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3 Things Extroverts Should Know About Dating Introverts

So you finally managed to land a date with that hot lady from the gym. Congratulations! If you happen to be an introvert, this is a great thing for you. Being an extrovert or an introvert isn't about being shy or speaking out. Rather it’s all about how you get the energy and how you handle life events and situations. Extroverts get their energy while being around others, while introverts need quietness and solitude to recharge. Most people ask about the reasons behind extroverts talking too much. And the easy answer is extroverts need to work things out verbally. Meanwhile, introverts contemplate on thoughts and ideas in their heads before they express their opinion. Every one of us, both extroverts and introverts, are

Every one of us, both extroverts and introverts, are spiritual, cognitively, biologically, and physically wired to love, be loved, be in love and belong. The only major difference is that each one of us has a different approach to love and feel desired.

So, if you are dating an introvert, here are the three things an extrovert should know about dating introverts:

1. Put your energy into listening
Extroverts tend to speak when it’s time to think. Extroverts are also infamous for being interrupters. Whenever someone starts to talk with us, extroverts can hardly wait to chime in their opinions which in most part weren’t well processed in the brain. This makes other people annoyed especially introverts. This behavior of extroverts makes people silenced. Other folks gave their time and attention to listen to your thoughts and feelings, and when to interrupt them in the middle, when they are having a conversation with you; it makes them feel their words are unimportant. It’s vital to allow others their turn and express themselves as it’s beneficial in establishing trust and rapport. So, before going out on a date with an introvert, spend some time to create a list of questions you might ask your introverted date to feel comfortable to open up and talk about herself and her feelings. This is how thoughtful exchanges are supposed to happen.

2. Suggest quite places for dates
Extroverts get their energy from being around others. Big parties, nightclubs, or favorite restaurants make them feel awake and alive. But, it’s the opposite for introverts. Famous places and high-key events drain introverts, and they always want to escape from it. If your girlfriend is an introvert and intends to end the night early in situations like these, it means she feels exhausted and feels drained from all the noise and energy of the crowd. Introverts feel themselves in familiar or lower-key places for a date. I know this might seem dull and boring to you at first, but it gives you both of you the chance to know each other better without distractions from the outside world. And if you feel any hesitation to do this, remember this will create conflicts later in your relationship when you want to go out, but your partner wants to spend the evening indoors.

3. Don’t Rush
Extroverts want to try new experiences. They think fast and move fast. They become impatient when someone they are dating doesn’t keep up with them. If you are dating a woman, who is an introvert, spontaneous enthusiasm can quickly become overwhelming and exhausting to her. So, slow down and be patient. This way you can also become less judgmental about others and patient with yourself.

Date A Woman You Love Every Single Day Or Don’t Date At All!

Congratulations! You got a date with a girl, and you feel excited about it. She’s exquisite, sexy, sensual, brilliant and funny. She makes you smile and laugh with her quirky jokes and enthrall your mind and soul with her exotic beauty. Every morning you wake up her smile makes you happy. But, that’s not the case for most young couples sadly. Ignorance is rife in today’s relationships, and it has created stressful challenges in our relationships.

Most couples admitted that as the relationship matures over time; they felt less and less close to their partners and are having second thoughts about their partners and asking themselves if they have made a right decision while choosing their partners. This is more prevalent in men who are always thinking that they could have found a better girlfriend who will love them more. So, they start to stop choosing her, and that kind attitude makes both parties suffer.

If you truly chose someone you love, focus every day on the gifts she brings into your life and be grateful for it. Appreciate and be grateful for her smile, beauty, laughter, companionship, sensuality, playfulness, and so on. Unfortunately, most guys find it almost impossible to acknowledge or even see what made their current partners so wildly beautiful. Many men fail to see this in their spouses because they focused too much on the anger, insecurities, wants, needs, demands, and other aspects of their partner’s personality that attracted them to her in the first place. The more you focus on your significant other’s not-so-good sides, the more you see it, the more you know about it,  and the more you reflected it on her by behaving with her in, the worse possible manner. Ultimately, this kind of behavior will do nothing but strain your relationship with her even further, which will make you feel less interested in her.

The other partner might notice this, and they will try to make you feel interested in them, but it won’t work. You can't make someone choose you, even if they are insanely in love with you. Sometimes, your partner might not choose you entirely. And you see that if you see your girlfriend always looking for a reason to have a fight with you. If you look carefully, you will discover that she’s acting this way because she didn’t feel safe and secure with you. Deep within she realized that you didn’t choose her every day, including your words, your behaviors, and your actions, and she felt scared that you will abandon her.

If you are in a relationship and want to keep the romance alive in the relationship, ask yourself this question, “What’s making you choose your partner today?”  If you fail to find a satisfying answer, take a breath, dig deeper and try to find one.  If you can't find it today, ask yourself the same question again tomorrow. But if you still can’t find a satisfactory answer after too many days have gone by, and finding it challenging to connect with your girlfriend, and your relationship is filled with stress, let them go. Love someone whom you enthusiastically chose to love every day.

Want to Find Your Soul Mate? Ask Yourself These 7 Questions!

Are you tired and frustrated of being in and out of relationships that don't work for you? Are you in an unhappy and loveless marriage that you regret all the time and telling yourself that only if I got married to my soul mate, I would have been happier and satisfied? Are you wondering what happened to your partner that forced her to change? Things get even more frustrating and complicated as she was your soul mate at the beginning of the marriage. If you are in these kinds of situations, you are not alone.

There is a reason why so many men and women are still searching for their soulmate.  And there are substantial reasons why 60 percent of married couples have divorced or ended their relationship, despite claiming that they have met their “soul mates.”

These days relationships and marriages are complicated. People who are married or in relationships today want their soul mates to be the perfect partner, perfect lover, business partner, best friend, best parent, perfect entertainer and so on. No one can be the best in everything. So, demands like these will put a lot of pressure on one person. You see a conscious soul mate is the one who creates a safe, kind, friendly, and workable relationship with his or her partner. Just because you think that you have met your soul mate despite all odds and the two of you will be happily married and lead a happy life doesn’t always happen in real life.

While growing up, our parents told us who we should and should not have as our life partners. So, this has created an impression or should we say a fantasy of a perfect soul mate in our minds, who has all the best qualities that our parents have been telling us. When we come across someone who doesn’t have some of the characteristics our parents told us, we reject them. We want someone who has qualities that we ourselves don’t have, will have the skills that we ourselves don’t have, will love and adore us unconditionally which we ourselves can give back and so on. That’s a tall order and challenging, right?  In a quest to find out whether this is even possible, we need to start with ourselves, first. Ask yourself can you ever fulfill all the above for someone else?

Ask yourselves these questions to find out:

  1. What do you feel and think about your soul mate?
  2. What do you genuinely expect from your soul mate?
  3. How you act yourself when you are in front of your soul mate?
  4. How do identify yourself besides your soul mate?
  5. How do you apprehend your soul mate would act, feel, and think about you?
  6. How would you act, feel, and think about yourself about your soul mate?
  7. For the greater benefit what is that you will be willing to give and providing in the relationship?

Answers to these questions will provide an insight of all the beliefs, qualities, positive and negative thoughts and feelings of you. If you are looking for a happy and long-term relationship, continue utilizing your skills to maintain all of your good qualities and behaviors, so you can keep being soul mates for each as long as both of you want.

Falling In Love Is Different And More Beautiful As You Grow Older

Some of you folks might think that I am telling this because I am old and infuriated, but it is nothing about my age. It is about perspective.  As you get older, your perspective on love changes. For young people, the concept of falling in love is selfish. It’s all about pursuing the fast and hot one and falling in love hard. But as you get older, the meaning of falling in love for you changes substantially and it’s something that is a more than physical beauty.

Here’s what really matters to you if you are falling in love at an older age:

  1. You invest the time to get to know the person

When it comes to dating, we want to know the person and try to find shared interests in them. What are their ambitions? What are their goals? What is their family background? What is their background? What does she like about me? Are they willing to be in a serious relationship with me? Most young men and women looking for relationships don’t tend to ask or think about these questions which are important both for you and your date. As you grow older, you ask yourself these questions before you decide to take your relationship to the next level.

  1. You figure out what actually matters

As you grow older, you understand what you really want. You become more serious about life and relationships. You know what truly matters in life. You find companionship, warmth, love, and affection more important than anything else. You don’t want to waste your time on tolerating frivolities. You don’t tolerate unwanted or questionable behaviors, and you can easily spot red flags in a person. You are also not scared of being single as you have experience on how to cope with loneliness.

  1. You respect and appreciate your partner’s personality

As you grow older, you become more respectful and appreciative of the other person’s sincere gestures and personality. You see them for who they are, what defines them as a person, and appreciate what they have achieved. Falling in love with someone to you is all about you can make them better.

  1. Relationships to you isn’t just about falling in love

When you are younger, falling or being in love is more superficial. As you grow older, you want to desire and find out more about your love interest. As you grow older, love to you is all about being passionate, restless, or enthusiastic. You have experienced a lot of it in your previous relationships, and now you want to be more responsible, trusted and understood. It’s simply not about taking your partner to a hot dinner date at a fancy restaurant or taking her on vacation on a tropical island. You want something that’s more meaningful and has more depth.

  1. You have become an excellent communicator

As you grow older, you know what your wants and needs are and as well as your partners too. You know exactly about your feelings and expectations. You fully understand what you can take and cannot handle or tolerate. Your partner can hear what you tell, and you know how to build a sound basis of communication in a relationship.

How Love Can Change People For The Best And For The Worst

If you are looking for a relationship or already in one all of our lives, we have been told that to find true love we need to learn to love ourselves from the inside out. This kind of relationship is so powerful that sometimes it can affect the interactions you have with your lover or partner, your kids, your friends, your family and yourself. This amazing bond that you have with yourself and which has its roots in love can morph into guilt, anger, and resentment can ruin your whole life. When we try and change things from the ‘outside,' it can turn up like this. Ask yourself these questions right now.

  1. Are you desperate in trying to seek someone’s approval or seeking their acceptance?
  2. Are you desperately trying to win their praise and warmth?
  3. Are you desperately trying to make them acknowledge you?
  4. Are you desperately trying to win their love only to be upset after finding that you have failed?
  5. After you know that you have failed in your attempts, does it make you feel angry, resentful, desperate, worthless, guilty and exhausted?
  6. Do these feelings affect every area of your life?

Here are few techniques on how to love yourself from the inside out and kick start your healing journey:

  1. Stop trying

If you are seeking to make things work, make things better, or make the other person happy, stop doing it straight away. Stop saying the “right” things or doing the “right” things, or making things right when things don’t happen as you expected. You might have already been trying this for many years, and if you are still doing it, you will feel even more disappointed.

  1. Don’t have expectations from your partner

When you call or text your girlfriend, don’t expect her to respond promptly or in a manner, you would like to respond. Don’t expect your partner to be happy for you, cheer you, smile for you, hug you, kiss you, or be interested in anything you have to say or do. When you stop having or no expectations from your partner, you also shield yourself from being frustrated or upset.

  1. Understand that you don’t need anything from this person

You are enough for yourself. You are whole. You don’t need anyone to make you feel complete and desired or love. You don’t really need their affection, their compassion, their approval, their praise, their validation or their love to make you feel worthy.

  1. The healing is for you and only all about you

Put yourself first for the first time in your life for heaven’s sake. This means sparing some time for yourself, taking care of your needs, making yourself feel better, and taking initiatives that will help you to fulfill your own expectations. It’s highly likely you don’t know how it feels like to take care of yourself or even forgotten about it.

  1. Accept yourself

If you want to speed up your healing process after the demise of your relationship, there isn’t any better way than accepting who you really are. Get your identity and personality back by letting go the need to have someone else love and affection in any form. Stop reminiscing on your past, instead learn from them, and take steps to forgive yourself and your partner. We all choices in life and we all deserve to live a life and have relationships that are full of peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

Why Do Women Don’t Call Men Back? Here Are 5 Reasons

Did you have the experience of having a great date with someone you really liked but never heard from her again after the date? Are you the guy who sends a text or email to schedule a second date, but she never replied to it? Well, incidents like these aren’t new and can happen to anyone. So, you are not alone here. So, what are the main reason behind why women don’t like to call back their dates after the first date? You might think that she wasn’t interested, and wondering if you like to call her back. Well, it’s not that simple, and there’s more to the story.

Here are five reasons why women don't call back:

  1. You have zero chemistry

Chemistry can’t be explained. It’s just too complicated. You might tell yourself that you have all the right qualities to attract a woman, who will be interested in going on a date with you. But, that doesn’t happen because you or she didn’t feel a connection. There is nothing you did wrong or made a mistake. Your partner just wasn't feeling it. If there wasn’t any chemistry, there is little to no chance of her going on the second date with you again.

  1. You are needy and desperate

Ladies like to be at the center of attention. They love to be desired. Women love it when their partners make them feel special. However, that doesn’t mean that they should text you all the time simply because you keep sending them texts all the time. Your girlfriend wants to check on them, but don’t text them all day. This makes them think them you are desperate and needy, and this will make them less eager to meet you again. Besides, being needy or clingy is big deal breakers when it comes to looking for good partners.

  1. She met someone else

You went out with a girl and had a good date. She also told you that you were pretty great, and is looking forward for a second date. But, meanwhile, she met someone else the next day, and she liked him better than you. It’s not that the new guy is better than you; it’s that she thinks that the new guy is a much better match for her than you. So, don’t take it personally.

  1. You make her feel bored

For women, personality matters more than looks. Women prefer to date someone who is really exciting and impressive inside and out. When you are on a date with a girl, be engaging when you talk to her. Women like someone who is a good talker. They don’t want to lead the conversation. They want you to ask most of the questions, and she wants to give most of the answers.  If you were quiet and a little shy, they will think that maybe you aren’t interested in her. Women like to date to someone who is charismatic and enthusiastic is getting to know them.

  1. She's not sexually attracted to you

Sometimes, your partner doesn’t call you back, despite having a great date night is because they weren’t sexually attracted to you. Again, don’t take it personally as they visualized that she can’t be physically intimate with you because there wasn’t any sexual chemistry between you and her.

What’s Preventing You From Being In A Relationship, You’re Meant To Have?

We all tell lies about a variety of things now and then, including in relationships and while dating someone. We assure ourselves that certain issues don’t bother us, or that is what we want to think. It’s natural and a human thing to do. But when it comes to dating and relationships, there are some little lies or myths should we say can crush a man's self-esteem and sabotage his chances at love with women and be in a committed relationship.

Here are three things most guys tell themselves that typically start out as small and harmless lies, but as time goes by, they can turn into big problems. Eventually, these problems will make you miss on true love, and that is a huge problem.

Myth #1: I must love myself first before being in a romantic relationship

Most people believe in this myth which tells that you have to love yourself before you can fall in love with someone else. As a result, guys, who are looking for a committed relationship don’t want to get romantically involved with anyone unless they’re filled to the brim with self-esteem and confidence, even if the opportunity comes along. This negatively impacts men in two ways. First, it’s impossible to predict the future and what will happen if you delay X until Y happens. Sometimes, the situation can become problematic, and it makes you feel remorse. Second, this way of thinking prevents men to view relationships as a medium which they can utilize to love themselves on a higher level.  A happy, healthy relationship can be that medium that can make you love yourself and thrive. What’s more surprising is that your significant other can teach you on how to love yourself better. Unless you are in a healthy and happy relationship, you can’t make this happen. Because, in a healthy, thriving relationship, this happens naturally.

Myth #2: It's weak to depend on a partner

Another lie most men, including women believe, is that they should not depend on their partners. This is mostly told by women, and it’s entirely understandable because they have been taken advantage of or have been let down in their previous relationships. Let’s be clear that by depending on your partner we aren’t telling you to cook for, clean for you, feed you or write your paycheck. We are talking about letting your guard down and enable your partner to love you deeply. When you’re in a happy, loving, and committed relationship, being dependent on your partner isn’t a bad thing, unless it’s a two-way street. If the dependency on your partner is genuine and authentic, it will allow your spouse to have your back, and that’s a clear path to have a happy and long-lasting relationship.

Myth #3: She'll change for me if I am good for her

Finally, the third lie most guys, who are dating or in a relationship think they can change their girlfriend they love if they love them deeply and good to them. Breaking free from this lie is the hardest and the most common. Many men believe that if they change themselves, their partners will follow suit, but that’s not the case. What they are actually doing is that they are more responsible for their spouse’s behavior or courting women who aren’t emotionally available.

What Men Look For In A Woman According To Their Ages

What men like to see in a woman changes as they age. As men get older and mentally much mature they feel attracted to things that they didn’t feel attracted to before. For example, you might have liked the idea of dating Goth girls while in college, but might find the idea pretty cringing. But, this is perfectly reasonable, and it’s an indication that you are matured. Also, men tend to have their tastes in women evolve, too. As men grow older, they opt for more personal qualities in women. Women, on the other hand, when they grow older, prefer to have relationships with men who are highly focused on their careers and families.

Here’s what guys look for in a woman in their 20s, their 30s, and their 40s.

What Men Look For In A Woman In Their 20s

Most guys who are in their 20s don’t really know what they want in their relationship. Most men in this age bracket have only one thing in their mind, and that is to date a woman based on her physical appearance and looks. It’s not surprising to see guys turning down some amazing, quality women simply for the reason that they aren’t smoking hot or hair color or for not having the right waist size. The main reason here for this kind of behavior is that guys at this age range tend to be players. They don’t not even the slightest intention to be in a serious or a committed relationship. Also, most guys at this can’t even know or understand themselves fully and what they want. They also have a difficult time figuring out what women want and need. They are also insanely insecure at this stage because they have been rejected many times as they don’t have much to offer. There seems to be a disconnection when it comes to what guys want to see in a woman and what it like to be in a healthy relationship.

What Men Look For In A Woman In Their 30s

A lot of things tend to change what men really look for in a woman in their 30s. During this age, men don’t want to sleep with every new girl they have met. It’s because they feel more confident than they were in their 20s and are bored with the dating scene. Also, they also don’t want to think themselves being shallow rewarding or something to be proud of. Men in their 30s realize that all the hot and cool stuff they have collected from making a living doesn’t feel worthy enough if they can’t share it, someone, they really care and love. This is the time men start looking for companionship. They want to be in a committed relationship with someone for the long-term. They start thinking of getting married, having kids, saving for retirement and so on.

What Men Look For In A Woman In Their 40s

By this time, men who are still single or looking for relationships, have some major issues dealing with the ladies. At this age, it’s also common to see divorced men. Almost all men in this age category begin to really emphasize the importance of a having a woman who is relationship-minded in their lives. Many men who are in their 40s will also start to reiterate a woman’s career more than ever.

Why Do People Make Bad Decisions When They Are In Love?

Don’t get “Drunk in love.” If you lose yourself when you fall in love, it can ruin your life. So, remember not to let love run your life. When we fall in love with someone we like suddenly everything feels different, better, and alive. We keep thinking about our partners all the time, we always want to be with our partners, and everything around us feels trivial and less important,  even the important things. We forget about the reality; we feel happier, more exhilarated, or more of ourselves. We are in love.

When we fall in love with our partners, we trust them more than anything else. We let us go or ourselves, and we keep on falling. The falling is so thrilling and intoxicating that we don’t want to stand back up. And it is at this stage we will find ourselves ignoring or forgetting the habits and acts that we know are good for us. Biologically by design, nothing feels as meaningful or fulfilling as our spouses.

According to a study by Helen Fisher and Lucy Brown, if people discard all of their goals and interests, biologically it becomes easy for us to bond and be intimate with our partners strongly. By sticking with our partners firmly, we can produce and raise offspring. Well, that’s what science tells us. If we take anthropology into consideration, sex and producing children is the most important thing we should be doing to ensure the survival and continuation of our species. This survival instinct of humans is so important when it comes to love that our brain allows us to set aside or forget almost all other obligations, responsibilities, needs and wants just long enough to let this happen.

Being attached to this intoxicating vibe of new love will take us to new and beautiful places. But, it will also make us care less about taking care of ourselves and other duties and responsibilities that are necessary to our happiness and well-being. But, we still put aside these things, and things don’t turn out as we expected. When we avoid important aspects of our life, we begin to feel resentful, angry, unsettled, and irritated. We become frustrated and resentful of our responsibilities. We become angry when we see that it can’t be shared or ignored indefinitely, which we wished we could. We also become anxious about how can we fulfill the wants and needs of our partners and the relationship as a whole against our own personal ones. It feels incredibly amazing to be cared for, to be loved and to be desired, but it can be difficult to take care and love ourselves.

Love can do this to us. Love tricks us into thinking we have been responsible enough for our health and well-being. But, what love doesn’t tell us that without being responsible for our health and wellness, our love and relationships will suffer. So, don’t give yourself into these kinds of thoughts. No one knows you better than yourself, and you know where your life is getting out of balance, and you know best what you need to do. It can be paying your bills, doing your laundry, eating healthily or making the time to visit a family member or a friend whom you have ignored for too long. Balance should be your goal in transforming romantic love into lasting love, which will give us the relationship we always wanted.

7 Things That Turn-Offs Men, Yet Most Find Them Attractive

This might surprise you, but guys don’t want to have relationships with someone who likes them. The reality is some things do turn-off men in a big way and some of which may surprise you. The inability to have an engaging conversation, self-loathing, feeling insecure, jealousy and the list continue. Of course, some men also get turned off by fragrance or heels. Believe it or not, there are guys to whom big boobs are a turn-off!

There are many things a lot of guys get turned off which most of us will think will attract them. But that’s not always the case. Here are the things that turn men off which most folks find attractive.

  1. Body modifications or tattoos

There are a lot of guys who dislike tattoos or any kind of body modifications such as body art or piercings in other parts of the body like the nipples or the navel. Ear piercings seem fine though. No problem, but some women might say there’s double standard there.

  1. Laughing

Just like women, men are also attracted to women who have a sense of humor, can laugh and can make a man laugh. But, if that laugh is too loud, too long, and too often, then it can turn-off a guy. No one would want to date someone who does that.

  1. Being great in bed

Most men lose interest in a woman who claims that she’s amazing when it comes to making love, but isn’t actually. Just like the ladies, guys feel attracted to women, who know where they stand and do what they say. After all, actions speak louder than words. A lot of guys said that they would like to have a relationship with a woman who isn’t great in bed than with someone who claims they have nothing to learn in the sex department.

  1. Being over confident

Being cocky isn’t a major turn-off for women, but for men, too. Let’s be clear; men prefer confident women. They like all the perks that come while dating women who are confident and has a high self-esteem. But, men get turned off by a woman who thinks she's better than every other person around her. Keep in mind, being cocky and confident aren’t the same.

  1. Big bosoms and wearing too much makeup

Some guys don’t like big boobs. If it’s real, congratulations! But, fake boobs, that’s the worst. Another thing that turns-off men is when a woman puts so much makeup on she looks gorgeous, but once the makeup gets washed off, it’s nothing like he expected.

  1. A woman who tries to make her man jealous

Jealousy itself is a bad trait in a romantic relationship. And it’s totally gross when a woman tries to make her boyfriend or any man she likes to feel jealous.

  1. Being athletic

When men are looking for a woman, they are attracted to beautiful girls. Physical appearance matters, after all. It’s tough for a woman to invoke the interest of a man, who takes no care in her appearance. Besides, guys are also turned off by women who take too much care into their physique like women who are always exercising, going to guys, lifting weights, and their wardrobes full of yoga pants.