Our incredibly hectic lifestyles are preventing us from spending time with our spouses. We aren’t intimate with our partners like before and we… [+]

7 Basic Things You Should Be Getting in Your Relationship

When it comes to relationships, sometimes it’s difficult to know what you can expect from your partner. You find yourself asking questions like, “Should she reply to every text as soon as possible? Should I make her spend time with me every weekend? Will she mind if I split the bill 50/50 every time we dine out?” Before you look for answers to any of these questions, some of them are very specific; you need to establish the basics first.… [+]

3 Awkward Dating Moments We All Have To Face

Awkward moments don’t feel uncomfortable if you expect them or know how to handle them in advance. Dating is risky business. Awkward moments in dating are pretty common. Some situations in dating can make the environment extremely uncomfortable. Awkward situations in dating are uncomfortable because you don’t know the other person sitting in front of you. You don’t have the slightest idea what they are thinking, feeling or expecting. Both of you are extremely conscious about your personal image, particularly,… [+]